20-year-old Florida man claims $450 million lottery jackpot

A 20-year-old in Florida has hit the jackpot......»»

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Meet the 20-year-old Florida man who announced he won the $450 million Mega Millions lottery on Facebook and credits "a positive mindset"

Joe Raedle / Getty The Mega Millions lottery reached its fourth-largest jackpot in history last week at $450 million. The sole winner is 20-year-old Shane Missler, who an.....»»

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20-year-old Florida man claims $450M jackpot

Shane Missler, though an LLC named Secret 007, claimed the $450 million Mega Millions jackpot......»»

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Mega Millions: This Florida 20-Year-Old "Retired" After Winning $451 Million Jackpot, Here"s How he Plans to Spend the Money

"I intend to take care of my family, have some fun along the way, and cement a path for financial success," said Shane Missler......»»

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Powerball drawing: Winner declared in Saturday"s $559.7 million jackpot lottery

Just a day after a lotto player in Florida claimed a $450 million Mega Millions jackpot, America got another big winner Saturday night......»»

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Powerball drawing: Winner declared in Saturday"s $559 million jackpot lottery

Just a day after a lotto player in Florida claimed a $450 million Mega Millions jackpot, America got another big winner Saturday night......»»

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Single winner in Florida hits Mega Millions $450 jackpot

A $450 million Mega Millions lottery jackpot was claimed by one winner Friday night, who lottery officials described on as being from Flo.....»»

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Lyft claims $10 million in economic impact in Milwaukee in 2017

Popular ride-hailing app Lyft claims it created $10 million worth of economic impact in Milwaukee in 2017 through increased ride accessibility. The company called 2017 a "breakout" year, as Lyft expanded its service to cover 95 percent of the Uni.....»»

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BMW Claims Leadership in Worldwide Premium Car Market

BMW sold nearly 2.5 million vehicles worldwide last year and claimed its place as the world's leading premium automaker. That depends on who's counting and what's being counted......»»

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Winning $450 million lottery ticket sold at 7-Eleven in Florida

Someone’s about to get 450 million dollars richer......»»

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Is there still room for one more Bay Area food delivery service? This company thinks so

The Florida meal delivery service company will roll out service to the San Francisco area in the first quarter of 2018, a move it hopes will drive revenue to $20 million by the end of the year......»»

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Powerball: Single Ticket Holder Wins One of Largest Lottery Prizes in U.S., With $570 Million Jackpot

A single ticket Powerball jackpot holder is waking up to a very lucky surprise......»»

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Powerball: Winner in $559 million jackpot lottery

The Powerball drawing results are in and one player nabbed the $559 million jackpot.....»»

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When it comes to taxes, the $450 million Mega Millions winner is extra lucky

One lucky winner in Florida will take home Friday's jackpot. But the final prize will be much less after taxes......»»

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The $450 Million Mega Millions Winning Ticket Was Sold at 7-11

A single ticket matched all six numbers. One lucky person in Florida will walk away with Mega Millions’ $450 million jackpot, after his or her winning ticket broke the game’s dry spell on Friday. A single ticket sold.....»»

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Someone in Florida Won $450 Million Mega Millions Lottery

The winner of the $450 million Mega Millions lottery has been announced. The single ticket was sold in Florida......»»

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Mega Millions: There is One Winner of Friday"s $450 Million Jackpot

The winning ticket was sold in Florida, according to the Mega Millions website......»»

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Mega Millions drawing: One winner in Friday"s $450 million jackpot lottery

One down, one to go......»»

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Powerball and Mega Millions have a combined jackpot of $995 million — here are the first 2 things the winners should do

Joshua Lott/Getty The Powerball and Mega Millions lottery jackpots are worth $995 million combined. After rakin.....»»

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What time is the $550 million Powerball drawing — and the $418 million one for Mega Millions?

Neither lottery has had a jackpot winner since October......»»

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No winners in U.S. Powerball jackpot worth $460 million

No one won the Powerball jackpot on Wednesday worth an estimated $460 million, the seventh-largest prize in the game's history, the lottery website said......»»

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