Are you prepared for the cost of retirement?

Leaving much of it up to chance is risky and ill-advised.         Leaving much of it up to chance is risky and ill-advised.        .....»»

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Here"s the average cost of retirement: How prepared are you?

Your retirement is likely to be your biggest expense in life, so take it seriously and plan for it. Leaving much of it up to chance is risky and ill-advised......»»

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The average cost of retirement is $738,400: Are you prepared?

Your retirement is likely the biggest purchase you'll make in your lifetime. Shouldn't you prepare for it?.....»»

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Retirement: Dollar-Cost Averaging Or Lump Sum Investment?

Retirement: Dollar-Cost Averaging Or Lump Sum Investment?.....»»

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Lump Sum Investing vs. Dollar-Cost Averaging: Which Is Better for Retirement?

The pros and consRelated Stocks: SPY, DJI, QQQ,.....»»

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The Shocking Cost of Putting Off Retirement Saving for a Year

It may not seem like a lot of time, but it can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in retirement savings......»»

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11 steps to make a million with your 401(k)

Investing is important as a study finds the average cost of retirement is $738,400......»»

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74% of Investors Think We"re Due for a Downturn. Are You Ready?

The next market downturn could cripple your retirement savings -- unless you're prepared for it......»»

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The True Cost of the Student Security Loan Forgiveness Bill

Should you sacrifice your retirement to pay off student debt?.....»»

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PT&C promotes account manager to president and CEO

Project Time & Cost LLC promoted from within for its next leader. The Atlanta-based company named Andrew Reape as president and CEO following the retirement of Joseph McGonagle, who had served in that role since 2013. Reape joined PT&C in 1993, .....»»

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9 Tax Tips to Start Your Year Off Right and Save Money

You can save hundreds -- or even thousands -- of dollars by employing some of these tips. In the process you may end up better prepared for retirement, too......»»

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Miss This Retirement Deadline and You Could Owe the IRS Thousands of Dollars

Skipping your required minimum distribution for the year can cost you thousands of dollars in tax penalties......»»

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What a comfortable retirement costs in each state

See how much a year of retirement will cost in your state......»»

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GOP tax reform: Time to ditch your 401(k) account?

On Wednesday, Republicans passed sweeping tax reform legislation that is expected to lower tax rates for many Americans, and you should be prepared to adjust your retirement strategy accordingly, one expert says......»»

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Cities where your retirement savings will stretch the furthest

If you want to make your savings last, consider these retirement spots, where the cost of living (including housing, utilities and health care) is less than $45,000......»»

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When working into retirement can cost you

Many older workers are interested in working during retirement, yet that extra income can cost you if you're not careful......»»

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Here"s How Much Supporting Your Adult Children Might Cost You in Retirement Income

Hint: It's not an insignificant figure......»»

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Baby Boomers could end up $227,000 richer if they stop bankrolling their adult children

AP Photo/Alan Diaz Parents who pay for their adult children might be hurting their retirement. Paying for their children's expenses could cost parents up to $227,000 in retirement savings, according to a NerdWallet analysis. Parents need to figure o.....»»

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Suze Orman has a killer question for your retirement

The high cost of bad advice......»»

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Suze Orman has a killer question for your retirement

The high cost of bad advice......»»

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The cost of caregiving: ‘A sacrifice for our entire family’

More people see their own retirement security put at risk as they stop working full-time to care for sick parents.....»»

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