30 Cities Where Today"s College Grads Can Actually Make a Living

Even when the economy is good, most new college grads and millenn.....»»

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Minneapolis/St. Paul near top cities for college grads in 2018

Strong salaries, easy commutes and a comparatively low cost of living help make the Twin Cities among the best choices for recent college grads, according to a recent study released by ZipRecruiter. To determine the best job markets for recent c.....»»

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7 things to know today and Orlando among best cities for college grads

Good morning, Orlando! A recent analysis of major U.S. cities found Orlando ranked high as a good place for college graduates. A SmartAsset study released this week put Orlando at No. 15 out of 108 based on affordability, access to jobs and fun,.....»»

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Data Blitz: The 6 best cities for college grads in 2018

Cities around the country are competing to attract the best talent, so ZipRecruiter analyzed data and created an index to determine the best job markets for recent college graduates......»»

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Why cities can"t get rid of rats

Living in a city does not make you any less susceptible to seeing a rat. We try really hard to get rid of these pesky pests, but they seem to always slink around in some corner of an alley you are walking down. Here is the answer.....»»

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9 Biggest Career Mistakes College Grads Make

These mistakes can impact your entire career......»»

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NerdWallet: The 10 best cities for new grads starting out

Not every city offers the same opportunities for newly-minted college grads who need to get a foothold in the working world......»»

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Salaries of new college grads are flat. Here’s how Boston compares to 10 big U.S. cities

A new study shows that while the job market is at the hottest it’s been this century, salaries for newly minted college graduates are virtually flat from 2017. Researchers at Korn Ferry (NYSE: KSFY), a global organizational consulting firm, analy.....»»

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Louisville named a top city for new college grads — here"s why

Louisville is one of the 10 best cities for new college graduates this year, according to a study by SmartAsset. For the rankings, the financial-technology website considered 10 metrics across three categories: jobs, fun and affordability. You can f.....»»

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ThThe Best (And Worst) Cities To Make A Living – Sorry Gadsden, AL

What is t.....»»

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Study: Here"s how much HISD grads make post-high school

A majority of Houston Independent School District high school graduates enroll in college, but very few earn their postsecondary degree — which affects their annual wage.  That’s according to a new study published by Brian Holzman of the Houston .....»»

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Anti-graffiti coatings keep projects pristine

Graffiti vandals cost cities millions of dollars in cleanup costs and can make attractive projects look unsightly. Sadly, graffiti vandalism is on the rise in the United States......»»

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This is how you know you’re living above your means

Living too large can make it hard for you to weather financial storms......»»

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Lowest Paying Jobs for College Grads

Each year, thousands of young people begin college with the goal of earning a degree and becoming more attractive to employers as they prepare to enter the job market. Those who hold college degrees........»»

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6 steps for using the internet to quit the daily grind

Yes, you can use the internet to make a living. Here's how to use your computer to find a more fulfilling career path......»»

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Nasdaq Plunges To Key Technical Support As Tesla, Tech Tumble

Having miraculously ripped off the 50-day moving-average on August 2nd (to make fresh record highs), Nasdaq has collapsed today back to .....»»

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How building owners and environmentalists found common ground on energy efficiency

Cities are on the frontlines of climate change—both its impact and its solutions. In New York, it’s all about buildings, which contribute nearly 70% of citywide carbon emissions. To make... To view the full story, click the title link......»»

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Can This Startup Make Money by Calling B.S. on Food Nutrition Labels?

Pinto promises to cut the you-know-what when it comes to less-than-honest food labels. Consider a riddle of modern living: A time-suck like Netflix knows that you like historical dramas w.....»»

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30 Most Crowded Cities in the World

The world’s population continues to increase, especially in its cities. By 2050, it is estimated that 66% of people in the world will live in urban areas, compared to 54% today. These more populated........»»

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See the average student debt at Pennsylvania"s private colleges

The average student debt carried by a borrower in Pennsylvania is more than $35,000 – the second consecutive year the burden exceeds that figure to make the Keystone State the worst in the nation for how much money a college graduate must pay back on.....»»

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The best places to work in tech don"t include Silicon Valley or New York

f11photo/Shutterstock Because some of the traditional tech hubs are clustered in the cities with the highest cost of living, like New York or San Francisco, tech salaries no longer go as far as they used to. In respon.....»»

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