"Do As I Say, Not As I Do" HSBC"s "Reforming" CEO Sheltered Millions In Swiss Bank Accounts

Oops! Amid new money-laundering allegations against HSBC's Swiss arm, The Guardian reports that leaked files show that CEO Stuart Gulliver sheltered US$7.6 million in a Swiss account through a Panamanian company. While a spokesperson for the bank said tha.....»»

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ECB Accounts Show Buying Sovereign Debt Was Only Adequate Option - Bloomberg

Irish ExaminerECB Accounts Show Buying Sovereign Debt Was Only Adequate OptionBloombergLast month, European Central Bank President Mario Draghi announced a 1.1 trillion-euro ($1.2 trillion) stimulus plan centered on government-bond purchases. Photographer.....»»

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Leaked HSBC Documents Shed Light On Swiss Banking Industry

The records of some 30,000 accounts containing $120 billion show the bank helped customers — including politicians, royalty, celebrities and criminals — conceal their accounts from authorities. The records of some 30,000 accounts containing $120.....»»

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Document Leak Reveals Secret Swiss Bank Accounts

For years the Swiss banking industry has been under pressure to get out of the tax evasion business. A trove of documents released by a former employee of HSBC shows just how aggressive the bank was in marketing tax avoidance schemes to clients. For.....»»

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Breakingviews: A Fake Goldman Sachs Underlines a Real Chinese Strength

The investment bank joins a long list of counterfeits that includes Apple stores and British villages. They’re easy to mock, but they show an ingenuity and pluck that could be powerful......»»

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Core concern

AFTER two years of remission, Japan seems likely to sink back into the “chronic disease” of deflation, as Haruhiko Kuroda, the governor of the Bank of Japan (BoJ), calls it. New data are expected to show on August 28th that core CPI, the central bank.....»»

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Core concern

AFTER two years of remission, Japan seems likely to sink back into the “chronic disease” of deflation, as Haruhiko Kuroda, the governor of the Bank of Japan (BoJ), calls it. New data are expected to show on August 28th that core CPI, the central bank.....»»

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Govt bank"s Jan Dhan activities are not fully compensated

The public sector banks that are mandated by the government to carry out several 'public interest' activities like opening of accounts under the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana, are not fully compensated, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor ........»»

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Angering The King Of Sweden, Flaunting Fake Females And Other Bonkers Ashley Madison Marketing Ploys

Ashley Madison emails show the firm wanted to capitalise on a dispute with the King Carl Gustaf of Sweden, whose image was used for a billboard campaign without permission. The firm has also used fake female accounts to attract use of the Cougar Life site.....»»

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9 Ways You Can Avoid or Minimize Bank Fees

Filed under: Banking, Financial Services, Checking Accounts, Savings Accounts, How to Save Money Getty ImagesA checking account that fits your lifestyle can reduce the amount of money you'll give away to your bank. By Teresa Mears If you think bank fees.....»»

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1000s Of Political Figures Are Stashing Cash In Swiss Accounts, Foreign Ministry Admits

In spite of all the attention the nation has received in recent years, SCMP reports that thousands of so-called "politically exposed persons”, or PEPs - a category that includes heads of state and other top officials - hold Swiss bank accounts, a Sw.....»»

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The suite life: tour the most-exclusive ways to travel

For those with unlimited bank accounts, travel has never been so glamorous......»»

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Why Government Hates Cash

Submitted by Joseph Salerno via The Mises Institute, In April it was announced that Greece was imposing a surcharge for all cash withdrawals from bank accounts to deter citizens from clearing out their accounts. So now the Greeks will have to pay one euro.....»»

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How will payments banks help you?

Unbanked customers can expect easier access to banking, while those who have bank accounts can look forward to further innovations in payment space.....»»

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Difficult to give fresh loans to NPA accounts: SBI

Country's largest lender State Bank of India today expressed concerns about giving fresh loans to accounts which have become non performing assets(NPA) and said the banks do not have any incentive by doing so. "You can say the regulator has allowed ........»»

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Stocks Lower as Fed Minutes Keep Rate Increase in Play

Stocks fall, following global sell-off; Fed minutes show bank still pondering rate hike.....»»

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Fed Needs More Evidence of Stronger Economy Before Rates Rise, Meeting Minutes Show

The Federal Reserve's meeting minutes show that the central bank needs more evidence of a stronger economy before rates rise. .....»»

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13F Filings Adumbrate An Efficiently Priced Market

Taking a wide angled shot of high intensity portfolios, aside from their activism, I see almost a studied aversion to the top 25 names in the S&P 500 Index. Few show interest in Google, Amazon, even Microsoft as a turnaround. Bank investment falls on deaf.....»»

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Citigroup Inc Agrees To Return Overcharge Fees

Citigroup is in the news yet again, as its Capital Markets unit has reached an agreement with the New York attorney general over an investigation related to overcharging customers. The bank will return $4.50 million in fees it charged frozen accounts, whi.....»»

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Facebook has taken over from Google as a traffic source for news

Traffic analytics firm says its latest figures show the giant social network now accounts for more of the traffic to news sites than Google. Anyone who works for a major news website or publisher knows that social referrals--that is, links t.....»»

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