A Precarious Revolution Is Brewing

Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, Once again profound social and economic forces are changing the nation in ways that are difficult to understand in real time. The American Revolution arose not from politics but from r.....»»

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Coal’s 20-Year Reign Masks a Brewing Revolution

Coal’s 20-Year Reign Masks a Brewing Revolution.....»»

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Streaming Killed The Gatekeepers

Every technological revolution changes the music. The invention of the 33 1/3 vinyl album allowed the creation of “Rubber Soul” and then “Sgt. Pepper.” Su.....»»

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CBF Morning Run: Sleeping on the couch, celebrating Bicycle Day and tasting a Columbus Brewing Insane Wanderer Vol. 4

Happy Friday morning, Columbus. I am a snorer. A loud snorer. A wake-the-dead kind of snorer. You might remember last year when I sent away for a $99 melt-to-fit mouthguard that promised to stop snoring. And it mostly did. Until it didn't. .....»»

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Bed Bath & Beyond: Opportunity May Be Brewing

Bed Bath & Beyond: Opportunity May Be Brewing.....»»

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Is Samsung’s Galaxy Fold Broken? Will That Undermine Sales?

Some experts say that the Samsung Galaxy Fold has problems almost immediately out of the box. If the problems continue, will they undermine sales of a product that should be the start of a revolution........»»

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U.S. antitrust scrutiny tests T-Mobile"s $26 billion bet on Sprint

T-Mobile US Inc's $26 billion deal to buy Sprint Inc banked on changes in wireless technology and media streaming to win U.S. antitrust approval, but the bet now looks precarious......»»

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MillerCoors launching summer-themed campaign for Summer Shandy

MillerCoors will emphasize the "summer" in Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy in a new ad campaign that launched Monday. Summer Shandy accounts for the bulk of Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Co.'s sales, and with its peak drinking season fast approaching, Mi.....»»

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Virtual Summit Recap: Getting Inside the Disruptive Revolution

This article was originally published on»»

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Spain wants EU to challenge US policy in Cuba

A senior official says that the Spanish government is asking the European Union to challenge a U.S. move to allow lawsuits against foreign companies operating in properties seized from Americans in post-revolution Cuba......»»

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Q1 Review And Outlook: Is It Calm Or Is A Storm Brewing?

Q1 Review And Outlook: Is It Calm Or Is A Storm Brewing?.....»»

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A History Of Revolution In U.S. Taxation

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Nothing is certain except death and taxes.” While this quote was penned in 1789, Visual Capitalist's Jenna Ross notes that his wo.....»»

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Trouble in paradise: Property owners, Dallas developer battle on shores of Possum Kingdom Lake

The beauty and serenity of the scenic resort belies a battle that’s been brewing for years. Overseen by a weary judge, a power struggle has spilled from the shores of Possum Kingdom Lake.....»»

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Stock market investors are split into bull and bear camps — taking the middle road is the way to go

In this precarious market, it’s wise to think in terms of probabilities......»»

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Washington Backtracks On Enforcement Progress, Caves On Demands Beijing Scrap Industrial Subsidies

Despite Trade Rep. Robert Lighthizer's insistence that Washington leverage its position of advantage - i.e. the unassailable fact that its tariffs had contributed to a precarious deceleration in Chinese economic growth - the Trump Administration's trade .....»»

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In steady craft brewing market, St. Louis beer experts say product, packaging make a difference

Craft brewers shared their thoughts on a 2018 report which showed that the industry is continuing to grow, albeit slower than it has in recent years......»»

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Shmaltz Brewing fined $50,000 for paperwork, labeling violations

Shmaltz Brewing Co. has been fined $50,000 by the state Liquor Authority. The brewery was charged with 42 violations, which boiled down to two issues. Eight of the violations were related to disclosure of its investors list. The remaining 34 had t.....»»

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NEMA: Future shines bright for the light bulb revolution

Marketplace exceeded Congress’ goal without a change in federal light bulb efficiency standards, says the National Electrical Manufacturers Associat.....»»

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How Protesters Ended Sudan Leader’s 30-Year Rule

Omar al-Bashir led a military coup that kicked off Sudan’s Islamic revolution in 1989. Now, after three decades in charge, he has been pushed out after a wave of nationwide protests over soaring prices for food, medicine, fuel and transport. The.....»»

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First look: Here"s the new biotech campus that"s coming to the Central Eastside

Summit Development Group's New Industrial Revolution campus will include two connected buildings totaling nearly 350,000 square feet......»»

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Brick Brewing Achieves Record Full-year EBITDA, ex one-time costs, of $10.1M, up 11.6% from prior year

Fourth Quarter Highlights: Net Revenue for the quarter grew 14.9% to $12.3 million compared to $10.7 million in the prior year. Gross profit margin for the quarter imp.....»»

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