Dear Self-Proclaimed "Progressives"... You"re As Evil As The Neocon-Neoliberal Empire You"ve Enabled

Submitted by Charles Hugh-Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, Sorry, pal, you're evil. Self-righteous indignation counts for nothing in the strict accounting of real progressivism. Dear Self-Proclaimed "Progressive": I love you, man, but it has bec.....»»

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Star Wars turns 40 and it still inspires our real life space junkies

Star Wars introduced us to Jedi knights with lightsabers, an evil empire building and much more.....»»

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While Elites Played Empire, America Fell Apart

Submitted by Charles Hugh-Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, Dear Imperial America: the lifestyle you ordered is permanently out of stock. Our extraordinary misallocation of national treasure and p.....»»

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Howard Gold"s No-Nonsense Investing: Wall Street’s Evil Empire strikes back

Howard Gold reviews the pitfalls of rolling back financial-services regulations......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchFeb 7th, 2017

Obama"s "Zero" Legacy

Authored by Eric Zuesse via, «Trump did more than any democrat to deflate the neocon/neoliberal agenda that liberals themselves screamed was fascist when Bush was president». That was a brilliant and profoundly true read.....»»

Category: blogSource: zerohedgeNov 19th, 2016

10 Most Evil Female Rulers in History

Dear gentlemen, beware while reading the next lines because we are presenting you the list of 10 most evil female rulers in history! And you ladies, you should be careful too! It’s a thin line between good and evil! So, do you think that your wife is na.....»»

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Walmart, Google Join Forces In Online Fight Against Amazon

The world's largest retailer will hawk its products on Google Express for the first time in a play to get a bigger chunk of the growing voice-enabled shopping market currentl.....»»

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U.S. Military Disputes ISIS Assault Death Toll, Calls Militants Most "Evil and Brutal" Enemy in History of War

The U.S. coalition tasked with fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria told Newsweek the world has not seen an urban assault like Mosul since World War II......»»

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Jukin Media expands its viral video empire in Culver City

Jukin Media, the company behind viral sensation.....»»

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The 7 Traits of Success, According to a Millionaire Who Started With Only $92

A New York Times bestseller explains how he came to America with nothing and built a coaching empire......»»

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How far will $1 million go in your retirement

A million dollars—it has a nice ring to it. But as Dr. Evil learned after spending 30 years cryogenically preserved, it may not be enough—for many people, certainly not enough to comfortably retire on, depending on where and how long they live......»»

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Empire Baking Co. co-owner"s mission? Help people understand what sets its bread apart

Meaders Moore Ozarow oversees operations, baking, sales and marketing as the co-owner of Empire Baking Co., a European-style bakery that prides itself on using natural, unprocessed ingredients down to its sourdough starter......»»

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Cryptopay Bridges the Gap Between Existing Systems and Emerging Technology

Cryptopay is a blockchain enabled payment gateway founded in 2013, which provides Bitcoin wallets, debit cards and innovative merchant proce.....»»

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Gondor hedge funds maintain double-digit returns

New York-based hedge fund firm Gondor Capital Management says that remaining disciplined in its research and carrying out the proper execution of its strategies has enabled it to consistently deliver strong returns......»»

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AG"s settlement with Simon Property means better business for Empire Outlets

Real estate company and shopping mall operator Simon Property Group had been accused of wielding monopoly power and using "anticompetitive tactics" to block the development of competing outlet centers in New York City. No more, says attorney gener.....»»

Category: topSource: bizjournalsAug 22nd, 2017

Trump Afghanistan Strategy Means "Graveyard for the American Empire," Taliban Says

The jihadi group promised to step up its insurgency against U.S. forces......»»

Category: topSource: newsweekAug 22nd, 2017

Airtel takes on Jio, plans rollout of Rs 2,500 4G phone by Diwali

Recently, Jio announced a 4G-enabled feature phone with smartphone like capabilities.....»»

Category: topSource: business-standardAug 22nd, 2017

In Angry Tweetstorm, Ron Paul Lashes Out At "Neocon" Trump

Roughly around the time Trump started his Afghanistan speech, Ron Paul tweeted out a cautiously optimistic note: "Hoping for the best in tonight's @realDonaldTrum.....»»

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Ethics talk: Lessons from Google’s diversity fracas

Dear Ethics Talk: Google made headlines earlier this month because of an engineer’s memo calling for greater ideological diversity and a re-think of Google policies addressing perceived under-representation of women and certain minorities. Googl.....»»

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The Future Of The Third World

Authored by Jayant Bhandari via, Decolonization The British Empire was the largest in history. At the end of World War II Britain had to start pulling out from its colonies. .....»»

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The Power of Partnering With a Private Equity Firm

Private equity firms are often targeted by the press as inherently evil and exclusively driven by profits, often to the detriment of everyone else-- but that is far from accurate......»»

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