6 easy ways to reboot company culture

Get inspired by Tesla, Zappos, Pixar and method and create a culture of passion and performance.....»»

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4 things that will transform the way your company innovates

Any business can foster innovation and integrate it into their organizational culture. Here are four ways we recommend......»»

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Advertising your company: 4 ways to get attention for your small business

It's not easy, but it's possible to boost your small business if you take a grassroots approach to getting custo.....»»

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3 ways to increase employee morale

Your employees’ happiness should be a priority to you and to your company’s success. As the CEO, it’s up to you to define your company’s culture. Here are three ways to increase employee morale and happiness within your company: Personal .....»»

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4 Ways to Stay Sane When Your Company Is Going Through Layoffs

Layoffs are never easy, whether you keep your job or not......»»

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Struggling to Build an Internal Software Team? Here Are 5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Tech Talent

If you're an early stage company, building a technology team can be a real challenge. Here are five things you can do to make it easier......»»

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Facebook pushes back against claims in bombshell NY Times report

In a new article, The New York Times made staggering accusations about the company's culture and practices......»»

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Bitfinex’s Parent Company Has a New Offshore Services Provider

iFinex, the parent company of Bitfinex, has parted ways with its old offshore services provider for a new firm......»»

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5 ways to actually make easy money online

Everyone is looking for easy ways to make money, but a lot of times the options end up not so easy. If you're interested in making an extra $10, $20 or even $600, check out these actually easy ways to make a bit more money online......»»

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3 ways to take your company to the next level

When your growth stalls, you'll need to take steps to avoid a tailspin. Here are 3 ways to start soaring again......»»

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Listening can improve your decision-making

Do you have a culture within your company that welcomes input from direct reports and encourages discussion about their views?.....»»

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DesignMedix Inc. | Manufacturer of the Year (1-10 employees)

The Portland company developed a drug to cure malaria that is easy and cheap to manufacture.....»»

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Papa John"s Sales Fall for Fourth Consecutive Quarter

Papa John’s International Inc. reported a fourth consecutive quarter of declining sales, adding pressure on the pizza chain to try to revive its business in ways that could include a sale of the company......»»

Category: smallbizSource: wsjNov 7th, 2018

Google employees worldwide walk out over allegations of sexual harassment, inequality within company

At Google offices worldwide Thursday, employees are walking off the job to protest what organizers are calling “a culture of complicity, dismissiveness and support for perpetrators” accused of sexual........»»

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The 3 best ways to respond when your employees are unhappy

More than 200 Google employees are organizing a walkout in protest of the company's protection of an alleged sexual harasser......»»

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How listening to direct reports can improve your decision-making

Do you have a culture within your company that welcomes input from direct reports and encourages discussion about their views? In a previous article headlined, “The ABCs of decision-making,” I wrote about the benefits of listening to the opini.....»»

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Bringing Up Baby"s Market Share at J&J

After missing out on major shifts in consumer tastes and watching sales stall, the company has remade its baby line from head to toe. Catching up won’t be easy......»»

Category: smallbizSource: wsjOct 28th, 2018

Sears directors tap Evercore to examine former CEO Eddie Lampert"s deals

AP Two Sears board directors have hired an investment bank to look into deals made by the company's former CEO Eddie Lampert before the company filed for bankruptcy.  The directors are questioning the ways the company sepa.....»»

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4 ways to outsmart your competition when you’re a David in a world of Goliaths

The story of David and Goliath has a simple yet meaningful message: An underdog defeats a much bigger, stronger opponent by outsmarting him. You can help your company outsmart its larger competition with these four simple tips. Want to gain more c.....»»

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Meet HBJ"s top Best Places to Work for 2018

Welcome to the Houston Business Journal’s 18th annual Best Places to Work awards, which recognizes companies in the Houston area that demonstrate a positive company culture and employee appreciation......»»

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Meet 2018"s No. 1 Best Places to Work in the small company category: Black Sheep Agency

Houston-based Black Sheep Agency isn't a newcomer to the Best Places to Work awards. The creative agency has repeatedly been highlighted as a top workplace, based on its innovative culture and workplace perks......»»

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