6 ways happy couples talk about money

Open communication means happier days and larger bank accounts......»»

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Meet the Robo Analyst Who Cuts Through Happy Talk on Earnings Calls

Money manager American Century has created a computer program that pores over corporate earnings calls looking for executives soft-pedaling problems to investors. Starbucks provided one example......»»

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Love & Money: Yale researchers have pinpointed what happy couples have in common

A study looked at Cupid’s chemistry......»»

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Love & Money: Millions of couples keep this a secret — and it could torpedo their relationships

We talk to couples about what happens when you hide one critical issue from your partner......»»

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Love & Money: America’s happiest couples are most likely to have these things in common

A new report by eHarmony looks at what happy couples could tell us about finance and romance......»»

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Love & Money: 8 weird things that America’s happiest couples have in common

A new report by eHarmony looks at what happy couples could tell us about finance and romance......»»

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20 ways to avoid money arguments with your partner

Money is the number-one reason for divorce in the U.S.A. Here’s how to talk about it with your partner without raising your voice......»»

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Next Avenue: Why many women won’t talk about money and how to get past it

They still feel uncomfortable discussing finances. Here’s 6 ways for women to overcome the money taboo......»»

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3 ways to start investing your money online

Daxiao Productions/Shutterstock You can assemble and manage an investment portfolio online — without having to talk to anyone. Robo-advisors .....»»

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3 Ways For Couples To Discuss Money Without Getting Divorced

Numerous stu.....»»

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3 Ways to Legally Get Out of Paying Taxes in Retirement

Seniors need all the money they can get. Here's how to keep more of yours away from the IRS......»»

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8 underrated ways to make more money

8 underrated ways to make more money.....»»

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These types of insurance might be a waste of money

Here are insurance products that are rarely worth paying for — as well as some better ways to prevent or mitigate losses......»»

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4 Ways an Earth-Friendly Lifestyle Saves You Money

Could being kind to the planet also leave extra cash in your wallet? Here are four key ways an Earth-friendly lifestyle can help you save some green. Image source: Getty Images......»»

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In One Chart: 150 ways to make money without having to get a traditional job

From Airbnb to Uber to eBay, these apps may help you earn some dough in the gig economy.....»»

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Millennial Money: Ask your folks about their financial plans

Parents are often more than happy to offer financial advice to their kids......»»

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Need startup money? Here are 6 ways to fund your small business

Entrepreneurs can find funds for their small businesses in unexpected places, from libraries to traditional banks......»»

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FA Center: 4 ways we don’t make rational money decisions as we reach retirement

Nudging people to make more rational decisions as they enter retirement is more challenging than nudging them to save more while working......»»

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5 Ways the Smart Money is Playing the Chinese Cloud

China is already the second largest economy in the world and some believe it will eventually be the biggest one day. Given how large China’.....»»

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Gov. Baker eyes ways to connect local tech firms to Defense Department

Baker met with top military brass this week, sitting down with 14 generals to talk about ways to better connect the country's national security apparatus with the small companies that are on "the bleeding and leading edge" of technology innovations......»»

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5 ways to Marie Kondo your financial life

The tidying expert and bestselling author spoke to Know Your Value about how you can apply her principles to money management......»»

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