7 gadgets that rode the CES hype machine to disappointment

Here are some of the top flops from the show this year.....»»

Category: topSource: business-standardJan 9th, 2017

Seven gadgets that rode the CES hype machine to disappointment

CES debuted gadget hits like the VCR, CD player and Xbox over the years, but the popular consumer electronics conference also showcases a lot of technology that fails to match the hype......»»

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Share buyback machine now in overdrive — dropping a strong hint at what CEOs plan to do with tax savings

Long-term investors and workers hoping that the tax reform plan and repatriation holiday will encourage investment in growth and wages should brace for disappointment......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchDec 14th, 2017

Fintech: Can machine learning be applied to trading?

Despite years of hype, only now does a new study suggest machine learning can crack trading, raising further questions for the future of finance and the part humans will play......»»

Category: topSource: newsweekOct 16th, 2017

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Tickets Are On Very Early Pre-Sale

The hype machine awakens. Gathering speed, the Star Wars hype train is. The Last Jedi may only be hitting cinemas on December 15, but Disney’s Lucasfilm will stoke up anticipa.....»»

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Need to Know: This ‘warning siren is blaring,’ but that’s not stopping the Wall Street hype machine

While there have been plenty of reasons to lighten up on equities lately, S&P 500 companies keep delivering the goods when it comes to quarterly profits. Or have they? The big picture may tell a different story......»»

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Tesla: The Hype Machine Continues

Tesla: The Hype Machine Continues.....»»

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VR, Smart Gadgets, China Innovations Break Through All The Hype At CES 2017

Internet-connected gadgets, VR, and China innovations took center stage at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, along with a lot of gl.....»»

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BlackBerry: The Hype Machine Keeps Pumping

BlackBerry: The Hype Machine Keeps Pumping.....»»

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Only thing on autopilot at Tesla is hype machine

Despite patchy record, firm launches hardware promising autonomy.....»»

Category: topSource: business-standardOct 23rd, 2016

Here"s Why You Shouldn"t Buy Tesla"s Hype

Bloomberg's Edward Niedermeyer's opinion on Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) won't go over so well with bulls: "The only thing on Autopilot at Tesla is the hype machine.".....»»

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The iPhone 7 is Apple"s hype machine, perfected (AAPL)

Remember those "silhouette" iPod ads from over a decade ago, showing young, hip people having a better time than you while decked out in all-white Apple gear? Remember how popular they were, and how many parodies they inspired? Those ads worked so we.....»»

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Amplify ETFs CEO Breaks Down The Merits Of Blockchain Investing

At one point, companies completely unrelated to blockchain were changing their names to get in on the hype. read more.....»»

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Stock-Picking, Machine Learning, and the Markets

Veteran pension manager Jay Bowen is optimistic about the markets in general, and is focusing on companies transitioning their business to become more technology-oriented......»»

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Put simply, blockchain technology is "a security and transparency innovation"

Adam Ludwin, CEO of Chain, talks about the hype around blockchain, why it isn't the answer to everything and how its definition depends on its use......»»

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Why Arizona is ‘ground zero’ in Koch Brothers education fight and a conservative leader’s biggest disappointment in GOP

Tim Phillips is president of Americans for Prosperity......»»

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USDJPY Extends Losses After Japanese Machine Orders Crash

It has not been a good week for Japan's economic outlook as following l.....»»

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IBM lawsuit casts diversity in starkly competitive terms

International Business Machine.....»»

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Inflation Data ‘Live Up to the Hype,’ and the Market Flinches

Indexes are in the red, investors are blue; after the rise in CPI, what will volatility do?.....»»

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City Refuses To Let ICE Track License Plates With "Digital Deportation Machine"

Agents "can drill down into the data to build a detailed picture of your private life, including where you work, where you live," ACLU lawyer Matt Cagle says......»»

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Everything we know about Magic Leap"s crazy-looking new headset that cost $1.9 billion and six years to make

After six years of hype videos and nearly $2 .....»»

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