Apple eyes big ambitions for augmented reality push


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MarketWatch First Take: Apple accepts reality, but can it take AR and VR to mainstream?

Apple Inc. finally made real its interest in the nascent markets of both augmented reality and virtual reality, a move that will likely push at least AR more into the mainstream and potentially drive future iPhone sales......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchJun 5th, 2017

Apple just made its first big push into AR, the tech that wants to eventually kill the smartphone (APPL)

AppleApple has finally entered what many believe to be the next big wave of computing: augmented reality. At its annual conference for developers on Monday, Apple unveiled new augmented rea.....»»

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This is Apple"s first big push into augmented reality

Apple's new augmented reality software, called ARKit, will let apps like Pokémon Go place virtu.....»»

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Facebook"s Big Push Into Augmented Reality

With the launch of the 10th anniversary iPhone 8 just months away, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) investors are anticipating the integration of new augmented reality technology into the landmark iPhone device. Lates.....»»

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Intel (INTC) Eyes Immersive Sports with Voke Acquisition

In its latest push into the augmented reality space, chip giant Intel Corporation (INTC) has reportedly purchased Voke, a privately held virtual reality (VR) startup that offers personalized and immersive viewing experiences of live events. In.....»»

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iPhone 8 said to feature next-gen 3D laser technology

Citing a source familiar with Apple's plans, Fast Company reports that Apple's iPhone 8 will incorporate an advanced system of 3D lasers on the back designed to enhance the user experience when running augmented reality apps.  .....»»

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Gene Munster Thinks Apple"s Augmented Reality Glasses Will Launch in 2020 for $1,300

Can Apple Glasses succeed where Google Glass failed?.....»»

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Apple Glasses Haven"t Been Announced, But The Expectations Are Building

An analyst thinks augmented-reality glasses will make up 10% of Apple’s sales by 2022......»»

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Apple Acquires Eye-Tracking Tech Firm for Augmented Reality

This could be as big as the .....»»

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Apple Buys Eye-Tracking Company For Augmented Reality

Apple Buys Eye-Tracking Company For Augmented Reality.....»»

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Augmented Reality: Apple"s Revolutionary Offering

Augmented Reality: Apple"s Revolutionary Offering.....»»

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Multiple AR Use Cases Suggested For Apple ARKit

Apple entered the world of augmented reality suddenly earlier this month by unveiling ARKit at WWDC. Although analysts were excited a.....»»

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Apple"s iPhone 8 Could Change How You Use Phones (Hint: It Involves Augmented Reality)

Apple recently announced the launch of ARKit in the fall, a software kit that would allow developers create augmented reality apps for iOS......»»

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UBS: 10 things the iPhone of the future will be able to do thanks to augmented reality (AAPL)

Kif Leswing Apple is working hard to bring augmented reality to the masses. At WWDC earlier this year, the company introduced ARKit, software to allow developers to integrate augmented reality.....»»

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Apple is working with Ikea to bring virtual furniture to your home

Ikea has given more details about its augmented-reality partnership with Apple.....»»

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Apple Partners With IKEA On Virtual Furniture App For iOS 11

IKEA is one of Apple’s launch partners for the augmented reality features in iOS 11. The two companies are working on an AR app that will enable people to try out virtual furniture in their homes before they actually buy […] The post.....»»

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Tim Cook Credits Apple"s Success to Two Basic Principles

apple, advanced manufacturing, tim cook, augmented reality, self-driving cars, corning, iPhone, iPad, iPod.....»»

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How Apple Stays Two Steps Ahead of the Competition--and You Can, Too

apple, advanced manufacturing, tim cook, augmented reality, self-driving cars, corning, iPhone, iPad, iPod.....»»

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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Shoes Sell for $15K

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Shoes Sell for $15K Apple is late to the game in announcing an augmented reality initiative. But one developer says: “If Apple gets this right, they .....»»

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This Is The Next Battleground For Apple, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft

The tech giants all believe augmented reality is a potential gamechanger. The next battle between tech giants like Apple and Google may hinge on which one’s tech.....»»

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