Breakingviews TV: FAANG vs. SLAW

Tech investors will get a new acronym to feast on in 2018. Rob Cox and Tom Buerkle discuss how Spotify, Lyft, Airbnb and WeWork are gearing up for IPOs, and why a backlash against super-voting shares promises to give investors a fairer shake......»»

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Breakingviews: Why Breaking Up General Electric May Be Hard to Do

A fresh $6.2 billion post-tax charge provides another reason for the conglomerate to consider a breakup. But the value of G.E.’s businesses may make it hard to do......»»

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Breakingviews: Citigroup Steers Into Recovery, With Others’ Hands on the Wheel

The snag with Citigroup’s decade-long climb back from the financial brink is that it’s largely driven by forces it doesn’t control. But that’s not always a bad thing......»»

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Breakingviews TV: GM"s stock drive

CEO Mary .....»»

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Breakingviews - Telecoms IPO would be a smart step for SoftBank - Reuters

ReutersBreakingviews - Telecoms IPO would be a smart step for SoftBankReutersHONG KONG (Reuters Breakingviews) - A mobile float might be a smar.....»»

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The Faangs Have Room to Run

It’s easy to hate the Faang stocks. It’ll be harder to make them go away......»»

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Breakingviews: The New Facebook’s Long-Term Benefit to the Bottom Line

Mark Zuckerberg’s return to focusing more on the welfare of users may limit short-run profits but should improve sustainability......»»

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Breakingviews TV: Bank-tax bingo

John Foley and Richard Beales start spotting the effects of U.S. tax cuts on the first big bank earnings of the season from JPMorgan and Wells Fargo. One took a hit, the other a gain. Another buzzword may be CEO pay, where targets need to change......»»

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Top Ten: Weekend roundup: Netflix and FAANG stocks | A market melt-up | Dividend stocks

A warning on netflix and various approaches to investment income are popular stories this week......»»

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Breakingviews: Walmart’s Minor Act of Redistribution

Walmart is raising hourly wages by $300 million, just a sliver of what it could save through tax cuts. But it’s a wonder Walmart can get away with so little......»»

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Breakingviews TV: Software M&A

The $5 billion purchase of a Kansas City software company has left both buyer and seller over $1 billion more valuable in investors’ eyes. Rob Cyran and John Foley ask whether the market has got ahead of itself......»»

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2018 Bull/Bear Outlook for FAANG Stocks

Some of the biggest winners in 2017 were the FAANG stocks, which have been a favorite of many investors and a staple for many portfolios. The question is where these big names go from here......»»

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Breakingviews: Trump’s ‘America First’ Agenda Is Crashing Davos Party

It’s hard to imagine an audience less receptive to President Trump’s nationalist priorities than the World Economic Forum’s annual gathering this month......»»

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Breakingviews Predictions 2018: Trump and NAFTA

Michael Sabia, President and CEO of CDPQ, discusses the possible impact of Trump's administration pulling out of NAFTA, and the effect it will have on business, Canada, and the rest of the world's economy......»»

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Breakingviews: China’s Weak Hand in Potential Trade War With U.S.

In theory, China has leverage as the White House considers tariffs, but selling Treasuries would end up costing China......»»

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Breakingviews Predictions: Shareholder activism in 2018

NEW YORK – Fresh .....»»

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Breakingviews: Drahi U-Turn Makes Altice"s Problems Easier To See

Breakingviews: Drahi U-Turn Makes Altice"s Problems Easier To See.....»»

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Nelson Peltz on the difference between an activist investor and an engaged investor

Nelson Peltz, the chief executive and a founding partner of Trian Fund Management, joins Reuters Breakingviews Global Editor Rob Cox for an exclusive one-on-one conversation on how investor.....»»

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Breakingviews: Kodak Last-Gasp Hope: KodakCoin

Kodak went bankrupt by fumbling the shift to digital images. Now, it’s betting its future on an initial coin offering to help photographers sell their work......»»

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Breakingviews: GoPro Needs to Know Its Limits

The wearable-camera maker styled itself a media company, but success is hard when the boss wastes time and resources chasing whims......»»

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Breakingviews TV: Going off-grid

America’s cold snap has showed up the country’s problems in getting electrical power where it’s needed. Lauren Silva and John Foley discuss potential solutions, and why coal isn’t one of them......»»

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