Deep Dive: 15 dividend stocks whose 4%-plus yields beat Treasury bonds

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Deep Dive: 9 stocks with dividend yields over 4% in a sector that often beats the broader market

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Deep Dive: These dividend stocks beat the Dow and S&P 500 through thick and thin

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Deep Dive: Here’s a clear case for owning dividend stocks instead of bonds

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Deep Dive: An easy way for investors to buy protection: Consider value stocks with high dividend yields

Tim McIntosh of PVG Asset Management expects interest rates to fall, supporting prices for stocks in four sectors with attractive dividend payouts......»»

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Deep Dive: 20 dividend stocks with ‘headroom’ to pay investors even more

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Deep Dive: Don’t overlook mid-cap stocks — they beat large-caps by a mile in the long run

Companies with market values of $2 billion to $10 billion are selling at cheaper valuations than large-caps and small-caps......»»

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Bond Report: 2-year Treasury note yield falls to nearly six-month low

Treasury yields are falling Friday, capping a weeklong decline, after turbulent trading in stocks sent investors into the perceived safety of bonds during the holiday-shortened week......»»

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Bond Report: Treasury yields stay higher as investors shift back into stocks in week of turmoil

Treasury yields are rising Friday, trimming their weeklong decline, as investors turned away from bonds in favor of stocks......»»

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Bond Report: Treasurys rally as stocks poised to fall

Treasury yields are falling on Thursday as bonds recouped a chunk of their losses after the stock market’s sharp midweek rally briefly eased appetite for government paper......»»

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Bond Report: 10-year Treasury yield holds near 9-month low even as stocks continue post-Fed slump

Treasury yields are struggling for direction as bond traders digest the Federal Reserve’s policy decision, which had sent U.S. government bonds rallying......»»

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Deep Dive: Money-management CEO sees ‘significant slowdown’ in economy, shifts to less-risky investments

Kevin Miller of the E-Valuator funds is banking on large-cap, value and dividend stocks......»»

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Bond Report: Treasury yields rise after tech stocks rebound from back-to-back losses

Treasury yields rise Wednesday as stocks rebound from their worst start to Thanksgiving week in 45 years, easing demand for haven assets like U.S. government bonds......»»

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Don"t Panic Over Rising Bond Yields

Treasury yields rose as stocks fell, but other sectors of the credit markets such as municipal bonds weren’t hit as hard......»»

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Dollar and global bonds track surge in Treasury yields, stocks sag

A rise in U.S. Treasury yields to their highest levels since mid-2011 pulled global bond yields higher across the board and boosted the dollar on Thursday, while stocks sagged in response......»»

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Global bonds, dollar track U.S. yield surge, stocks downbeat

A rise in U.S. Treasury yields to their highest levels since mid-2011 pulled global bond yields higher across the board and boosted the dollar on Thursday, while stocks sagged in response......»»

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Deep Dive: How to cut your investment risk with large-cap dividend stocks

Richard Buchwald of Logan Capital Management describes a successful long-term investing strategy......»»

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Hedge Funds’ 5 Favorite Dividend Stocks With 4%+ Yields

With the ten-year treasury yield having risen at a brisk pace in the last year, dividend stocks have lost some momentum as investors diver.....»»

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Deep Dive: These 10 companies have recently raised their dividends by at least 10%

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Why Utility Stocks Are Worth a Second Look

With dividend yields of 3.3%, utility shares are once again attractive alternatives to bonds......»»

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