Netflix is testing ‘video promos’ between episodes and users are not happy

Netflix is testing promotional videos that play between episodes of shows. Subscribers are not happy......»»

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Facebook apologizes to right-wing group PragerU after being accused of censoring its videos

PragerU/Youtube Facebook apologized to a right-wing non-profit group after it blocked some of its videos, making them invisible to its followers. Facebook said the removal of the videos was a mistake, an.....»»

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The 30 best — and wildest — outfits celebrities wore to the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images The annual MTV Video Music Awards may reward the artists who put out the best music videos of the year. But those who tune in are also rewarded with a glamorous, and sometimes dar.....»»

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Netflix Tests Promotional Videos but Users See ‘Commercials’

An experiment by Netflix to highlight some of its shows with promotional videos was met with resistance from viewers who disliked the interruptions......»»

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We talked to YouTubers about why they keep making videos about their breakups — and a relationship expert who says it may not be a great idea (GOOG, GOOGL)

YouTube channel David Dobrik YouTubers keep making breakup videos — a video where two halves .....»»

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Omarosa reportedly has a "treasure trove" of videos, emails, and text messages that could embarrass Trump

Mark .....»»

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InfoWars Videos, Podcasts, and Social Posts Have Disappeared. Here’s Why Its Website Won’t Be Next

Back-end Internet service providers have reasons for sticking with.....»»

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5 basic ways to improve the unboxing experience for your customers

As anyone with a social media account can tell you, unboxing experiences are not created equal. Photos and videos of the good, the bad, and the ugly are posted for the entire world to see. Yet these images represent just a fraction of the people who .....»»

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Vimeo removes content from InfoWars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones

YouTube/screengrab Vimeo is the latest platform that has removed InfoWars’ account from its platform, following Facebook and YouTube. The videos violated the company’s Terms of Service prohibiti.....»»

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YouTube Does Not Recommend Any iPhone (Not Even X) For Watching Its Videos

YouTube is undoubtedly the .....»»

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Videos show huge floods washing through France, forcing thousands from their homes

BBC Flash floods swept through southern Fr.....»»

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Here"s why it"s so hard to spot deepfakes

Spoofed videos known as deepfakes are increasingly appearing on social media, but tech companies are still trying to figure out how to handle them. CNN's Laurie Segall explains why these fake videos are so hard to spot......»»

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Saudi-owned media is criticizing Canada"s human-rights record in a series of bizarre videos

Screenshot/Al Arabiya Saudi-owned media is calling out Canada's human-rights record in a series of biza.....»»

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Videos show a terrifying Colorado hailstorm that injured 14 people and hospitalized 5


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There"s a reason why you love watching pimple popping videos so much — and it actually makes a lot of sense

Shutterstock/Iakov Filimonov People love watching videos in which pus, blackheads, and the like are being squeezed .....»»

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Videos show a terrifying Colorado hail storm that injured 14 people and put 5 in hospital

ABC/Youtube 14 people were injured by a freak hailstorm at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo on Monday. Some hail stones from the storm were the size of softballs. Colorado gets a lot of hail, but this time people were shocked.&.....»»

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BMW apologizes after engine fires in South Korea prompt recalls

More than 20 cases of BMW fires have been reported in South Korea, mostly in July. Images and videos of BMW sedans engulfed in smoke and gutted by fires caused alarm among drivers.    .....»»

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Need quick cash? Easy ways anyone can earn extra money

Need quick cash? Here are lots of easy ways to earn extra money from home, from getting cash back when you shop to getting paid for watching videos and playing games......»»

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Should airlines continue to make onboard safety videos funny and entertaining?

For years, airlines have made passengers sit through boring.....»»

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7 inventions that make butter better

If you want to buy one, use our links. We'll make some money to support our videos: Offundo Butter Spreader One-Click Butter CutterSee the res.....»»

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