2 Mistakes to Avoid When Paying Off Credit Card Debt

Avoiding these two potentially costly mistakes is simple......»»

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1 Mistake to Avoid When Paying Off Credit Card Debt

It's simple to avoid this potentially costly mistake......»»

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When It"s OK to Have Credit Card Debt

As a general rule, you should avoid credit card debt. But there's one instance when it's actually a smart move......»»

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An economist explains why we have a debt ceiling and why it’s time to get rid of it

Jonathan Ernst/ReutersEditor's note: The U.S. government maxed out its credit card in March and has been moving money around ever since to avoid running out of cash. But very soon we will reach the limits of this financ.....»»

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Grow: Don’t make these 20 common money mistakes

Making mistakes when it comes to building credit, paying off debt, investing or saving can cost you big time......»»

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A high-wire act: Paying off debt with retirement money

Most people consolidate debt with a personal loan or a balance-transfer credit card. Others tap equity in their homes. These options all come with .....»»

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10 Things First-Time Credit Card Users Need to Know

Be a savvy credit card user, and you may avoid paying hundreds or thousands of dollars in interest and/or fees......»»

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10 Huge Credit Card Mistakes

You'll want to avoid these at all costs......»»

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Read This Before Applying for a Balance Transfer Credit Card

Credit card users who understand these two things have a huge advantage when it comes to paying down debt......»»

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Some credit cards can actually be powerful tools for paying off your debts — if you know how to use them

HBOAmerica's credit card debt problems are creeping back to pre-recession levels. The country has accumulated nearly $1 trillion in debt on plastic, and the average household is carrying a balance of nea.....»»

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Balance-Transfer Credit Cards: Your Essential Guide to Paying Off Credit Card Debt Faster

Get a rundown of balance-transfer credit cards, including some of the best cards, tips, and insights......»»

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2 Dumb Credit Card Mistakes to Avoid

Avoiding these mistakes could mean the difference between meeting budgeting goals or falling short......»»

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5 Big Money Mistakes Americans Make

Too much spending, too little saving, and mounting credit card debt top the list......»»

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Avoid paying credit card interest with this information


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This Week In Credit Card News: Best Way To Pay Off Credit Card Debt; Concerns About Mobile Wallets

The Best Strategy for Paying Off Credit Card Debt Many Americans struggle to pay down their credit card debts, a challeng.....»»

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This is the U.S. state having the toughest time paying credit-card debt…

Many Americans are still struggling with debt.....»»

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Where to find help with managing your finances

Dear Liz: I am a mid-30s single woman who needs accountability in managing my finances and paying down debt. I have about $7,000 in credit card debt and $9,000 in student loans and I earn $55,000 a year. I feel as though I may have the financial means t.....»»

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A financial expert explains why you don"t always need to pay back debt as quickly as possible

Vanessa Porter/FlickrMany financial experts advise paying off high-interest credit card debt before doing anything else with your money. But while this strategy makes sense on paper — Of course it's better to get debt out of the way as quickly as possi.....»»

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How To Avoid Credit Card Debt This Holiday Season

Photographer: Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg Americans have started accumulating credit card debt once again. A recent report from the Federal Reserverevealed that total credit card debt of $747 billion is the highest in over six years. And a recent survey f.....»»

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How To Avoid The Store Credit Card Trap This Holiday Season

Pedetrians carry Gap Inc. shopping bags in Miami Beach, Florida, U.S. on Monday, Nov. 14, 2016. Photographer: Scott McIntyre/Bloomberg The holiday shopping season is here once again. Last year's shopping spree sent the average American$986deeper into debt.....»»

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Taking loans to repay card dues is not smart

Use credit cards with discretion and try to generate a net monthly surplus to avoid falling into a debt trap.....»»

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