Albert Edwards Has A Friendly Reminder – “Financial Armageddon” Still Coming

There has been much teeth mashing.....»»

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Albert Edwards: "We Just Had A Small Taste Of The Coming Financial Collapse"

What is the outcome when three market skeptics sit down for dinner to discuss the future of the global economy? Whatever it is, it's hardly optimistic. In his latest note released moments after the big CPI u.....»»

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ALBERT EDWARDS: The endgame for the global economy is arriving sooner than we expected

Paramount Pictures A trade war would bring forward the next financial crisis sooner than expected, according to.....»»

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ALBERT EDWARDS: There"s a hidden risk that could accelerate the collapse of the market"s long-running "financial Ponzi scheme"

China Daily/Reuters Notoriously bearish Societe Generale strategist Albert Edwards used Wednesday's surprisingly strong inflation data to argue a market.....»»

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The Drug Of Central Stimulus Will Ware Off Markets: Inflation Is Coming

Albert Edwards has peered into the future, and he sees the whites of inflation’s eyes. How can the head of the Societe .....»»

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ALBERT EDWARDS: The same problems that caused the financial crisis are back

Real Vision Television The savings rates in the US and the UK are dropping, and econ.....»»

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Key Words: SocGen strategist identifies ‘the sacrificial lambs’ of the next financial crisis

Albert Edwards, Société Générale’s bearish strategist, hasn’t exactly hidden his disdain for central bankers during this go-go era of quantitative easing. His latest take is no different......»»

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"Investors Should Be Petrified" Of The Coming Ice Age: Here Are Albert Edwards" Scariest Charts


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Albert Edwards: Get Ready For The Bond Bloodbath

SocGen’s Albert Edwards is preparing for a bond market bloodbath in the coming weeks as the Federal Reserve’s rate hike cycle leads to an aggressive selloff in short as well as long term rates. T.....»»

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Making the Case for Active Management in 2017

The financial markets are expressing some euphoria over the prospect of a business-friendly environment in coming year.....»»

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ALBERT EDWARDS: The economy looks like what "I saw before the 2008 Global Financial Crisis"

Albert Edwards does not agree with Larry Summers. Societe Generale's über-/perma-bear strategist laid out another dire, debt-fueled prediction in a note to clients on Thursday, warning that the problems with central banks and increasing debt loo.....»»

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Edwards: The US economy is already in recession and about to collapse

Albert Edwards: The US economy is already in recession The US consumer has been the engine of the country’s economic recovery since the financial crisis and has managed to keep the country from falling into a recession this year but […] The post E.....»»

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What Wall Street"s Crystal Ball Gazers See Coming and What You Can Do About It

Financial services firms base their longer-range goals on what they call capital market assumptions. You should, too......»»

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SocGen Slashes Trader Bonuses By 25%

We had been wondering for the past few months why SocGen, which last year was one of the most bullish banks, turned surprisingly sour on the S&P in late 2017 and early 2018 (here and here and any Albert Edwards note of course). We now may k.....»»

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Ex-Dividend Reminder: Cincinnati Financial Corp., EastGroup Properties and Seagate Technology

Dividend Channel.....»»

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What Is Facebook Lite? The Data-friendly App Is Coming to the U.S.

Uploading selfies to Instagram at a concert or football game is about to get easier......»»

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10 things you need to know before the opening bell (SPY, SPX, QQQ, DIA, QCOM, APRN)

Here is what you need to know. Albert Edwards says the endgame for the global economy is arriving sooner than we expected. The bearish Societe Generale global strategist says a trade war would bring .....»»

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Albert Edwards: The End Is Finally Nigh for Stocks

Société Générale's Albert Edwards contends a trade war will push the global economy into the Ice Age he's long been predicting......»»

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The Tell: SocGen’s Albert Edwards says there are 2 reasons Trump might start a trade war

Albert Edwards, global strategist at Société Générale, warns a trade war could break out from the U.S.’s probe into Chinese intellectual property theft and burgeoning trade surpluses in the eurozone.....»»

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Albert Edwards: "Trump Will Soon Turn His Protectionist Fire On Germany. That Will Be Messy"

Albert Edwards: "Trump Will Soon Turn His Protectionist Fire On Germany. That Will Be Messy".....»»

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Reminder - Chemung Financial (CHMG) Goes Ex-Dividend Soon

Dividend Channel.....»»

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