EBI Conference Notes – Bezos More Popular Than God

We were fortunate enough to attend the Evidence-Based Investing Conference (EBI) which took place .....»»

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Bitcoin conference stops accepting bitcoin payments

Attendees at next week’s popular cryptocurrency conference are faced with the irony of using cash instead of bitcoin to pay for the event......»»

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The key trait of star producers

When Michael J. Maher was actively selling real estate (he’s now a popular conference speaker and author of the bestselling, 7L: The Seven Levels of Communication: Go From Relationships to Referrals), he was among the top referral-based producer.....»»

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Sohn Brazil Conference: Ackman, Verde, Farallon And More – FULL NOTES

We continue our Sohn Brazil Conference covera.....»»

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Gleaning Golden Nuggets From Cirrus" Conference Notes

Gleaning Golden Nuggets From Cirrus" Conference Notes.....»»

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Sohn London 2017 Conference Notes

The Sohn Londo.....»»

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Jeff Bezos And His Wife Get It Right About Parenting

Jeff Bezos was recently interviewed by his younger brother, Mark, at the Summit ideas conference in Los Angeles. The nearly hour-long discussion included a loving portrait.....»»

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Amazon’s Best Deals Of The Day Includes Big Discounts On Security Systems

Bezos is having some fantastic Amazon Deals Of The Day this Black Friday week. We highlighted an amazing hoverboard deal earlier in the day. Last year, one of the most popular purchases was a huge discount on a Segwa.....»»

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Printed Holiday Cards Are Surprisingly Popular with Millennials

In an age when fewer items are going through the mail every day and sending a card is as easy as pushing a button, younger generations are placing more value on paper notes......»»

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Zara Customers Find Notes From Unpaid Employees Inside Clothing - Newsweek

NewsweekZara Customers Find Notes From Unpaid Employees Inside ClothingNewsweekZara, a popular fashion retailer, has found itself in yet another sticky situation. However, .....»»

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Capitalize For Kids – Notes

Capitalize For Kids Investment 2017 Conference notes – please note this is not a verbatim transcript, it is written EXTREMELY informally and the.....»»

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Invest For Kids Conference: Zell, Magnetar. BAM And More

Notes from The Invest For Kids Conference with an all-star line up including Sam Zell among others. Pitches include LONG SRG, short DPZ, long HTZ,  much more is comin.....»»

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Sam Zell – The Mall Biz Created by SEARS and JCP, Therefore…

We are at Invest4Kids Conference today in Chicago which is a great cause with great speakers – stay tuned for our full notes below readers can find our (not verbatim) coverage of Sam Zell’s always entertaining.....»»

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In-Depth Notes From RobinHood 2017 Investment Conference

RobinHood 2017 investment notes now full version up – these are not a verbatim transcript nor an in-depth analysis but notes from the conference numbering over 10,000 words. We did not get all speakers but got most and might add […] The .....»»

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Robinhood Conference 2017 – Mandel Best Idea, Esports [UPDATED]

Below are some notes from Robinhoo.....»»

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Robinhood Conference 2017 – Loeb, Tepper, Robbins, Griffin, Ainslie, Mandel Etc

Below are some notes from Robinhood 2017 Investment Conference and Boaz Weinstein’s pitch deck from th.....»»

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Ken Lagne Tells PTJ About HD’s Early Days And Its Competitive Advantage

RobinHood Conference 2017 coverage continues with this FIRESIDE CHAT WITH KEN LANGONE. There will still be much more so stay tuned but you can get up to date. Our landing page for all the notes can be found h.....»»

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RobinHood Conference: Dimon Warns China To Prepare For Recession

We are posting Robinhood Conference notes so please stay tuned for much much much more. Below is the talk between Jamie Dimon and Lee Ains.....»»

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Robinhood Conference 2017 – Loeb, Tepper, Robbins, Griffin, Ainslie, Mandel

Below are some notes from Robinhood 2017 Investment Conference and Boaz Weinstein’s pitch deck from that event –  please stay tuned for MUCH more! We have  lengthy notes. You can some more great conferences and information on .....»»

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C4K Conference – Einhorn, 3G, Watsa, Eisman, Chilton, Cowen, Hilal, Smith And More

Daniel Dreyfus of 3G Capital presentation from the Capitalize For Kids Conference 2017.  See all of our notes below in the PDF – sorry for sloppy.....»»

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Bezos Is Coming: Mapping Amazon’s Growing Reach

This story was included in the September 2017 edition of PitchBook’s Private Market PlayBook, a collection of our most popular reports, original datagraphics and feature articles covering the ke.....»»

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