Cramer Remix: After Trump’s NATO comments, these sectors are worth owning

Jim Cramer reveals why U.S. defense and natural gas stocks are strong picks after the NATO Summit......»»

Category: topSource: madmoneyJul 11th, 2018

Cramer Remix: Here"s how to approach Fed-induced sell-offs

Jim Cramer breaks down which stocks are worth eyeing when averages take a hit......»»

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Cramer: Between Western Digital and Micron, Micron"s stock is the one worth owning

Jim Cramer breaks down the declines in shares of chipmakers Western Digital and Micron and explains why he thinks Micron is more valuable......»»

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Cramer Remix: When it comes to trade, ignore Treasury Secretary Mnuchin

Jim Cramer explains why it's best to disregard the top Trump advisor when it comes to China......»»

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Cramer Remix: This Fortnite play is not worth the temptation

Jim Cramer explains why gaming headset maker Turtle Beach is too risky after its big move......»»

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Cramer Remix: Lululemon still has more room to run

Jim Cramer details why the standout retailer is worth buying into any weakness......»»

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Cramer Remix: Don’t worry about this stock’s post-earnings drop

Jim Cramer breaks down why Dropbox’s recent decline is not worth fretting about.....»»

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Trade War Concerns Look to Preoccupy Weekend G20 Meeting

DailyFX com Talking Points President Trump unveils threat of import tariffs on 500 billion worth of Chinese goods Ministers may also discuss the President s comments regarding the Fed The meeting could share a similar fate to the G7 summit in Quebec.....»»

Category: futuresSource: nasdaqJul 20th, 2018

Stock futures turn lower as Trump comments fan trade war fears

U.S. stock index futures fell on Friday after President Donald Trump toughened his stance against China and said he was ready to impose levies on $500 billion worth of goods from the Asian nation......»»

Category: topSource: reutersJul 20th, 2018

Trump"s sharp criticism of NATO"s newest member has a point, but his comments are playing right into Russia"s hands

Reuters President Trump added to his criticisms of NATO just days a.....»»

Category: topSource: businessinsiderJul 19th, 2018

Trump opens NATO summit by saying Germany is a "captive" of Russia

President Donald Trump took aim at ally Germany in particular in his first public comments at an opening breakfast at NATO's annual summit Wednesday. "Germany, as far as I'm concerned, is cap.....»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchJul 11th, 2018

Trump Will Defecate on NATO Like a Seagull, Says Fox News Editor, As President Rants in Brussels

The president has already made some controversial comments ahead of the two-day summit......»»

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Cramer Remix: Chasing this stock’s high may be worth your while

Jim Cramer breaks down how shares of RH could continue to soar......»»

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Cramer Remix: Millennials aren’t swaying the market as much as you think

Jim Cramer breaks down why millennial buying patterns are worth noting, but not reason enough to buy a stock......»»

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Cramer Remix: If we see another pullback, buy this sector

Jim Cramer reveals which oil plays could be worth eyeing......»»

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Cramer Remix: Apple could have just signaled that Trump will make a trade deal with China

Jim Cramer is rethinking trade and China after speaking with Apple CEO Tim Cook......»»

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Cramer Remix: Why Whirlpool’s stock is not worth the risk

Jim Cramer issues a new call on Whirlpool after first quarter earnings and the president’s tariffs......»»

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Cramer Remix: Amazon is the stock to own when the president doesn’t tweet

Jim Cramer says that when President Trump takes a Twitter break, Amazon is the stock you want to have......»»

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Cramer Remix: Amazon’s punishment isn’t warranted – the stock is a buy

Jim Cramer explains why damaged tech titan Amazon is worth buying into weakness......»»

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Cramer lists 15 sectors unaffected by Trump"s tariffs on China

Jim Cramer finds new winners in a market thrown into a frenzy by uncertainty over the Trump administration's trade policy......»»

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Cramer lists 15 sectors unaffected by Trump"s tariffs on China

Jim Cramer finds new winners in a market thrown into a frenzy by uncertainty over trade policy......»»

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