"A Coup Is A Coup" - Why Venezuela"s Guaido Doesn"t Have A Constitutional Leg To Stand On

Authored by Roger Harris via, Donald Trump imagines Juan Guaidó is the rightful president of Venezuela. Mr. Guaidó, a man of impeccable illegitimacy, was exposed by Cohen and Blumenthal as “.....»»

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Will Trump/Guaido Kill The World"s Greatest Arb Trade?

Amid the political turmoil of Washington's attempted coup, Venezuela's socialist utopia has sparked an entrepreneurial spirit among its repressed citizens who are making 1000% returns, taking advantage of the dis.....»»

Category: blogSource: zerohedgeFeb 16th, 2019

Trump Backs Venezuelan Opposition Leader As "Acting President" In Chaotic Aftermath Of Attempted Coup

In the chaotic aftermath of the latest coup attempt against Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela's US-backed opposition leader Juan Guaido, the head of the Venezuelan .....»»

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America"s Venezuela Strategy: Coup By Sheer Narrative Control

Authored by Caitlin Johnstone via Medium......»»

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Trump"s Coup In Venezuela: What You"re Not Being Told

Trump"s Coup In Venezuela: What You"re Not Being Told.....»»

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Burning Aid: An Interventionist Deception on Colombia-Venezuela Bridge?

Authored by Max Blumenthal via, Sen. Marco Rubio and coup leaders claim the Venezuelan National Guard b.....»»

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How Chrystia Freeland Organized Donald Trump"s Coup In Venezuela

Authored by Eric Zuesse via The Strategic Culture Foundation, On Monday, February 5th, Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland announced that the 14 countries of the Lima Group — who had actually formed th.....»»

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The Venezuelan Coup & Gilets Jaunes: Great-Power Politics In A Multipolar World Order

Authored by Federico Pieraccini via The Strategic Culture Foundation, The protests seen in France and the interference in the domestic politics of Venezuela highl.....»»

Category: blogSource: zerohedgeFeb 4th, 2019

The Making Of Juan Guaidó: How The US Regime Change Laboratory Created Venezuela"s Coup Leader

Authored by Dan Cohen and Max Blumenthal via, Juan Guaidó is the product of a decade-long project overseen by Washington’s elite regime change tr.....»»

Category: blogSource: zerohedgeJan 31st, 2019

CNN Goes "Undercover" To Manufacture Consent For Coup Attempt In Venezuela

Authored by Kevin Gosztola via, A CNN “exclusive” report from inside Venezuela a.....»»

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Luongo: Trump Betrays MAGA Over Venezuela

Authored by Tom Luongo, The U.S. backed a coup in Venezuela that has failed. And President Trump was the architect of it. This is a farce surrounding an intrigue contained within.....»»

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Russia Warns US Intervention In Venezuela Would Have "Catastrophic Consequences"

Russia has dismissed the political crisis engulfing Venezuela as an attempted coup while expressing concern over the role of external states and the potential for foreign military intervention, .....»»

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Is Trump Eyeing A Coup In Venezuela?

Authored by Nick Cunningh.....»»

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"No One Will Stop Us" - Venezuela"s Maduro Slams Trump"s UN Speech Which Hinted At Coup

During his Tuesday UN General Assembly address President Trump held nothing back in terms of excoriating the socialist pariah state of Venezuela and leader Nicolas Maduro. "Not long ago, Venezuela was one of the richest.....»»

Category: blogSource: zerohedgeSep 26th, 2018

Venezuela Plans "Anti-Imperialist" March After Revelation Of US Coup Meetings With Rebel Officers

After it was revealed in a weekend New York Times piece that the Trump administration held multiple meetings with "rebellious officers" inside Venezuela's army to consider launching a military coup against the cou.....»»

Category: blogSource: zerohedgeSep 10th, 2018

Covert US Plot For Venezuela Coup Detailed In Explosive NYT Report

“This is going to land like a bomb” in the region, a former Latin America diplomatic official told the New York Times in this morning's explosive lengthy report de.....»»

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Trump Administration Met Venezuela Military Coup Plotters: Report

The U.S. held at least three meetings with Venezuelan military officers before deciding not to help them o.....»»

Category: europeSource: fortuneSep 8th, 2018

Trump administration met with Venezuelan rebels to discuss their plans for a coup, says NYT

The Trump administration met with rebels from Venezuela over the past year and discussed their plans for a coup against President Nicolás Maduro, the New York Ti.....»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchSep 8th, 2018

COUPA SOFTWARE (COUP) Q2 Earnings Preview: What to Expect

COUPA SOFTWARE (COUP) doesn't possess the right combination of the two key ingredients for a likely earnings beat in its upcoming report. G.....»»

Category: smallbizSource: nytAug 28th, 2018

Inside The Foiled Coup Attempt That Nearly Toppled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro

Foreign observers of the worsening economic crisis in Venezuela will likely remember one year ago whe.....»»

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"Officer coups are often unsuccessful and bloody": Wall Street weighs in on a military coup taking out Venezuela"s Maduro

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro secured another term last weekend in what was widely seen as a fraudulen.....»»

Category: topSource: businessinsiderMay 24th, 2018