Conway reacts to intel claims on Russia

Classified documents pre.....»»

Category: videoSource: cnnJan 11th, 2017

Senate Intel Committee Orders White House To Keep All Records For Russia Probe

The "Russia hacked the US election" is getting its second wind. One day after Reuters provided further details of t.....»»

Category: blogSource: zerohedgeFeb 19th, 2017

DNC Hackers Are Using Apple Mac Spyware Code From FBI Surveillance Vendor, Claims Ex-NSA Researcher

Ex-NSA staffer is "100 per cent" sure Russia either borrowed or bought Hacking Team's malicious code. Ex-NSA staffer is "100 per cent" sure Russia either borrowed or bought Hacking Team's malicious code......»»

Category: topSource: forbesFeb 16th, 2017

Intel Corporation Claims 3-Year Manufacturing Tech Lead

This Fool isn't quite buying that claim, though......»»

Category: topSource: foxnewsFeb 14th, 2017

Macron campaign accuses Russia of using fake news

Kremlin dismisses claims of interference in French election as a ‘witch-hunt’.....»»

Category: worldSource: ftFeb 13th, 2017

Top-ranking intel Democrat: Flynn "should no longer serve in this administration" if he made secret calls to Russian ambassador

Reports that President Donald Trump's national security adviser secretly called Russia's ambassador to the US to discuss sanctions before Trump took office "raises serious questions.....»»

Category: topSource: businessinsiderFeb 10th, 2017

"Those are the facts": CNN responds to Kellyanne Conway after she claims she wasn"t turned down by the network

"Those are the facts": CNN responds to Kellyanne Conway after she claims she wasn"t turned down by the network.....»»

Category: topSource: businessinsiderFeb 6th, 2017

"We"ve Got a Lot of Killers:" Trump Talks Russia With Bill O"Reilly

President also repeats unsupported claims about rampant voter fraud......»»

Category: topSource: newsweekFeb 5th, 2017

Kellyanne Conway: Removing sanctions on Russia "is under consideration"

Kellyanne Conway: Removing sanctions on Russia "is under consideration".....»»

Category: topSource: businessinsiderJan 27th, 2017

Memos: CEO of Russia"s state oil company offered Trump adviser, allies a cut of huge deal if sanctions were lifted

Associated Press/Pavel GolovkinAn unverified dossier with claims about President Donald Trump's ties to Russia contained allegations that the CEO of Russia's state oil company, Igor Se.....»»

Category: topSource: businessinsiderJan 27th, 2017

Russia Claims Chinese Missile Reports Pose No Threat To Security

The Kremlin is not concerned by a reported border deployment but parliament promises response......»»

Category: topSource: newsweekJan 24th, 2017

Vladimir Putin’s Chechen Ally Urges Donald Trump to Make Russia America"s ‘Friends’

Ramzan Kadyrov claims Trump could forge a kinship between the two countries......»»

Category: topSource: newsweekJan 23rd, 2017

US Military: Claims that we’re on combat missions with Russia are ‘rubbish"

REUTERS/Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation/Handout via ReutersMOSCOW (AP) — The Russian Defense Ministry says its warplanes have flown first combat mission in Syria with US-led coalition aircraft. In.....»»

Category: topSource: businessinsiderJan 23rd, 2017

Russia claims it has flown first combat mission with the US-led coalition in Syria

REUTERS/Ministry of Defence .....»»

Category: topSource: businessinsiderJan 23rd, 2017

Hacked NYT tweet claims Russia will attack US with missiles

Later, the newspaper tweeted and says we are investigating the situation.....»»

Category: topSource: business-standardJan 23rd, 2017

PUTIN: The people behind the Trump dossier are "worse than prostitutes"

REUTERS/Sergei KarpukhinRussian President Vladimir Putin pushed back on Tuesday against unverified claims that Russia worked with Donald Trump during the US presidential election to undermine Hillary Clinton. "We are witnessing an ongoing a.....»»

Category: topSource: businessinsiderJan 17th, 2017

Russia Claims Increased Cyber Attacks On Its Systems From Abroad

Secretary of Russia's Security Council notes a 'significant increase in attempts to inflict harm on Russia's informational systems from external forces.'.....»»

Category: topSource: newsweekJan 15th, 2017

Russia Dismisses U.S. Claims of Risky Flight Maneuvers Over Syria

Russia’s Defense Ministry dismissed allegations by the U.S. Air Force that its planes regularly fly too close to U.S. fighter jets, risking collision in the crowded skies above Syria......»»

Category: topSource: wsjJan 15th, 2017

Whether or not Trump claims are true, Russia is still using sex for spying

Dossier makes personal claims regarding Trump, based on information provided by Russia's FSB.....»»

Category: topSource: business-standardJan 14th, 2017

Donald Trump Needs to Wake Up and Face the Reality of What Russia Is Doing

Campaign manager Kellyanne Conway has implied that the Russia sanctions might be reconsidered once Trump is in office......»»

Category: topSource: newsweekJan 13th, 2017

Ex-MI6 officer lies low after dossier unmasking

Compiler of explosive Trump claims was UK intelligence’s top Russia expert.....»»

Category: topSource: ftJan 12th, 2017