Doctored images have become a fact of life for political campaigns. When they’re disproved, believers ‘just don’t care.’

Viral online disinformation is being used to inflame a politician's base and vilify their enemies: "There’s a shared form of apathy in some cases for the fact that it was manipulated at all.”.....»»

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The best and worst states to retire in the US

Hanneke Luijting/Getty Images When deciding the best place to retire, it's important to consider affordability, quality of life, and health care. Minnesota is the best for quality of life a.....»»

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Here are the worst slogans in the history of US political campaigning

Brian Blanco/Getty Images Winning US political campaigns are often remembered for their catchy slogans, but less.....»»

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The 25 worst US cities for retirees

Joe Polillio / Getty Images WalletHub determined the best and worst places to retire. The ranking accounted for the affordability, quality of life, activities, and available health care o.....»»

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When I became my parents" caregiver, spending less than $20 a month on life insurance was a no-brainer

Hero Images/Getty Images When my parents were in their 80s, they moved in with me so that I could care for them. For the first time, I was responsible for other human beings. Then 33, I decided to get a 20-year term life insurance policy worth $.....»»

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Mark Zuckerberg"s non-answer about his secret dinner with Trump perfectly illustrates why his views about political speech are under fire (FB)

Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP via Getty Images Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has taken a firm stance on political speech with his company's policy to not fact-check political ads.  Instead, Zuckerberg argues, F.....»»

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Commentary: Let’s Be Honest: Paul Ryan Would Fire Jesus as House Chaplain

Praying for the poor is not a political act. As a scholar of the life and teachings of Jesus, I am frustrated when I hear some "Christian" politicians hijack and, in fact, mutilate his teachings. A recent example involves House Speake.....»»

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Xi Jinping"s one-time political rival will now spend the rest of his life in prison

Feng Li/Getty Images A former potential successor for Chinese President Xi Jinping was given a lifetime prison sentence on Tuesday. Sun Zhengcai, the Communist Party Secretary for the city of Chongqing an.....»»

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Drew Barrymore shares her 3-step skin-care routine — and it includes a surprisingly cheap drugstore cleanser

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Veteran actress Drew Barrymore, 43, has been in the Hollywood spotlight her whole life.  During an event in New York City celebrat.....»»

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Tennis player Ajla Tomljanović was asked about her boyfriend at an Australian Open press conference instead of the match she"d just won

WILLIAM WEST/AFP via Getty Images Australian tennis player Ajla Tomljanović was asked about her dating life during a post-match press conference after she advanced to the second round of the Australian Open on T.....»»

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From Clinton investigator to Trump impeachment defender: The life of controversial attorney Ken Starr

Michael Brochstein/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images On Friday it was revealed.....»»

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Joe Biden accused the Bernie Sanders campaign of putting out a "doctored video" after it cut a speech recording short

Associated Press/Paul Vernon, Preston Ehrler/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images Joe Biden accused the .....»»

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Are people retiring earlier or later? Both are true — and it says a lot about the youngest generations entering and defining the workforce

JohnnyGreig/Getty Images People are said to be retiring later in life, but also earlier in life — so which is true? W.....»»

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Vintage photos that show what life looked like behind the Iron Curtain

Vladimir Bogdanov/FotoSoyuz/Getty Images Before the end of the Cold War, the Iron Curtain sealed off the Soviet Union from the rest of Europe. Life in the Soviet Union was restricted, but as its leader.....»»

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The secret to a longer life: Don"t be poor

Newsflash: Being wealthy has its benefits. And it goes well beyond fancy cars and McMansions. In fact, according to a study published by the Journal of Gerontology this week, longer, healthier lives await those who can afford them......»»

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The Margin: The simple secret to living a longer and healthier life: Don’t be poor

Newsflash: Being wealthy has its benefits. And it goes well beyond fancy cars and McMansions. In fact, according to a study published by the Journal of Gerontology this week, longer, healthier lives await those who can afford them......»»

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Meghan and Harry"s split with the royal family is a healthy example of "creating the life you want," a therapist said

John Stillwell/AP Images On January 8, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced they were resigning as members of the royal family. The news.....»»

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The Margin: Vince Vaughn shook the president’s hand at the LSU-Clemson game, and we’re being told people care deeply

The “Swingers” actor was spotted in the same box as the president and the first lady at the college football championship game on Monday, and images of the interaction went viral......»»

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21 celebrities who became mothers after 40

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images More and more women, not just celebrities, are choosing to become mothers later in life. Whether it's through IVF, adop.....»»

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Conflict isn"t always a bad thing. 3 Kellogg professors discuss when it can be harnessed for good — and when it"s actually a problem.

Photographer is my life./Getty Images Three Kellogg faculty members sat down to share their thoughts on conflict and the purposes it can serve. Assuming that there's going to be conflict when you go into a meeting actually helps you mak.....»»

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Nintendo is building a life-size video game theme park in Japan, where visitors will compete against one another and visit familiar "Super Mario" locations

Kyodo News via Getty Images Nintendo is building a theme park at the Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan, that is being billed as a "life-size, livi.....»»

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