Book review "Born to be Hanged": Zulfikar Ali Bhutto by the book

The first half of the book mostly focuses on Bhutto's impassioned speeches at the United Nations, especially after the 1965 and 1971 India-Pakistan wars.....»»

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Book Entry: Review: As Brothers Battled, a Giant in Cereals was Born

“The Kelloggs” tells a compelling story of how an epically dysfunctional family produced two monumentally successful institutions......»»

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Book review: Can US President Donald Trump be impeached?

What makes Trump immune is that he is not a president within the context of a healthy republican government. He is a cult leader of a movement that has taken over a political party.....»»

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"Historians of Redundant Moments" review: Two sisters and their ghosts

The book, a winner of the 2016 Numinous Orisons Luminous Origin Literary Award, recreates the Left-ruled Calcutta of the eighties and nineties of the last century.....»»

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Book review: Bibek Debroy"s translation of the Ramayana is easy to navigate

Debroy explains that Ayana in Sanskrit means journey or progress and hence the Ramayana is the story of Rama's journey or progression.....»»

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"How India Lost Her Freedom" review: Nationalist"s eye view of colonialism

Pandit Sunderlal is not a professional historian, and this book may not be of great interest to students of history because the story is well known.....»»

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A goat for our times: A review of Perumal Murugan"s new book "Poonachi"

The book is more than political criticism, Murugan explores eco-criticism and eco-feminism.....»»

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Book Review: "Janesville" Holds Lessons For Both Parties Going Into Midterms

Book Review: "Janesville" Holds Lessons For Both Parties Going Into Midterms.....»»

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"A Century is Not Enough" book review: Dada"s modest innings

Unfortunately, the poignance of an outcast's rise to beloved leader is missing from this book.....»»

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"Laid to Rest" book review: Reliving Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose"s death

All in all, this is a book only for people who are seriously obsessed with Subhas Chandra Bose, and how he met his end.....»»

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"Behemoth" book review: We are what we manufacture

Capitalism, naturally, takes advantage of such increasingly swift and secretive moves.....»»

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A goat for our times: A review from Perumal Murugan"s new book "Poonachi"

The book is more than political criticism, Murugan explores eco-criticism and eco-feminism.....»»

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Book review: The sense of a woman through Deepa Narayan"s "Chup"

Chup: Breaking the Silence About India's Women explores the ways in which Indian society reinforces the negative views women harbour about themselves. An exclusive excerpt.....»»

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Botelho And Powell, The CEO Next Door [Book Review]

What are the four behaviors that transform ordinary people into world-class leaders? This is the question that Elena L. .....»»

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"From Command to Empathy" book review: Emotional Quotient for beginners

The fact is this: Emotional Intelligence is a powerful relationship instrument and the basic rules remain the same whether you are in the age of disruption or that of organisation.....»»

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REVIEW: "A Wrinkle in Time" is an inspiring story but fails to iron out some of the problems of the book it"s based on

Disney Warning: Minor spoilers ahead for Disney's "A Wrinkle in Time." The hype has been building for Disney's movie.....»»

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"Indian Instincts" book review: India, up close and partial

In other words, Ms Chatterji, the writer of the book under review, is earnest about her mission.....»»

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"Straight Talk on Trade" book review: We are all mercantilists now

Interestingly, Mr Rodrik's argument is not with such populists as President Trump or the British Conservative Party leaders who championed the cause of leaving the European Union.....»»

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"New Delhi Love Songs" review: How Creighton writes poems on city"s streets

In Michael's book, some of his fellow residents make appearances.....»»

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"Widows of Vidarbha" book review: Harvesting the living dead

Kota Neelima's Widows of Vidharbha paints the Indian state as holding a similar opinion of the region's farmers who committed suicide.....»»

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Book review: Shadow boxing in Af-Pak

In the circumstances, the war became 'a humbling case study in the limits of American power'.....»»

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