Amazon Patent Would Enable Alexa To Detect Illness And Emotions

Amazon competes in many different product categories, and now, it wants to compete with doctors as well. A new Alexa patent suggests Amazon plans to make its voice assistant a virtual doctor who will know when you are ill and […] The .....»»

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Amazon wants to turn Alexa into a makeshift doctor

Amazon, the tech giant based in Seattle, has obtained a patent (right) for technology which would allow Alexa (left) to detect abnormalities in the voice patterns of its users when they are ill or upset. .....»»

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Amazon patents Alexa technology that senses an illness and offers to sell a remedy

The patent offers a glimpse into the future of Alexa advertising......»»

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You can now use Alexa to control your DirecTV set-top box

Amazon first announced an update to its Alexa Video Skill API back in March that would make it easier for set-top box makers to add DVR and playback controls via voice, but it’s taken a little while for its initial partners to enable the feature......»»

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How Scammers in China Manipulate Amazon

Chinese sellers resort to a wide range of cunning techniques to manipulate product listings on Amazon and boost sales. WSJ’s Jon Emont investigates the fraudsters’ strategies and explains how consumers can detect sham listings......»»

Category: asiaSource: wsjDec 18th, 2018

Some of Amazon"s Alexa-enabled speakers are selling out right before Christmas (AMZN)

Amazon Some of Amazon's Alexa-enabled speakers are out of stock, and customers are being warned that they mig.....»»

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Amazon patent hints at using doorbell cameras to build a suspicious persons database

Jacob Snow, a technology and civil liberties attorney for the ACLU, has been making the rounds telling media outlets that a newly publicized patent from Amazon paints a picture of a dystopian, "nightmarish" future......»»

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Amazon Releases $30 Echo Wall Clock

The Echo wall clock can track 60 timers and requires you to have another Alexa device in your home. In September, Amazon announced plans to launch an Echo-powered wall clock to help .....»»

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Amazon Wasn’t Always Sure Alexa Would Become So Popular

"We had a vision. We loved it, and we didn't know if customers would." Much to the chagrin of those named Alexa, Alexis, Alex, or similar, Amazon’s Echo devices are getting more and more popular every year. But.....»»

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Amazon wants to patent delivery robots that put packages inside your home

The robots – which could be flying drones, autonomous cars or dog-like automatons – could access your home or office using a digital key......»»

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The New York Post: Further thaw in Apple-Amazon relations: Alexa will now stream Apple music

Amazon said Friday that Apple’s music-streaming service will soon be available on its Alexa-powered devices, signaling a further thaw in the relationship between the tech titans......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchDec 1st, 2018

Apple Music Is Coming to Amazon Alexa

A new way to interact with Amazon's Echo devices. Amazon and Apple might be competing in the smart speaker and music market, but the companies are coming together next month. Starting the week of December 17, Apple Music users will be abl.....»»

Category: europeSource: fortuneNov 30th, 2018

Amazon wants to get Alexa into your car

A stand-alone Echo Auto dongle will be released in 2019 and Amazon is cutting deals with auto manufacturers to embed Alexa into their infotainment systems......»»

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Amazon deal to test Alexa with WeWork paused, CNBC says

See the rest of the story here. provides the latest financial news as it breaks. Known as a leader in market intelligence, The Fl.....»»

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Amazon patents inflatable packaging for airdropped drone deliveries

The patent adds to a growing list of creative ways Amazon wants to hand off packages from drone to customer......»»

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Spanish brewer taps MicroStrategy, Amazon Alexa to improve operations

See the rest of the story here. provides the latest financial news as it breaks. Known as a leader in market intelligence, The Fl.....»»

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Amazon wants brands to advertise Alexa shopping — essentially for free

Consumer goods represent Alexa’s best chance at getting voice sales off the ground......»»

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Alexa will soon be able to read the news just like a professional

Amazon is using AI to develop new speaking styles for Alexa, including a newscaster voice for reading articles.....»»

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"Always Listening" - Amazon"s Alexa Stores Everything You Say To It; Here"s How To Delete

If you're .....»»

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You Can Now Make Skype Calls On Amazon’s Alexa-Powered Echo Speakers

Another way to make online calls with Echo speakers. Online voice-calling service Skype is now available on Amazon’s Alexa-powered Echo smart speakers. Microsoft, which owns Skype, said Monday .....»»

Category: europeSource: fortuneNov 19th, 2018

`Alexa, heat up the coffee:" A review of Amazon"s $59.99 microwave

Amazon's $59.99 microwave can be controlled by voice via Alexa, and a nearby Echo device......»»

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