Computer Chips Evolve to Keep Up With Deep Learning

Innovation is flourishing in the semiconductor industry, at startups as well as at companies like IBM, whose TrueNorth chip is patterned after the human brain......»»

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1 Thing NVIDIA Investors Should Worry About

Intel recently acquired deep learning startup Nervana Systems, which has designed chips specifically for training AI systems. These could compete directly with NVIDIA GPUs in the space......»»

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This AI can create "videos of the future"

BIIThis story was delivered to BI Intelligence "Digital Media Briefing" subscribers. To learn more and subscribe, please click here. Researchers from the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have developed a deep learning sy.....»»

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Intel Uses Acquired Chips to Drive Deep Learning

Intel Corp., to intensify its efforts to counter rival Nvidia Corp. in the hot new computing market known as deep learning, is taking the unusual step of relying on technology developed by a startup it acquired......»»

Category: smallbizSource: wsjNov 17th, 2016

Nest Gives Its Security Cameras Brains Using Google"s Computer Vision Software

Nest is starting to give its security cameras the ability to understand the world with the help of Google's deep learning software. Nest is starting to give its security cameras the ability to understand the world with the help of Google's deep lear.....»»

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Microsoft announces artificial intelligence-based products and services

Microsoft also announced Deep Learning and Machine Learning capabilities.....»»

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Chess Grandmaster Brilliantly Speaks out About How Losing to a Computer Was Good for Humanity

Deep Blue may have famously defeated Garry Kasparovin 1997 but and in reflecting, he's now hopeful about what AI technology will bring mankind in the future......»»

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Intel collaborating with Preferred Networks in Japan on deep learning

Intel is collaborating with Japan-based Preferred Networks (PFN) on the development of Chainer, PFN's open source framework for deep learning, with the aim of accelerating deep learning performance on general purpose infrastructure powered by Intel......»»

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Marvell Turnaround May Lift Stock 40% in a Year

The maker of chips used in computer hard drives should benefit from new management and growth initiatives......»»

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The 3 Best Machine Learning Stocks to Buy in 2017

Technology companies are betting that this type of computer artificial intelligence could be the next big thing -- and these stocks are well-positioned to benefit this year......»»

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The 7 AI Powered Sales, Marketing and Business Tools That Will Change Your Life

Thanks to canny investments by big corporations and the ingenuity of startups, AI and deep learning has stepped up to totally change how your business runs......»»

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Shell"s Titanic Bet: Can Deep-Water Drilling Be Done on the Cheap?

Facing low oil prices for the foreseeable future, Royal Dutch Shell is learning to rein in costs and squeeze more production out of big offshore platforms by using drilling techniques from onshore......»»

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Shell Goes on a Deep-Water Drilling Diet

Royal Dutch Shell, facing low oil prices for the foreseeable future, is learning how to cut costs and squeeze more production out of big offshore fields. One secret: using techniques borrowed from onshore......»»

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The mobile internet is over. Baidu goes all in on AI

The Chinese company has more than 1,300 people working on tech like deep learning......»»

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Here’s How Pharma Is Using AI Deep Learning To Cure Aging

In 2011, scientists made one of the most important discoveries in the history of AI development. They found that graphics processing units (GPUs) are far better at simulating biological learning than central processing units (CPUs). In retrospec.....»»

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Mark Cuban Says This Is Where the World’s First Trillionaires Will Emerge

Better brush up on deep learning and neural networks. The world may be some years away from seeing the first trillionaire, but billionaire Mark Cuban has an idea about the kind of work from which they, whoever.....»»

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Get Your "MPA" in Deep Learning


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Get Your "MPA" in Deep Learning

The gold rush in BigData, machine learning, and AI is being driven by "massively parallel architecture" Big happeni.....»»

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L.A. tutoring startup inspired by father’s dream and co-founder’s refugee story

Sophia Parsa’s father always dreamed she would one day make Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list. A businessman involved in tech since the ’80s and ’90s — including building computer chips, distributing computers and developing the digital picture frame.....»»

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Infrastructure Investing: From Concrete To Computer Chips

Infrastructure Investing: From Concrete To Computer Chips.....»»

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How Baidu"s AI Lab plans to solve speech recognition - with lots of data

Deep Speech 2 uses deep learning to recognise words in English and Mandarin, reports Tech in Asia.....»»

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