Breakdown: How Americans Get Healthcare Coverage

With Obamacare firmly.....»»

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Visualizing How Americans Get Healthcare Coverage

Visualizing How Americans Get Healthcare Coverage.....»»

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An estimated 2 million fewer Americans have healthcare coverage than at the end of 2016

Phalinn Ooi/flickrWe all know that .....»»

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"Everything is in jeopardy": Mothers whose children could lose coverage under the GOP healthcare plan speak out

Medicaid, a federal and state program that insures 74 million Americans, faces funding cuts under the Republican health care plan. People with children and parents who depend on Medicaid fun.....»»

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Why Millions of Young People Are Ditching Their Health Insurance

Recent healthcare coverage gains are fading at the edges as 2 million more Americans, mainly the young, became uninsured this year......»»

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SPICER: It"s "literally impossible" right now to know what the GOP bill will do to sick Americans" healthcare coverage

Mark Wilson/Getty ImagesWhite House press secretary Sean Spicer on Wednesday said no one can know the effects of the American Health Care Act on sick Americ.....»»

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Trump healthcare plan: 24 million Americans could lose coverage

The report's findings constitute a blow to the Republican leadership.....»»

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Healthcare Lobbies Fight To Keep 20M Obamacare Customers

The health industry is launching a lobbying blitz to keep 20 million Americans who gained health coverage under the Affordable Care Act from losing their benefits under Donald Trump's and Paul Ryan's "repeal and replacement" ideas. The health indust.....»»

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American fear of Russia is overblown — and plays right into Putin"s hands

US-Russia relations are at their lowest point in decades Media coverage of Russian interference in the US election has often been overblown and worried some Russian-Americans. Playing up hostilities between the two countries serves Putin's aims.....»»

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CBO: Trump could cause healthcare costs to soar for millions of Americans if he ends critical Obamacare payments

Mark Wilson/ Getty ImagesThe Congressional Budget Office released its report on the impact of President Donald Trump ending Obamacare's cost-sharing reduction (CSR) payments on Tuesday. CSR payments help to offset the cost.....»»

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7 Healthcare Expenses Medicare Won"t Pay For

Think Medicare has you covered for all the care that you'll need? Actually, there are a lot of coverage exclusions to be aware of......»»

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3 states proved that one move from Trump could send healthcare costs skyrocketing for millions of Americans

California, Idaho, and Arizona joined a growing number of states saying Obamacare premiums could shoot up unless President Trump guara.....»»

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Ending "bailouts" for insurers could cost millions their health coverage

For President Trump, they are bailouts for insurers. For millions of Americans, they are a lifeline to affordable health care coverage......»»

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Trump threatens to end insurance subsidies

Ending "bailouts" for insurance companies could end up hurting nearly 6 million Americans who rely on subsidies to afford health coverage. CNNMoney's Tami Luhby reports......»»

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Trump is threatening a move that could make Obamacare implode and hurt lawmakers" coverage

On Friday, Senate Republicans' plan to overhaul the US healthcare system came to a dramatic end as leaders failed to garner enough votes to move forward legislation.  President Donald Trump was quick to tweet about t.....»»

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Insurers to fill Obamacare gaps in Ohio"s individual market

Five health insurance companies in Ohio, including Molina Healthcare Inc, have stepped up to sell health plans in 19 counties that would have been without Obamacare individual coverage in 2018, the state's insurance regulator said on Monday......»»

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Insurers are not loving Senate"s "skinny repeal" plan

Premiums will skyrocket. Insurers will drop out. Americans will lose their coverage......»»

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Obamacare: Mike Pence breaks tie, Senate rejects first Republican amendment

Democrats are united against the bill, saying it would end healthcare coverage for millions.....»»

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Good for the rich, bad for the poor: Trump’s healthcare plan

Republicans believe a health savings account will benefit many Americans. But what applies to big-screen TVs doesn’t apply to cardiac surgery.....»»

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Senate bill would shred New York"s safety net

Medicaid is the backbone of health coverage for more than 74 million Americans. It is not a distant program that benefits any one group of people, but one that helps Americans in urban and rural... To view the full story, click the title link......»»

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Health care: $200B falls short; Rep. takes aim at women senators

Not enough. Designating funds to help low-income Americans afford health care coverage despite Medicaid cuts is one way GOP leaders hope to sway opposing Senators to vote yes on replacing the Affordable Care Act. But a new study from the Urban Institut.....»»

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