"Do As I Say, Not As I Do" HSBC"s "Reforming" CEO Sheltered Millions In Swiss Bank Accounts

Oops! Amid new money-laundering allegations against HSBC's Swiss arm, The Guardian reports that leaked files show that CEO Stuart Gulliver sheltered US$7.6 million in a Swiss account through a Panamanian company. While a spokesperson for the bank said tha.....»»

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ECB Accounts Show Buying Sovereign Debt Was Only Adequate Option - Bloomberg

Irish ExaminerECB Accounts Show Buying Sovereign Debt Was Only Adequate OptionBloombergLast month, European Central Bank President Mario Draghi announced a 1.1 trillion-euro ($1.2 trillion) stimulus plan centered on government-bond purchases. Photographer.....»»

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Leaked HSBC Documents Shed Light On Swiss Banking Industry

The records of some 30,000 accounts containing $120 billion show the bank helped customers — including politicians, royalty, celebrities and criminals — conceal their accounts from authorities. The records of some 30,000 accounts containing $120.....»»

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Document Leak Reveals Secret Swiss Bank Accounts

For years the Swiss banking industry has been under pressure to get out of the tax evasion business. A trove of documents released by a former employee of HSBC shows just how aggressive the bank was in marketing tax avoidance schemes to clients. For.....»»

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IndusInd Bank: Good show despite weak industry trends

Even as the performance of IndusInd Bank is strictly not comparable to its year-ago numbers due to the acquisition of Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)'s diamond and jewellery financing business, its September 2015 quarter show was in line with its ........»»

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Wonkblog: Fed believes economy insulated from China slowdown, documents show

Federal Reserve officials believe the U.S. recovery will likely remain insulated from the slowdown in China that has roiled the global economy, keeping the central bank on track to begin ending its extraordinary stimulus later this year. Read full article.....»»

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BAML Credit Investor Survey: Concerns Over China Soar

Bank of America Merrill Lynch's  latest  (10/07/2015) European client Credit Investor Survey, shows that due to China/EM fears, the past week has seen the biggest risk reduction by investment-grade credit accounts since the Greek crisis in mid- 201.....»»

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Skimming Cash -- Even From Yourself -- Can Mean Prison For Tax Fraud

IRS is cracking down on cash transactions, and even skimming cash from your own business or bank accounts can be a felony......»»

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Bank of England keeps interest rates unchanged

LONDON (AP) — The Bank of England has kept its main interest rate at a record-low 0.5 percent as policymakers remained wary about global economic uncertainty.Minutes released alongside the decision Thursday show that only one member of the nine-strong M.....»»

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American Corporations Have Vast Untaxed Offshore Profits, So What?

A couple of the usual suspects have released a report shouting about how American corporations have vast piles of untaxed profit lying around in offshore bank accounts. To which the answer almost certainly should be, yes, we know, and so? There are two ba.....»»

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American Corporations Have Vast Untaxed Offshore Profits, So What? - Forbes

CNBCAmerican Corporations Have Vast Untaxed Offshore Profits, So What?ForbesA couple of the usual suspects have released a report shouting about how American corporations have vast piles of untaxed profit lying around in offshore bank accounts. To which t.....»»

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Blistering 10 Year Auction Driven By Second Highest Foreign Central Bank Takedown On Record

If yesterday's 3Y auction was solid across the board, then today's sale of $21 billion in 10Y was an all around show-stopper. With the high yield printing at 2.066%, the lowest since February, and down materially from September's 2.235% when pre-rate hik.....»»

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Bank earnings preview: Asset quality pressure to ease

There may be reason for cheer for the banking sector in the July-September quarter of FY16 as after several quarters the pressure on asset quality may come off with fresh slippages expected to show a decline or remain at the same levels as the ........»»

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Bank of China ordered to release counterfeiters" records

SHANGHAI (AP) — A New York judge has ordered the Bank of China to hand over detailed information about Chinese bank accounts used by a counterfeiting ring that allegedly sold millions of dollars of fake Gucci handbags and wallets in the U.S.The decision.....»»

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US companies hold $2.1 trillion offshore - CNBC

CNBCUS companies hold $2.1 trillion offshoreCNBCThere's enough cash sitting in offshore bank accounts to wipe out the federal deficit — if only it was subject to U.S. taxes. That's because U.S. companies are saving some $620 billion by parkin.....»»

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3 Deutsche Bank Oil Services Stock Picks With Over 100% Upside Potential

These Deutsche Bank stocks to Buy are for aggressive accounts that have a high tolerance for risk. With that caveat in mind, the upside potential is worth the shot......»»

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ATM Fees Hit Record Highs, Approaching $5

Automatic teller machines, commonly known as ATMs today, have been a huge boon to consumers, making it much quicker and easier to get access to the cash held in their bank accounts. That said, they have also been a major source of profits to the financial.....»»

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Slowing Europe increases pressure on ECB

Euro zone business activity grew at its weakest pace in four months during September. But as Sonia Legg reports, surveys show one encouraging sign for the European Central Bank - service firms raised prices for the first time in four years......»»

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Switzerland to publish 1st list of unclaimed accounts in December

Having started making public the names of Indians and other foreigners with bank accounts that are under scanner, Switzerland will now publish in December a list of accounts that have remained unc........»»

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Where to Stash Your Cash

Interest rates may rise, but most money-market funds won’t see much increase in yield. Consider bank money-market accounts and short-term bonds......»»

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