10 Simple Car Maintenance Checks That Could Save You Thousands Of Dolalrs

Conducting regular car maintenance is essential to the smooth running of your vehicle and helps to minimise disruption to your journey and avoid a potentially large bill too. Select Car Leasing have created steps to keep your car in great shape.....»»

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One simple tip to save thousands on a mortgage

Getting a mortgage is a high-stakes game. But I've got one tip that can save you $50,000 the next time you play it......»»

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3 Simple Tricks to Boost Your Credit Score

A strong credit score can save you tens of thousands of dollars -- or more -- over your financial life. Here are some effective ways to increase your score......»»

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This Social Security strategy could net you an extra $157,000

There are tens of thousands of ways to claim your monthly checks, when you consider factors such as spousal and child benefits and that you don't just decide which year to file, but which month, as well......»»

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So now you own a home. Do you know how to maintain it?

Home maintenance classes can help you save money and be smarter about what needs to be done to keep your new home in shape......»»

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8 ways to save even more at Walmart

These simple tips will help you save even more money at your local Walmart store and on»»

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8 real ways to save extra money at Walmart

These simple tips will help you save even more money at your local Walmart store and on»»

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529 plans are a smart way to save for college. Here's how the tax-advantaged accounts work

Many parents with kids in school are planning ahead for college. In many cases, 529 accounts are a good, fairly simple choice with some ta.....»»

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This secret tax break could save you thousands of dollars a year

House rich and cash strapped is a common predicament for many older homeowners — particularly in pricy housing markets with high property tax rates......»»

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Plug into your car’s computer to diagnose problems, save money and drive safer

From simple engine code readers that can help you double-check a mechanic’s diagnosis, to more sophistic.....»»

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NerdWallet: Don’t overpay for these 5 simple car fixes

Newly available markets and resources can help you save hundreds on common car boo-boos......»»

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Car repairs and maintenance you can really do yourself

Here's how to save on car repairs and maintenance......»»

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This little-known tactic can save you thousands on student loans

There’s a largely untapped solution for many of the millions of Americans wh.....»»

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Honda to recall 96,900 SUVs in China, runs checks on two models

Honda Motor Co on Monday said it will recall 96,900 Avancier sport utility vehicles (SUVs) in China, due to a cold-climate engine problem that has already led to hundreds of thousands of its vehicles being recalled earlier this year......»»

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The most popular US cars will cost thousands more because of tariffs

Auto tariffs will raise cost of most popular US cars by thousands, even as Trump administration argues cheaper cars would save lives......»»

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Melania Trump"s tips for staying in shape are shockingly low-maintenance — and include a simple workout routine anyone can do

Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images Melania Trump makes it a priority to take care of herself. She plays tennis and does Pilates to stay in shape. She is also said to incorporate light exercises into .....»»

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Minutes, or Money? Homeowners Save by Trading Off Travel to Work

In city cores, commuting from farther out takes time, but can save thousands, according to an analysis newly released by Zillow. In Boston, there is a 13.4 percent difference in home pr.....»»

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Budget surplus results in $68 checks for thousands in town

A Pennsylvania township with more money than it anticipated from increased property tax collection has decided to give the dividends to residents......»»

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These Americans save thousands of dollars on healthcare by flying to other countries — here"s how they do it

Olivia Balsinger On June 5, American vlogger Alyne Tamir posted a video about how she saved money on healthcare by having medical procedures abroad. Every year, millions of A.....»»

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Refinancing your mortgage like this couple did could pay off — see how

Although many homebuyers opt for a 30-year mortgage, if you can afford the higher monthly payments, you'll save thousands in interest payments with a 15-year loan. Check out this couple's story if you want to save big......»»

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Use the Safe and Affordable Dishwash Soap Method to Clean Gold Jewelry at Home

By Charlie Brown If your gold jewelry is looking dull and lacks its luster, do not worry. A simple cleaning at home will save you a trip to professional jewelry cleaners in the market. You can use simple products at home to c.....»»

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