7 reasons to go on birth control that have nothing to do with preventing pregnancy

Sarah Schmalbruch/INSIDER Birth control is great for preventing pregnancy when you're not ready to have a baby. But it a.....»»

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The birth control with the most and least side effects, according to doctors

Image Point Fr/Shutterstock Some kinds of birth control are better than others at preventing pregnancy and some come with fewer side effects. Depo-Provera, an injectable contraceptive, is reported to have the most side effects. Oral cont.....»»

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Everything you need to know about the NuvaRing — a birth control that"s easy to use and that you can take out whenever you want

Facebook The NuvaRing (the ring) is a method of birth control that's inserted into your vagina. The ring is 91% effective at preventing unwanted pregnancies. Inserting the ring into your vagina is easy and doesn't require a doctor. Neve.....»»

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4 reasons why your period could stop while you"re on birth control

gpointstudio/Shutterstock Birth control pills, IUDs,.....»»

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A fitness blogger"s struggle to quickly lose her pregnancy weight proves that "bouncing back" isn"t always possible

Emily Skye/Instagram Fitness blogger Emily Skye gave birth to a daughter four months ag.....»»

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Plan B is effective no matter how often you use it — but you probably shouldn"t rely on it for birth control

pim pic/Shutterstock Emergency contraceptive pills (including Plan B) c.....»»

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FDA Restricts Sale of Bayer"s Essure Birth Control Device

FDA puts restriction on the sale of Bayer's (BAYRY) implanted birth contr.....»»

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The FDA just took a big step to limit the use of a permanent birth control device that"s been the subject of thousands of lawsuits

The FDA just took an unprecedented step to limit the sale of a permanent.....»»

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FDA puts restrictions on birth control implant but no recall

U.S. health officials are placing new restrictions on a permanent contraceptive implant that has been subject to reports of painful complications from thousands of women......»»

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John Bolton Once Went on a "War Path" Against a Woman Seeking Maternity Leave

In the 1980s, John Bolton accused a woman of fraud when she requested extended maternity leave for health complications related to her pregnancy and child birth......»»

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Women reflect on the female pioneers who changed the way we work

From daycare to birth control to the right to vote, these trailblazing women made our contemporary work lives possible......»»

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3 women share what it"s like to be abstinent, and the surprising reasons why they chose to be

Maridav/Shutterstock Steffanie Rivers, 49, doesn't have sex because she would much rather focus on spiritual growth and practicing self-control.  LaQuita Lusk, 32, decided to be ce.....»»

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Here"s why your doctor wants to insert an IUD while you"re on your period

Shutterstock / Paramount IUD — or intrauterine device — is a long-acting, reversible form of birth control. It is inserted into the uterus by a healthcare professional. Many doctors will schedule your insertion appointment .....»»

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Brainstorm Health: Male Birth Control, GSK Novartis Deal, VA Secretary Shulkin

Brainstorm Health Daily: March 27, 2018 Hello, readers! This is Sy. A recent study from University of Washington researchers (and funded by the National Institutes o.....»»

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The Gap Between Male and Female Birth Control, In One Example

Some women have to depend on apps just to get proven, common birth control. A rec.....»»

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You should always put your Nuvaring in the fridge — and the reason why makes total sense Different forms of birth control need to be stored in different ways. If you've eve.....»»

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A male birth control pill that dramatically lowers testosterone levels is moving forward into a 3-month trial

PhotoStock10/ A new kind of male birth control pill was recently tested in a month-long trial, and is moving.....»»

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The male birth control pill could become reality, but will men take it?

The birth control is nearly 60 years old, but there's never been a pill for men. But a new study shows we could be closer to making that a reality. CBS News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook explains......»»

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DMAU: Male Birth Control Pill Offers "Unprecedented" Study Results

Researchers say they have made a "major step forward.".....»»

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Birth control can make your period so much better — here"s how 5 common types affect most women

Image Point Fr/Shutterstock The form of birth control you use can impact your period. Some women choose to go on birth control in order to manage their period. The pill, the patch, the shot, the ring, and some .....»»

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Kylie Jenner reveals how much weight she gained during pregnancy — and then quickly deletes the tweet

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Kylie Jenner gave birth to her first child, daughter Stormi, in early February. While answering fan questions.....»»

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