Conway reacts to intel claims on Russia

Classified documents pre.....»»

Category: videoSource: cnnJan 11th, 2017

The lobbyist at Trump Jr."s Russia meeting may have stronger links to the Kremlin than we knew

Associated Press/Mark Lennihan Rinat Akhmetshin, the Russian lobbyist and ex-Soviet military intel.....»»

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New laptops released in the holiday season will get a huge power boost (INTC)

Chip maker Intel announced on Monday its new eighth generation U-series chips, which the company claims will give ultrabooks and 2-in-1 laptops a huge boost in performance over laptops running on its current seventh generation chips. The compa.....»»

Category: topSource: businessinsiderAug 21st, 2017

Russia claims to have invented an alternative to fracking

Reuters/RIA NovostiRuss.....»»

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IS claims attack in Barcelona, stabbings in Russia

IS said its fighters ran over several Crusaders with a truck in the coastal town of Cambrils.....»»

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ISIS claims responsibility for knife attack that killed at least 7 in Russia

Flickr/Picture Perfect Pose MOSCOW (Reuters) - From seven to eight people were wou.....»»

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Is This Proof Russia Hacked The Election? Hacker Turned FBI Witness: Report

"Profexer" claims he didn't intend for his work to be used by hackers who supplied WikiLeaks with information......»»

Category: topSource: newsweekAug 16th, 2017

North Korea’s New Missiles Came From Ukraine and Russia, Report Claims

A new report claims the North could not have developed better rockets so quickly without foreign technology......»»

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US trade body to probe Apple on Qualcomm"s patent violation claims

Qualcomm claimed Apple violated potentially six of its patents in how it uses the Intel modems.....»»

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"It"s Barack Obama Marries Dick Cheney" All In One Think Tank

In Russia Sanctions And The Coming Crackdown On Americans we exposed a new project called "Hamilton 68" which claims to monitor 600 twitter accounts in real time, looking for what its creators consider to be overt, covert, as well as "second.....»»

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Kellyanne Conway makes mindblowing pivot to Benghazi when grilled about Trump Jr."s Russia meeting

Kellyanne Conway makes mindblowing pivot to Benghazi when grilled about Trump Jr."s Russia meeting.....»»

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Is Fox News Pro-Trump? Sean Hannity Claims He"s the Network"s Only Strong Supporter of the President

"The problem we have is, let's look at Russia, Russia, Russia," Hannity said before attacking Hillary Clinton and saying he is Fox's biggest Trump fan......»»

Category: topSource: newsweekAug 4th, 2017

Why Russia needs troops from Syria; how they boost Moscow"s "eastern" image

While there might be some truth to these claims, there are 'harder' interests in Russia's stratety.....»»

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"Senate Republicans Look Like Fools" Trump Urges End To Filibuster, Claims Russia Was Against Him In 2016

"Senate Republicans Look Like Fools" Trump Urges End To Filibuster, Claims Russia Was Against Him In 2016.....»»

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Israeli settles Mobileye insider trading case with U.S. regulators

(Reuters) - An Israeli has agreed to pay more than $850,000 settle U.S. claims he engaged in insider trading in Jerusalem-based Mobileye NV , a maker of sensors and cameras for self-driving vehicles, ahead of its $15.3 billion takeover by Intel Corp ......»»

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Intel Vets Challenge "Russia Hack" Evidence

Intel Vets Challenge "Russia Hack" Evidence.....»»

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"What constitutional crisis are we facing right now?": Kellyanne Conway spars with Brian Stelter in heated interview on Russia"s election interference

Screenshot via CNN White House senior counselor Kellyanne Conway debated with CNN's B.....»»

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Trump Claims Russians and Democrats, As an "Excuse for a Lost Election," are Laughing About the Russia Probe

The president sent out several tweets on Sunday......»»

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Kellyanne Conway says the Trump-Russia investigation is "not a big story" in contentious, meandering CNN interview

Screenshot via CNN Senior White House .....»»

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Kellyanne Conway: Russia is "not a big story"

Kellyanne Conway says the media spends too much time covering allegations of collusion between the Trump pr.....»»

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Senate intel committee subpoenas the research firm tied to the bombshell Trump-Russia dossier

Fox NewsThe Senate Judiciary Committee has subpoenaed the research firm responsible for the bombshell Russia dossier that contains unverified memos related to President Donald Trump's activities in Russia. An attorney for Fusion.....»»

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