Deep Dive: Here are the best Dow and S&P stocks so far in 2019

Netflix shines again......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchJan 11th, 2019

Deep Dive: 2019 won’t be kind to semiconductor stocks, but you might still make money with this strategy

A cyclical downturn is likely to favor companies that deploy capital most efficiently......»»

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Deep Dive: These are the top stock picks for 2019 among Wall Street analysts

Most of analysts’ favored stocks fell last year......»»

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Deep Dive: Here are the best Dow and S&P stocks so far in 2019

Netflix shines again......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchJan 11th, 2019

Deep Dive: These beaten-down stocks are expected to roar back in 2019

Dozens of favored S&P 500 stocks have suffered declines of more than 20% since the end of the third quarter......»»

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Deep Dive: Great things are expected for (most) FAANG stocks in 2019

The recent price declines and expected growth ahead could create big opportunities......»»

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Deep Dive: Semiconductor stocks are hot — here are the winners, losers and analyst favorites

The volatile tech subsector is up 11% in 2019......»»

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Deep Dive: These 2 stocks you’ve never heard of are better ways to profit from Amazon’s growth

Both Air Transport Services Group and Kornit Digital are expected to increase sales and earnings more quickly than Amazon in 2019......»»

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Deep Dive: 9 stocks with dividend yields over 4% in a sector that often beats the broader market

REITs outperformed the S&P 500 last year and so far in 2019......»»

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Deep Dive: Dividend stocks, hot this year, may get even hotter thanks to the Federal Reserve

Lower interest rates mean rising prices for higher-yielding stocks......»»

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3 Deep-Value Stocks Trading at a Discount to Book

Some Benjamin Graham-style stocksCheck out Bill Ackman Stock Picks » Download GuruFolio Report of Bill Ackman (Updated on 06/17/2019)Related Stocks: WSTL, TST, SPRT, MVEN,.....»»

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Deep Dive: As United Technologies and Raytheon merge, here are the hottest defense-sector stocks

The aerospace and defense industry group has greatly outperformed the broader stock market this year and over longer periods......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchJun 10th, 2019

Deep Dive: Investors’ patience with oil-services stocks could be richly rewarded

A long-term investment could lead to gains of at least 100%, according to one money manager......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchMay 29th, 2019

Deep Dive: These 6 stocks in the S&P 500 are down at least 50% — and analysts say buy

Overall, 14 stocks among the S&P 500 are down at least 50% from their 52-week highs. Are there bargains among them?.....»»

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Deep Dive: 20 retail stocks that have two key metrics going for them in the battle against Amazon

Costs are rising as brick-and-mortar players work to compete online with Amazon......»»

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Deep Dive: Here are the most and least volatile stocks since Trump ramped up trade conflict

Low-volatility stocks have performed better in the long run......»»

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Deep Dive: Here are this week’s biggest stock-market losers as Trump’s trade war on China continues

DowDuPont leads the Dow lower, while chip stocks falter......»»

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Deep Dive: These 15 tech stocks are backed by the quarter’s best sales figures

Autodesk tops the list, as revenue growth for the biggest tech companies slows......»»

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US Equity Valuations: As Good As It Gets?

Via, It has been a while since we did a deep dive into US equity valuations. It isn’t just that the S&P 500 is up 17.5% in 2019 and +12.0% over the last ye.....»»

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Deep Dive: Aerospace and defense stocks, even Boeing, are easily outpacing the broader market this year

Industry sales are strong, reflecting positive trends for air travel and U.S. defense spending......»»

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FreightWaves NOW - April 25, 2019

Today on FreightWaves Now, Texas is under a storm siege. Intermodal rates are high even while volumes are slightly low. And a deep dive evaluation of what is happening with fuel? read more.....»»

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