Charts That Count: Fed Up with the Fed Model

Charts That Count: Fed Up with the Fed Model.....»»

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Knotel losing count during US leasing tear

Flexible office space provider Knotel has been on a leasing tear this year, adding nine new locations and more than 80,000 s/f in Manhattan last month alone. Overall, the company has spread its model to a dozen properties in 2018, accounting fo.....»»

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Charts That Count: A 30-year Long view

Charts That Count: A 30-year Long view.....»»

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Charts That Count: It"s the US Jobs Market, Stupid

Charts That Count: It's the US Jobs Market, Stupid.....»»

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Charts That Count: America"s Decade

Charts That Count: America's Decade.....»»

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Charts That Count: QE QED

Charts That Count: QE QED.....»»

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Charts That Count: Longest Bull Market?

Charts That Count: Longest Bull Market?.....»»

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Charts That Count: Powell Paroxysm

Charts That Count: Powell Paroxysm.....»»

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Charts That Count: De-coupling Emerging Markets

Charts That Count: De-coupling Emerging Markets.....»»

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Charts That Count: $1tn Headache

Charts That Count: $1tn Headache.....»»

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Just Three Charts

Everything's awesome, right? There's just one thing (well two...) Everything really is awesome according to the Atlanta Fed's GDPNOW model is forecasting a 4.95% GDP growth in Q3... Except, despite the hopeful forecast.....»»

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Charts That Count: Another China Crisis?

Charts That Count: Another China Crisis?.....»»

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Charts That Count: Flattening Yield Curve

Charts That Count: Flattening Yield Curve.....»»

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Costco Might Reach $286 in 2 Years, 40% Upside

With its membership model, loss leader strategy and low SKU count, Costco can keep producing growing revenue and cash flow in the futureRelated Stocks: COST, WMT, XLP, XRT,.....»»

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Charts That Count: Europe"s taper tantrum

Charts That Count: Europe's taper tantrum.....»»

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One of Wall Street’s favorite forecasts for the US economy is looking red-hot, but it may not last

Justin Sullivan/Getty The Atlanta Federal Reserve's GDPNow model forecasts 4.1% growth for the second quarter, the strongest in nearly four years.  It's probably too soon to count on that bein.....»»

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Fly Charts: Zuckerberg Role Model, Bayer at Finish Line: Gadfly

Fly Charts: Zuckerberg Role Model, Bayer at Finish Line: Gadfly.....»»

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These stocks got turbocharged when companies adopted a subscription model

Recurring revenue has helped the likes of Adobe and Intuit......»»

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Asia’s Technology Bear Isn’t Ready to Hibernate

As interest rates rise, the venture-capital model pioneered by SoftBank and followed by the likes of Tencent is breaking down......»»

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Cannabis Watch: Marijuana stocks to watch: Meet Cronos, the Heinz Ketchup of weed

Heinz may design the genetic makeup of the tomatoes used for its renowned ketchup, but it doesn’t own the farms that grow the fruit. Toronto-based weed company Cronos Group is aiming to duplicate that model......»»

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Cramer"s charts of the fear gauge suggest the sell-off pain isn"t over yet

Jim Cramer and volatility expert Mark Sebastian unpack the action in the market's fear gauge to see if the sell-off is really over......»»

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