Dear Self-Proclaimed "Progressives"... You"re As Evil As The Neocon-Neoliberal Empire You"ve Enabled

Submitted by Charles Hugh-Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, Sorry, pal, you're evil. Self-righteous indignation counts for nothing in the strict accounting of real progressivism. Dear Self-Proclaimed "Progressive": I love you, man, but it has bec.....»»

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Star Wars turns 40 and it still inspires our real life space junkies

Star Wars introduced us to Jedi knights with lightsabers, an evil empire building and much more.....»»

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While Elites Played Empire, America Fell Apart

Submitted by Charles Hugh-Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, Dear Imperial America: the lifestyle you ordered is permanently out of stock. Our extraordinary misallocation of national treasure and p.....»»

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Howard Gold"s No-Nonsense Investing: Wall Street’s Evil Empire strikes back

Howard Gold reviews the pitfalls of rolling back financial-services regulations......»»

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Obama"s "Zero" Legacy

Authored by Eric Zuesse via, «Trump did more than any democrat to deflate the neocon/neoliberal agenda that liberals themselves screamed was fascist when Bush was president». That was a brilliant and profoundly true read.....»»

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10 Most Evil Female Rulers in History

Dear gentlemen, beware while reading the next lines because we are presenting you the list of 10 most evil female rulers in history! And you ladies, you should be careful too! It’s a thin line between good and evil! So, do you think that your wife is na.....»»

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To give or not to give can be a taxing question

Dear Liz: A good friend who is childless w.....»»

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‘Limited Time Only’ Investment Ads

There are many self-proclaimed “stock market geniuses” out there offering you the prize of massive returns all without you having to lift a single finger. You see their ‘limited time only’ advertising and pointless .....»»

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Trump"s Empire State Building sketch goes for $16,000 at charity auction

A sketch of the Empire State Building drawn by President Donald Trump has sold at auction for $16,000. Julien's Auctions says the 12-inch-by-9-inch black marker depiction of the iconic New York City... To view the full story, click the title link......»»

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Caesars Returns to Building Its Gaming Empire

After a disastrous 2008 leveraged buyout, Caesars has cleaned up its act and looks ready to grow again......»»

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Richard Branson: I"m a great believer in people working from home

Billionaire Richard Branson says he encourages his employees to work from home. The founder of the Virigin empire tells CNN's Poppy Harlow that flexibility in where you work can make all the difference for working parents......»»

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Resident Evil Revelations For Switch Have Exclusive Retro Mini-Games

Capcom earlier gave some hint that the Resident Evil Revelations Collection for the Nintendo Switch will include exclusive retro mini-games. On Thursday, the game maker shared more details on the mini-games along with the trailers. One of the mini-games.....»»

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Lupita Nyong"o Shared Her Harvey Weinstein Story, and Taught Some Valuable Lessons in Emotional Intelligence

Academy Award winning actress Lupita Nyong'o shares her experience with Harvey Weinstein, shedding valuable insight into the power of emotion--for both good and evil......»»

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Amazon’s ‘HQ2’ dance-off included a Dear John letter, a huge tax sweetener and a whole lot more

Most of the municipalities meeting Jeff Bezos and company’s stated criteria for the h.....»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchOct 19th, 2017

Amazon"s latest tax penalty should be a red flag for tech companies

Getty / David Ryder EU Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager said in a press release that the setup enabled Luxembourg to give "illegal tax benefits" to Amazon. As a res.....»»

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Amazon HQ2: Why Little Rock Said ‘No Thanks’ in a Full-Page Washington Post Ad

"It's not you, it's us." “Dear Amazon: It’s not you, it’s us.” That was the message left by Little Ro.....»»

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What Is The Emoluments Clause? Full Definition And Text Of Constitutional Ban on Foreign Conflicts Of Interest

The president's massive business empire was sued three days after he was inaugurated......»»

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Trayvon Martin"s Mother Fights NRA"s "Murder Insurance"

"It's really sold in the context of 'There's a threat around every corner, dear mostly-white NRA member,' and that threat is either a black man or a brown man or some other kind of person of color," Guns Down director Igor Volsky told CBS News......»»

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Vladimir Putin: "Don"t Back North Korea Into A Corner"

Nobody puts little Rocket Man in a corner. As we've noted time and time again, tensions between the US and North Korea have only intensified since Russian President Vladimir Putin proclaimed last month.....»»

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Theresa May thanks Britain"s Indian communities on Diwali

The British Prime Minister said the message of the festival of lights that ultimately good will triumph over evil, hope over despair and light over darkness will resonate with people of all faiths.....»»

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Defining the good and bad of leadership

Some of you may recall the movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. I recently came across the title and it reminded me of the good and bad side of leaders. I'm was intrigued by this thought, because I’m driven to help leaders in need of.....»»

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