6 Problems With Brett Kavanaugh

When Donald Trump promised on the campaign trail he’d only choose extreme anti-choice Supreme Court nominees who would overturn Roe v. Wade – he meant it.  President Trump’s pick, Brett Kavanaugh, would not only undermine women’s reproductiv.....»»

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Justice Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Process Damaged Senate Democrats

Justice Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Process Damaged the Senate Democrats Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa), says the US Senate has been damaged by the partisan process confirming Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Senator Ernst made her .....»»

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Sen. Cotton Suggests Kavanaugh Hit Job Was Schumer "Political Operation" With Bharara Connection

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AK) claims that a sexual assault allegation levied against Justice Brett Kavanaugh at the 11th hour of his confirmation hearings was orchestrated by Sen. Chuck.....»»

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The Wall Street Journal: FBI chief says Kavanaugh background check was ‘limited’ but met standards

FBI Director Christopher Wray said Wednesday the Bureau’s background investigation into sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was limited in scope but consistent with previous such checks......»»

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FBI Chief Insists Kavanaugh Background Probe Was "Consistent" With Other Investigations

Despite the fact that Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh sailed through his confirmation hearing with bipar.....»»

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Snyder: Americans Are More Radicalized Than Ever, Country Spiraling Toward Civil War

Authored by Michael Snyder via The American Dream blog, Now that Brett Kavanaugh has officially been confirmed, it.....»»

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The Wall Street Journal: Kavanaugh laughs with Kagan during first day on the Supreme Court

Justice Brett Kavanaugh took his seat on the Supreme Court Tuesday, emerging from red curtains into a marble chamber across the street and a world apart from the Senate buildings where he secured confirmation following a bitter political struggle......»»

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Kavanaugh Attends Ceremonial Swearing In at White House

President Trump holds a ceremonial swearing in for new Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who was administered the constitutional oath on Saturday by Chief Justice John Roberts......»»

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Trump Today: Trump Today: President says Kavanaugh a victim of ‘hoax’ fostered by ‘evil’ people

President Donald Trump called the controversy involving newly confirmed Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh a “hoax” drummed up by “evil” people. He also said he has no plans to fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein......»»

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Christine Blasey Ford Still Can’t Return Home Due to Threats

They are "unending," according to Ford's lawyer. The book is closed on Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court. But while he has been co.....»»

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Why Must The Kavanaugh Investigation End?

Despite the best efforts of a lot of very good people, the Brett Kavanaugh nomination process is over, and he will take his seat on t.....»»

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Brett Kavanaugh, Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins: Broadsheet October 8

Brett Kavanaugh, Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins: Broadsheet October 8.....»»

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Key Words: Susan Collins thinks Ford was ‘mistaken’ in accusing Kavanaugh of sexual assault

Sen. Susan Collins said Sunday that she was “very comfortable” with voting to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court, despite the sexual-assault allegations leveled against him by Christine Blasey Ford......»»

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The New York Post: McConnell calls Kavanaugh’s confirmation his proudest Senate accomplishment

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell chalked up getting Justice Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court as his proudest accomplishment in the chamber......»»

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Senate Races Move Right, House Races Move Left

Interesting set of graphics via the Washington Post: “The nomination fight over Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh has injected new volatility into the midterm elections, reshaping races across the country and sharpening the alread.....»»

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Did Democrats Just Kill The "Blue Wave"?

Authored by Heather Higgins, op-ed via The Hill, Democrats were cheered by the renewed FBI investigation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh and counted it as a win. Most Republicans were dismayed that the full Senate's vote on Judge Brett Kavanaugh's.....»»

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Collins defends her vote for Kavanaugh despite Christine Blasey Ford"s allegations: "I do not believe that Brett Kavanaugh was her assailant"

Screenshot via CNN Sen. Susan Collins, a Maine Republican, defended her support for newly confirmed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh on Sunday. She said she found no corroborating evidence fo.....»»

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Brett Kavanaugh Sworn In As 114th Supreme Court Justice

Brett Kavanaugh Sworn In As 114th Supreme Court Justice.....»»

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Senate Confirms Kavanaugh to Supreme Court

The Senate confirmed Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, cementing a conservative majority on the nation’s top court after a blistering battle over sexual-assault allegations leveled against him......»»

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Facebook Chief Mark Zuckerberg Frustrated by Executive Who Visibly Supported Brett Kavanaugh

As Brett K.....»»

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The Damage Done By The Kavanaugh Hearings

Authored by Alice Salles via The Mises Institute, As Gallup reports that more Americans expressed support for Supreme Court nominee Brett Ka.....»»

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