A miniature universe exists just beyond our sight — these photos capture it in beautiful, breathtaking detail

Yousef Al Habshi/Nikon Small World The world is not as it seems. Just beyond the limits of our vision exists a miniature universe that beckons to be explored by curious, oversize humans. Microscopes give us a window into that tiny .....»»

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UPAF raises $11.94M for the arts, still has $12M in sight: Slideshow

The United Performing Arts Fund said its 2019 UPAF campaign came in at $11.94 million, with efforts continuing to the end of August to lift the figure over $12 million for the fifth year in a row. Check out the attached slideshow to see photos from t.....»»

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Hubble Spots A Spiral Galaxy Approaching Milky Way

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope continues to survey the universe and discover new galaxies. Recently NASA posted a new photo taken by the telescope. It shows Messier 90, a spiral galaxy approaching the Milky Way. The image is breathtaking for anyone [R.....»»

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Pam Lyford"s Medina waterfront estate sells for $30M (Photos)

The Medina estate of adventuress Pam Lyford, which has been on the market for $35 million for a little over a year, has sold for $30 million. The estate, with its long meandering drive, beautiful grounds and 280 feet of no-bank waterfront had not be.....»»

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Millennial Money: Capture savings on professional photos

There's almost always a reason for photographs — an engagement , wedding, graduation, pregnancy, you name it......»»

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Photos: March Madness takes over downtown Jacksonville

March Madness has officially started and downtown Jacksonville is abuzz with hoops fans from across the country supporting their schools. For some out-of-town fans, the First Coast hosting two nights of NCAA tournament games is a welcome sight. "Wh.....»»

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25 beautiful and intimate award-winning photos show the reality behind weddings around the world

James Frost Whether you're already married, planning a wedding, or have simply attended too many to count, you'll know that a wedding day comes with a mix of emotions, from st.....»»

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Stunning Photos of Hawaii"s Mount Kilauea"s Volcanic Eruption

Beautiful, but dangerous......»»

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Fifty Beautiful Photos of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle"s Royal Wedding

The ceremony infused the British monarchy with a blast of modernity......»»

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NASA: New Juno Image Shows Jupiter in Breathtaking Glory

The original photos were taken over the course of half an hour and more than 30,000 miles of travel......»»

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All 72 World Heritage Sites in North America: From Aztec Temples to the Grand Canyon to Yellowstone

This gallery runs through all 72 of North America’s World Heritage sites, with beautiful photos and information about each site......»»

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15 breathtaking photos that show the might and beauty of our oceans

Alex Andrei/S.....»»

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Queen Elizabeth II In Photos: 92 Glorious Years in 92 Beautiful Pictures

From her 1930s childhood to Harry and Meghan's wedding.....»»

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Volcanoes from Space: 50 Breathtaking Astronaut and Satellite Photos

From Iceland to Chile, here are fifty photos of volcanoes captured by astronauts......»»

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Modern Day Slavery: Seif Kousmate"s Photos of the Haratins in Mauritania Reveal Their misery—and Got Him Jailed

When Seif Kousmate, a photographer based in Morocco, set out to capture the everyday lives of the country’s Haratin people, Mauritanian authorities arrested, jailed and interrogated him......»»

Category: topSource: newsweekJun 14th, 2018

Purdue’s New Tech Lets Cameras Talk To You

Cameras became fascinating ever since they appeared for the first time. Their first purpose was to capture a memorable moment with family, friends or a beautiful scene. With the development of t.....»»

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A New Jersey bakery put a rainbow spin on a classic black and white cookie — and the results are breathtaking

See Also:A company designed a wheelbarrow that loads from the ground7 beautiful swimming holes you should jump into around the USWatch how rainbow cake sprinkles are made.....»»

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Most Beautiful Weather Events in Photos

Weather events, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, thunder and lightning storms, blizzards, and more, can be devastating, even deadly, but they can also be stunning to look at — from a safe........»»

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7 Photography and Videography Tips to Attract Potential Buyers

Recent studies show that buyers are paying close attention to photos and virtual tours when looking for a house online. Here are seven tips to help you capture the attention of potential buyers using photogr.....»»

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Tech Tip: You Took Lousy iPhone Photos. Here’s How to Make Them Beautiful.

Not every shot on your smartphone will be Instagram worthy, but you can often salvage middling snaps with just a few taps. Here are six easy steps......»»

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You Took Lousy iPhone Photos. Here’s How to Make Them Beautiful.

Not every shot on your smartphone will be Instagram worthy, but you can often salvage middling snaps with just a few taps. Here are six easy steps......»»

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