Breakingviews TV: Zurich’s boss

This is a “discovery year” for many corporate executives confronting climate change at Davos, Zurich boss Mario Greco tells Rob Cox. But for insurers like his, ecological risks have necessarily been front and center for years......»»

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Breakingviews TV: Bezos aid

Amazon’s boss is donati.....»»

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Breakingviews TV: WeWork’s CEO

New boss Sandeep Mathrani brings much-needed real-estate nous to the embattled provider of shared-office space. But as Robert Cyran explains, getting a grown-up in the room is just the start of WeWork’s efforts to leave its cash-burning past behind......»»

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Breakingviews TV: Unsmoke it

Philip Morris International is puffing about smoke-free alternatives at Davos. Company boss Andre Calantzopoulos talks to Gina Chon about the misperceptions of vaping and what regulators are getting wrong......»»

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Breakingviews TV: Masa’s mess

SoftBank boss Ma.....»»

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Breakingviews TV: Tesla’s stall

Falling sales and a big first-quarter loss add to the electric-car maker’s hazards. Demand may be falling just as Elon Musk sets lofty new production targets. No wonder, says Antony Currie, that the boss may be changing his tune on raising capital......»»

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Breakingviews TV: Facebook 3.0

Boss Mar.....»»

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Breakingviews TV: New Cuba boss

Raul Castro, 86, h.....»»

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Breakingviews TV: Facebook vote

Shareholders at the social network’s annual meeting protested ineffectually against its undemocratic voting structure, and backed boss Mark Zuckerberg. If only lawmakers in Washington, D.C. were so easy to please. Jen Saba explains......»»

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Breakingviews TV: Son of a gun

SoftBank boss Masayoshi Son’s latest financial razzmatazz is the idea of adding $5 billion to the gigantic Vision Fund on behalf of employees. Quentin Webb and Jeffrey Goldfarb discuss the pitfalls of redefining “skin in the game.”.....»»

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Breakingviews TV: Sky’s the limit

Comcast is dropping its pursuit of Twenty-First Century Fox media assets, leaving them to Disney for $71 billion. Instead boss Brian Roberts is aiming for pay-TV group Sky. Jen Saba explains how the four-way battle may end......»»

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Breakingviews TV: Tesla turns

Tesla boss Elon Musk’s m.....»»

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Breakingviews TV: Indra era ends

PepsiCo’s boss is leaving after 12 years, many of which were spent defending the company’s strategy of diversification. Lauren Silva Laughlin says her successor may be forced to do the same......»»

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Breakingviews TV: Goldman gap

Oct 16 - New boss David.....»»

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Breakingviews TV: Fiat first

Peugeot chief Carlos Tavares is a logical replacement for detained Renault and Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn. But there might be a better use of his time: buying Italian-American carmaker Fiat Chrysler. Liam Proud explains......»»

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Breakingviews TV: Pimco’s Vice

John Studzinski, recently minted managing director and vice chairman of the $1.7 trillion asset manager, tells Rob Cox how ESG investing has become the talk of the World Economic Forum in Davos, alongside Brazil’s new boss and even the Vatican......»»

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Breakingviews TV: Wall St M&A

Morgan Stanley’s $13 bln.....»»

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Unicredit boss Mustier emerges as contender for HSBC CEO role: Bloomberg

Unicredit Spa Chief Executive Officer Jean-Pierre Mustier has emerged as one of the main external candidates for the top job at HSBC Holdings Plc , Bloomberg reported on Thursday, citing sources familiar with the matter......»»

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A Viacom CBS executive explains exactly how to advocate for yourself and your team, with an email to the boss

If you want to get ahead at your company, it's important to make your accomplishments clear to your manager — and your manager's manager......»»

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A Viacom CBS executive explains exactly how to advocate for yourself and your team, with an email to the boss

Ruobing Su/Business InsiderCourtesy of Khadijah Sharif-Drinkard Advocating for yourself is key to your own professional advanc.....»»

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4 ways to deal with a bad boss or coworker when quitting isn"t an option

Westend61/Getty Images Many people have negative experiences with a bad boss, manager, or coworker, whether the tension is caused by a clash of personalities or disagreement on leadership style. While it may be tempting just to call it quit.....»»

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