Baby boomers beware!

“Anyone who started investing after 1981 has never experienced a bear market in Treasuries. B.....»»

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Baby Boomers fall short on emergency savings, put retirement at risk

You need money in the bank for a rainy day. Unfortunately, most .....»»

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65% of Baby Boomers Are Making a Huge Financial Mistake That Could Leave Them Broke

Seniors on Medicare pay 13% of health expenses out-of-pocket, according to studies......»»

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Many Americans Still Lack Retirement Savings

by YiLi Chien and Paul Morris As baby boomers age, significant debate has emerged about whether there is a retirement crisis developing in the United States. Some argue that the retirement situat.....»»

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3 Reasons Baby Boomers Might Never Manage to Retire

Do any of these apply to you?.....»»

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There is one dangerous assumption made by 70% of Baby Boomers

This misguided line of thinking could destroy your retirement. Don't let it.         This misguided line of thinking could destroy your retirement. Don't let it.        .....»»

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Why baby boomers aren"t saving as much as millennials

Here's how boomers are shopping in 2018......»»

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Baby Boomers: A Menacing Metamorphosis To America"s Large Cities

Unbeknownst to many, Americans are quietly ditching the city life for retirement regions situated in suburbia, according to Census Bureau data released.....»»

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Spotify Investor Day And The Coming Wave Of Gen Z Investors, Consumers

The largest percentage of the U.S. population isn’t Baby Boomers or Millennials. Members of “Generation Z,” bo.....»»

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Most Baby Boomers face huge retirement income shortfall. How to compensate

Most older workers nearing retirement have less than $250,000 socked away -- which m.....»»

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7 ways life is harder for millennials than it was for their parents

Millennials have it rough. From lower wages to increased anxiety around dating, here's a list of reasons why Generation X and Baby Boomers were better off......»»

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Real estate players are looking to corner the market on both baby boomers and millennials

Flickr / Jakob Montrasio Millennials are finally looking at the housing market. Housing is in short supply for those millennials looking to buy. Millennials officially surpassed Baby Boomers in 2017 as borrowers for high-end mortgages. Whether you.....»»

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Industries, products that got killed as baby boomers ushered in a new era

Baby boomers ushered in an era of social and political change. As a result, some major industries and products were phased out......»»

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Millennials and Baby Boomers Can Work Together. Here"s How to Make It Happen

There is far more that unites Millennials and Baby Boomers than divides. Put them in positions to succeed......»»

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Millennials have been accused of killing everything from napkins to beer — but here are the industries that started dying when baby boomers were their age

WikiCommons/Jeff Boyce Millennials have been accused of killing dozens of industries including fast-casual restaurants, napkins, golf, and beer.  Baby boomers — the name given to the g.....»»

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Baby Boomers and Millennials are saving differently from earlier generations, and it could cause some big problems

Miles Willis / Stringer / Getty Images Demographer Neil Howe notes that generational factors can have a huge impact on stock markets. Baby Boomers still dominate stock ownership, while Millennials have lower income and savings than previous ge.....»»

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The majority of baby boomers now own a smart device

A new study by the American Association of Retired Persons.....»»

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1 Lucrative Market Most Startups Totally Ignore (But Shouldn"t)

Did you know that baby boomers controls 70 percent of disposable income in the US? Most startup founders don't......»»

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Americans owe millennials a big apology — baby boomers overspend on eating out too

It’s time to stop bullying young Americans over their food habits......»»

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How a society event peddled young-blood transfusions to baby boomers desperate to cheat death

Joern Pollex/Getty Images At an event held in West .....»»

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Transwestern data points to demand for larger rental units among baby boomers

As baby boomers seek to downsize from large homes, developers are increasingly designing apartments specifically for this demographic......»»

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