5 New TV Shows Every Entrepreneur Needs to Watch

Running a company isn't easy when you're also trying to overcome life's obstacles. These new series are must-sees for every business owner......»»

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3 TV Shows That Can Actually Make You a Better Entrepreneur

Here are the top shows you should watch to come a better entrepreneur......»»

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Watch Jack Ma Defeat a Star Wars Character in This Amazing Kung Fu Movie

The film, called Gongshoudao, shows Ma defeating a series of celebrity fighters through the power of tai chi (and, you know, "believing")......»»

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Why Random Acts of Kindness Are a Smart Strategy to Succeed as an Entrepreneur

Feb 17 is Random Acts of Kindness day! See why science shows this is one of the best things you can do for your startup and your soul as an entrepreneur.....»»

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Study shows that the Apple Watch and other wearables can detect diabetes early on

While the Apple Watch may never be able to non-invasively measure a user's glucose levels, an intriguing and mass.....»»

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Tesla Fourth-Quarter Earnings: What To Watch For

Cash burn and Model 3 production are biggies. One day after billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk.....»»

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The 10 TV shows people are most likely to binge-watch first on Netflix, and how fast they finish them

Netflix Netflix shared which shows people are most likely to binge first, and how long it takes for them to watch. People start their first binge an average of 12 days after subscribing, and it takes the "majority of users" only three da.....»»

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Watch a Super Bowl video of a completely quiet crowd during Justin Timberlake"s halftime performance

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Football fans were quiet in the rafters during Justin Timberlake's Super Bowl halftime performance, as a viral video shows. The NFL hires ar.....»»

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Why Netflix’s surprise ‘Cloverfield Paradox’ release could be a game-changer

Plenty of movies and TV shows rolled out first-look trailers during Sunday’s Super Bowl broadcast. But only Netflix Inc. teased something that viewers could watch just hours later......»»

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Watch: Killer Whales Learned to Say "Hello" and "Bye-Bye" Through Their Blowholes

New research shows that orcas are amazingly good at imitating human speech......»»

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6 shows to watch while you wait for "Black Mirror" to return

HBO The "Black Mirror" .....»»

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Video Shows Disney Little Mermaid Villain Ursula Beheaded In Theme Park

Watch at your peril........»»

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Watch the Times Union Center evolve over its $19.6 million renovation

The $19.6 million renovations to the entrance of the Times Union Center are complete. The work on the sports and concert arena included enclosing the South Pearl Street main entrance and mounting large outdoor video screens to publicize shows and eve.....»»

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7 Best New TV Shows You Have to Watch This Season

Get the popcorn. These new shows are worth staying up for......»»

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White Collar Watch: RICO Lawsuits Are Tempting, but Tread Lightly

A case against Harvey Weinstein shows how broadly the racketeering law can be applied, but the recent rejection of a separate suit illustrates some of its limitations......»»

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Watch a firefighter catch a child thrown from a burning building in Georgia

A helmet camera captured a firefighter catching a five-year-old child who was thrown from a burning building in Georgia in early January. The video shows Capt. Scott Stroup catch the child, who was thrown by th.....»»

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Watch A Sitting Congresswoman Shred The MSM Narrative In Under A Minute

Hawaii Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard appeared on multiple Sunday news shows a day after her state's false ICBM emergency alert sent the islands into a tense 40 minutes of panic before it w.....»»

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Watch: NASA Video Shows You What the Universe Really Looks Like

See our own Milky Way galaxy before floating to a place where baby stars are formed......»»

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Watch: NASA Video Shows You What The Universe Really Looks Like

See our own Milky Way galaxy before floating to a place where baby stars are formed......»»

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487 original programs aired in 2017. Bet you didn’t watch them all.

The record-breaking figure for the TV industry comes in large part from the seemingly endless budget lines that help produce new shows for streaming services......»»

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487 Original Programs Aired in 2017. Bet You Didn’t Watch Them All.

The staggering growth of original shows largely comes from the seemingly endless budget lines that help produce new shows for streaming services, chiefly Netflix......»»

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