Google Debuts a New Virtual Reality Video File Format

The videos could be half as big and twice as fast. Google's virtual reality push involves making some changes to the way people view videos in full 360 degrees. The search giant .....»»

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20 percent of planet Earth visits YouTube every month

While we can't say for sure all 1.5 billion people are watching cat videos, it's a good bet......»»

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Pray your pilot doesn"t do THIS on your next flight (Video, photos)

Boeing Co. has released a gut-churning videoshowing pilots of its two newest airplanes performing what it called "dynamic maneuvers" together over Washington state. The Boeing (NYSE: BA) video aimed to highlight the Chicago-based jet maker's two newest .....»»

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China Bans Political Content From Three More Platforms

Chinese regulators ordered three popular internet platforms to stop streaming political videos, expanding the crackdown on online political dialogue as China prepares for an important political handover......»»

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McDonalds recruits on Snapchat

McDonald's is rolling out a series of ten-second videos featuring real restaurant employees talking about the benefits of working at McDonald's. Fred Katayama reports......»»

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YouTube Ad Uproar Splits Marketers

Google’s YouTube has made strides in bringing advertisers back to the site after a backlash over ads appearing alongside offensive videos. But many prominent holdouts remain, signaling that the crisis isn’t over yet......»»

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College Scholarships for Videos Games? It"s Happening

Some schools are treating esports as traditional athletics — complete with recruiting, on-campus arenas and scholarships to entice students......»»

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Extremist videos on YouTube will now carry warnings

YouTube says it's accelerating its efforts to combat online extremism content with a new tac.....»»

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Google And YouTube Set New Policies To Take On Extremist Videos

YouTube paren.....»»

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Google to use warning labels, AI to fight extremist videos

Read full story for latest details......»»

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Google will use warning labels and AI to fight extremist videos

Google is using new weapons to fight against extremist videos......»»

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YouTube sets new policies to curb extremist videos

For videos that violated community guidelines or promoted terrorism, Google would remove them.....»»

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8 Best Android Phones With Expandable Memory in 2017

If you can’t get enough of smartphone games, videos, photos, and music, then check out these best Android phones with expandab.....»»

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Google Announces New Plans to Remove Extremist Content on YouTube

Supremacist or inflammatory videos will be buried, even if they do not clearly violate its policies. Alphabet’s Google will im.....»»

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Facebook Boosts AI to Block Terrorist Propaganda

New software is tasked with identifying videos, photos, language and users that need to be removed, at times without human moderators......»»

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ISIS Drone Program Becoming Increasingly Dangerous For U.S. Special Forces In Raqqa

Over the past several months, ISIS has released a number of propaganda videos sensationalizing their autonomo.....»»

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Facebook Boosts A.I. to Block Terrorist Propaganda

New software is tasked with identifying videos, photos, language and users that need to be removed, at times without human moderators......»»

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Here’s 5 Infographics That Inspire Visual Capitalist Creative Team

Over the years, the Visual Capitalist creative team has created thousands of maps, charts, infographics, videos, data visualizations, and everything in between. Through our online travels, we’ve encountered countless data-infused p.....»»

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We"re watching videos on our phones more than ever

A record high of 57 percent of video plays worldwide in the first quarter of 2017 were on phones, report shows......»»

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Blast rocks kindergarten in China: At least 7 killed, 59 injured

Pictures and videos posted online showed at least a dozen people lying outside gate of kindergarten.....»»

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