Amazon Patent Would Enable Alexa To Detect Illness And Emotions

Amazon competes in many different product categories, and now, it wants to compete with doctors as well. A new Alexa patent suggests Amazon plans to make its voice assistant a virtual doctor who will know when you are ill and […] The .....»»

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Amazon wants to turn Alexa into a makeshift doctor

Amazon, the tech giant based in Seattle, has obtained a patent (right) for technology which would allow Alexa (left) to detect abnormalities in the voice patterns of its users when they are ill or upset. .....»»

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Amazon patents Alexa technology that senses an illness and offers to sell a remedy

The patent offers a glimpse into the future of Alexa advertising......»»

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You can now use Alexa to control your DirecTV set-top box

Amazon first announced an update to its Alexa Video Skill API back in March that would make it easier for set-top box makers to add DVR and playback controls via voice, but it’s taken a little while for its initial partners to enable the feature......»»

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Amazon’s Whisper Mode Fixes the Worst Thing About Alexa: It’s Too Damn Loud

Alexa, why are you yelling at me? Amazon Alexa isn’t self-aware--yet--but starting today the voice-enabled assistant will start being at least a little less oblivious about its surroundings. Tha.....»»

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Amazon’s Whisper Mode Is Finally Fixing the Worst Thing About Alexa: It’s Too Damn Loud

Alexa, why are you yelling at me? Amazon Alexa isn’t self-aware--yet--but starting today the voice-enabled assistant will start being at least a little less oblivious about its surroundings. Tha.....»»

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Amazon Has A Deal For SiriusXM Satellite Radio Subscribers

Alexa, play the Howard Stern show. “Alexa, play the Howard Stern Show.” That’s what more customers of SiriusXM’s satellite and online radio service, which i.....»»

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Amazon Alexa Fund Makes Its First Investment in Restaurant Tech With SevenRooms

Alexa will show you to your table now. The Amazon Alexa Fund is making a significant investment in hospit.....»»

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This Could Be the No. 1 Way Amazon Makes Money With Alexa

Developers have long used this model to monetize their apps......»»

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Apple Files Patent to Detect Phone Calls From Spoofed Numbers

The feature would let iPhone owners know if a caller is likely using a spoofed number. In the future, your iPhone might be able to detect if a caller is using a spoofed number. Apple has filed.....»»

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Top skills for Alexa: 6 tips for your Amazon Echo that will simplify your life

Amazon Echo changed the game, and millions of households have integrated Alexa into their daily lives. Now it’s time to see what she can rea.....»»

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How Amazon Is Building the Home of the Future — With Alexa Preinstalled is partnering with a prefabricated homebuilder to design houses that incorporate Alexa-enabled devices and other smart-home technology......»»

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Alexa Auto

    This announcement from Amazon seemed to have gotten lost in last week’s SCOTUS mayhem, and might continue to be overlooked given the new $15.....»»

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Amazon intros new Fire TV Stick 4K and Alexa Voice Remote

You’d be forgiven if you thought Amazon was finished announcing new hardware after last month’s massive Echo event. The retail giant has at least a few more announcements up its sleeve, start.....»»

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Amazon launches new Fire TV Stick and Alexa voice remote


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Building permits reveal what Amazon"s working on at its high-rise smart home lab

Large swaths of the Amazon Alexa smart home devices lab are off-limits, but building plans show what's behind the doors of the fast-growing Alexa unit......»»

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Healthcare startup Aiva Health gets investment from Google, Amazon

Aiva Health has received investments from Google and Amazon Inc. to help accelerate its development of a voice operating system for health care services that can be used with Alexa or Google Home.  The Los Angeles-based health care startup received sep.....»»

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Fiserv activates voice banking technology for clients on Amazon Alexa

Voice Banking: Amazon Alexa from Fiserv, will be made available on all Alexa-enabled devices, including Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, Echo Plus and Echo Spot......»»

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Amazon Wants Alexa Everywhere

Your living room was only the beginning -- now there are devices for almost every room in the house......»»

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With Alexa in Mind, Amazon Invests in Homebuilder

Amazon's Alexa Fund has invested in a startup manufactured homebuilder. The e-commerce giant sees an opportunity to build in support for its voice-controlled gizmos......»»

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Amazon"s Alexa reported down across Europe

See the rest of the story here. provides the latest financial news as it breaks. Known as a leader in market intelligence, The Fl.....»»

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