"Dear Paul Krugman..."

Authored by Frank Shostak via The Mises Institute, In his New York Times article of March 27, 2018 — "Immaculate inflation strikes again" — Paul Krugman argu.....»»

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The Housing Bubble, The Credit Crunch, And The Great Recession: A Reply To Paul Krugman - Seeking Alpha

New York PostThe Housing Bubble, The Credit Crunch, And The Great Recession: A Reply To Paul KrugmanSeeking AlphaThis article originally appeared on the Brookings Institution site on Sept. 21, 2018. To read the original ve.....»»

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The Housing Bubble, The Credit Crunch, And The Great Recession: A Reply To Paul Krugman

The Housing Bubble, The Credit Crunch, And The Great Recession: A Reply To Paul Krugman.....»»

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People Love To Move To States Paul Krugman Hates Most

Authored by Robert Murphy via The Mises Institute, In a recent column titled, “Capitalism, Socialism, and .....»»

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Paul Krugman Learns The Wrong Lesson From Denmark

Authored by Daniel Mitchell via International Liberty, Paul Krugman has butchered numbers when writing about fiscal policy in nations such as France, Estonia, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Today, we’re going to peruse his .....»»

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Krugman Skeptical About Crypto, Predicts Collapse

Authored by Max Yakuboeski via, Nobel Prize winning economist Paul K.....»»

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OMB Director Mick Mulvaney Today At CNBC’s Capital Exchange Event “Thankfully we did not make Paul Krugman the dictator”

CNBC’s John Harwood Speaks With OMB Director Mick Mulvaney Today At CNBC’s Capital Exchange Event WHEN: Today, Wednesday, Ju.....»»

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Paul Krugman Unwittingly Compliments Free-Market Conservatives

Authored by Robert Murphy via The.....»»

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Emerging markets staring at debt crisis? Paul Krugman, Mark Mobius think so

A dozen emerging-market currencies have fallen more since February than they did during the 2013 taper tantrum.....»»

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Economist Krugman joins doomsayers on looming crisis

Paul Krugman is joining a growing contingent of economists and money managers from Carmen Reinhart to Mark Mobius in warning of a meltdown in emerging markets......»»

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Paul Krugman: Tax cut turning out to be a "nothing burger"

Paul Krugman thinks the Republican tax law is failing to stimulate economic growth as promised......»»

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Paul Krugman: The tax cut is a nothing burger

Economist Paul Krugman says the initial evidence that the Trump tax cuts are leading to economic growth is "even worse than the pessimists expected.".....»»

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Opinion: Dear D.C. and NYC, take a cue from Seattle"s playbook

As New York City and Washington, D.C., prepare for Amazon branch offices, city leaders would be wise to follow Seattle's lead.....»»

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Executive of the Year: Paul Allen was a citizen, a visionary and a quiet man

Paul Allen’s diverse projects changed Seattle, and his profound impact on the world still resonates......»»

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Table of Experts: Internet of Things

The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal held a panel discussion recently on the topic of the internet of things (IoT). Panelists included Doug Ramler, principal at Gray Plant Mooty; Florin Ibrani, CEO of Concord USA; and Max Belov, CTO of Coheren.....»»

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Kraton Corporation (KRA): Hedge Fund Sentiment Unchanged

Many investors, including Paul Tudor Jones or Stan Druckenmiller, have been saying for a while now that the current market is overvalued due.....»»

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Former Fed Chairman Blasts McKinsey and Hedge Fund Billionaires

“If you’re worried about big financial crises, you better worry about effective supervision,” Paul Volcker says in an interview.....»»

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Design firm founded on family ties

As brothers, JPG Hawaii owners Jean-Paul, Joe and Branden Gedeon have worked together all their lives. Jean-Paul started their first company, screen-print clothing line Idēl Hawaii, in 2000 while he was a senior at Kaiser High School. They realize.....»»

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Interview with Paul A. Volcker (2013)

Given his new book is out, I dug up this 2013 interview by former Fed Governor Donald L. Kohn with former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker: Source: George Washington University Law School   Previously: .....»»

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Brainstorm Health: Paul Allen’s Legacy, Apple’s Wellness Push, Gun Deaths

Brainstorm Health Daily: December 13, 2018 Good afternoon, readers. Paul Allen--Microsoft co-founder, tech titan, and Seattle mogul--passed away almost exactly two months ago. But the legendary entrepreneur’s legacy is .....»»

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Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Inc (MDRX) CEO Paul Black Bought $250,127 of Shares

Related Stocks: MDRX,.....»»

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