Asian Championships in Chengdu will qualify five players for the World Cup.....»»

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Since it's Diwali, let's do a run through of some of the stuff on every serious player's wish-list.....»»

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Canadian GM Kovalyov withdrew after being berated and threatened for wearing shorts.....»»

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Myths And Facts About Superintelligent AI

We live in an era of self driving cars, autonomous drones, deep learning algorithms, computers that beat humans at chess and go, and so on. So i.....»»

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JEFFERIES: Google has "the right pieces in place to win the race" to a $1 trillion valuation (GOOG, GOOGL)

Getty ImagesIf this were a game of chess, Alphabet's Google is several moves ahead. Google has&nb.....»»

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The proliferation of big, high prize money Opens in the last couple of years has led to "democratisation".....»»

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Levon Aronian won the World Cup, beating Ding Liren in a tiebreaker.....»»

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The World Cup finals will see Levon Aronian taking on Ding Liren.....»»

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The World Cup saw a series of high-rated players including three of the highest class, leaving the stage.....»»

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Why the world"s toughest maths problems are much harder than a chess puzzle

The n-queens completion puzzle is a form of mathematical problem common in computer science.....»»

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Round one of the World Cup marked the end of an era when Anand was knocked out by Kovalyov.....»»

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U.S. Returns Antique Chess Set Owned by Saddam Hussein, Stolen During 2003 Invasion

The stolen artifact has been returned to Iraqi officials in Baghdad......»»

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As many as 20 Indians are playing the World Agegroups at Pocos de Caldas, Brazil.....»»

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How "Game of Thrones" author George R.R. Martin went from chess captain and journalism professor to a reported net worth of $15 million

Charles Sykes/AP • George R.R. Martin was already a successful author when he began to write "A Song of Ice and Fire" in 1991 • He has been writing st.....»»

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Love Fest in Boston: Trump Shows Support for ANTIFA Shutting Down Free Speech Rally

Content originally published at   I am sure this is just another case of 400DD inter-galactical chess. Before we delve into today's alt-right embarrassment in Boston, it's important to note that Tru.....»»

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Three young chess players who could be the next world beaters

Chess is a hyper-competitive sport with hundreds of strong, hungry players.....»»

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Speed chess is a young person's game.....»»

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Scenes from Newaukee"s Night Market in downtown Milwaukee

Despite an early evening summer rainstorm, hundreds of Milwaukee-area residents packed West Wisconsin Avenue in downtown Milwaukee Wednesday evening to check out the s'mores, human-size chess games and the many vendors that took part in Newaukee's N.....»»

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Garry Kasparov: “Deep Thinking”

Garry Kasparov and DeepMind’s CEO Demis Hassabis discuss Garry’s new book “Deep Thinking”, his match with Deep Blue and his thoughts on the future of AI in the world of chess. Garry Kasparov: ̶.....»»

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The ChessMine Rapid/Blitz in Bengaluru drew massive participation.....»»

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2 yrs ago, Hou Yifan decided to quit defending world title and focus on playing strongest opposition.....»»

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