As anti-tourism marches spread across Europe, how not to be a jerk on vacation

Some friendly advice for travelers......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchAug 12th, 2017

How not to be a jerk on vacation

Some friendly advice for travelers as anti-tourism marches spread across Europe......»»

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As anti-tourism marches spread across Europe, how not to be an ‘ugly American’ on vacation

Some friendly advice for travelers......»»

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Tourism and Terrorism: Vacation Hot Spots Step Up Security

Iconic tourist destinations around the world are undergoing big security changes in the wake of recent terror attacks in Europe......»»

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State Department Warns on European Travel, Threatening Summer Tourism

This year, summer vacation travel from the United States to Europe could be undermined by alerts from the U.S. State Department......»»

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Biocon withdraws applications to sell two cancer drugs in Europe

Biocon, the biopharmaceutical major, has withdrawn its earlier applications to sell two anti-cancer drugs in Europe, as drug regulators have sought re-inspection of its manufacturing facilities.Last year, the European Medicine Agen.....»»

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This chart shows the actual — and perceived — number of immigrants in 9 countries

Anti-immigrant sentiment is on the rise across the US and Europe.  In the US, President Donald Trump has unveiled legislation intended to limit immigration to only hi.....»»

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Top Ten: Weekend roundup: North Korea and your investments | Tesla’s risky bonds | Airbnb tourism irks Europe

Here are MarketWatch articles to read this weekend......»»

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Barcelona residents protest unchecked growth of mass tourism

Around a hundred Barcelona residents have gathered on the Spanish city's beach to protest the unchecked growth of mass tourism to the popular vacation destination......»»

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Contaminated eggs scandal spreads from Europe to Asia

A scandal involving eggs contaminated with insecticide spread to 15 EU countries, Switzerland and as far away as Hong Kong as the European Commission called for a special meeting on the growing crisi........»»

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Refugee Rescue Vessel Sent to Help Far-Right, "Defend Europe" Anti-Migrant Ship at Sea

The "identitarian" activists played down reports of trouble......»»

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Anti-tourism attacks in Spain: Who is behind them and what do they want?

Anti-tourism activists protest to rail against the negative impact of mass tourism on local life.....»»

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Google CEO says he cut his family vacation short because of an anti-diversity scandal sparked by an employee"s manifesto

Kimberly White/Getty ImagesFollowing the release of a controversial manifesto written by a Google employee, CEO Sundar Pichai said that the "very difficult few days" had forced hi.....»»

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Google CEO cuts vacation short to deal with crisis over anti-diversity memo

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has condemned portions of a controversial memo sent by a male engineer at the company who argued that women are not biologically fit for tech roles......»»

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Saudi Arabia wants to be top beach vacation destination

Saudi Arabia is planning an ambitious overhaul of its tourism industry that includes constructing resorts on nearly 100 miles of sandy coastline......»»

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Tourism in Europe is picking back up after a string of terror attacks

© AFP/File PHILIPPE LOPEZParis (AFP) - High-kicking dancers are enthralling full houses again at the Moul.....»»

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11 Oregon vacation destinations on travelers" wish lists (Photos)

Sure, the coming Aug. 21 eclipse will highlight Oregon's fertile tourism landscape. The event, which some estimate could draw 1 million sun-and-moon watchers to the state, is already projected to cause a lot of havoc for locals. That noted, the state .....»»

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"Outraged" Trader Asks: "The World"s Coming To An End, When Should We Buy The Dip?"

While Europe censors hate-speak (or any 'speak' they don't agree with), Canada enacts anti-free-speech laws, and Britain is ready a.....»»

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Britain Leaving Europe: Brexit May Be "an Error" Says Major Anti-Europe Campaigner

The British government began talks last week to thrash out the terms of the U.K.'s exit......»»

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AWS 6/30: Last Day of Q2 Brings Econ Data

Both Europe and the U.S. announce econ data Friday June 30thThis is Brian Hamilton filling in for Mark Vickery while he is on vacation.Overnight both the U.K. and the European Central Bank (ECB.....»»

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AWS 6/28: Ransomware, the Fed, and Oil

Another ransomware cyber-attack impacted companies across the globe. Wednesday June 28thThis is Brian Hamilton filling in for Mark Vickery while he is on vacation.Yesterday, firms from across the globe rushed to stop the spread of an.....»»

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