Elliott wave Analysis: EURUSD Recovering Strongly

Hib traders,As expected, EURUSD broke higher for a wave c/iii, but due to an impulsivity of a leg, we assume it's a wave iii in progress, but we have to be careful ahead of tomorrow's NFP report......»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesDec 6th, 2018

Elliott wave Analysis: If EURUSD goes UP then USDCHF Must Come DOWN

Hello traders, and welcome to our US sessions intra-day updates......»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesApr 9th, 2018

Elliott wave Analysis: EURUSD and EURAUD Starting To Turn Higher

Good morning everyone!Some of the markets may not move much today because of a closed German markets in observance of German Unity Day......»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesOct 3rd, 2018

Elliott Wave Analysis: Further Downside Expected in EURUSD

EURUSD shows 5 swing sequence from Sept 24 high favoring more downside. This article shows the next target and also path of the wave.....»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesNov 13th, 2018

Elliott wave Analysis: Silver Recovering

Silver is nicely turning to the upside, ideally unfolding a bigger A/B/C reaction from the lows, which can later look for resistance and a new turn lower around the 14.22 level......»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesNov 14th, 2018

Elliott Wave analysis calling EURUSD to resume lower after Flat correction

EURUSD is doing a FLAT correction before turning lower in 3 waves at least. The article shows possible target and also projects next Elliott Wave path.....»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesNov 20th, 2018

Elliott wave Analysis: AUDUSD Update

Hi traders,AUDUSD is recovering, now from 0.716 to be exact, where former wave B) of a higher degree found a base......»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesNov 20th, 2018

Elliott wave Analysis: USDJPY Unfolding A Correction; More Weakness in View

Hi traders,USD made a new reversal this week so USD index and EURUSD remains trapped in consolidation, so rather than focusing on these two we will look at other, more clear wave pattern......»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesDec 5th, 2018

Elliott wave Analysis: GOLD Can Face Limited Upside Around 1300/1307 Area

Hi traders,Gold is recovering in five waves up from 1232 level for sub-wave v of A......»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesJan 3rd, 2019

Elliott wave Analysis: GBPUSD Trading Bullish

EUR and GBP are also on the rise against the USD. However, as a trader that is interested in USD shorts should be watching and tracking cable rather than eurusd......»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesJan 28th, 2019

Gold Is Recovering Sharply; However Be Aware of A Bearish Reversal - Elliott Wave Analysis

Gold is breaking to new high, now at 1307, but there is room for a push to 1313 Fibonacci projection area where upside can be limited......»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesJan 29th, 2019

Elliott wave Analysis: S&P500 Recovering In Five-waves; 2700/2720 Region in View

Hi traders,A five-wave rally can be in play on the stock market from 2630 swing low, with current sub-wave 4 of 5) in progress......»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesJan 31st, 2019

Elliott wave Analysis: S&P500 Unraveling A Five-wave Rally; Be Aware of a Temporary Pullback

S&P500 is recovering in impulsive fashion, now unfolding final wave 5) as part of a bigger impulse......»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesFeb 5th, 2019

Elliott wave Analysis: USDJPY Intra-day Update

Hi traders,USDJPY is nicely recovering in impulsive fashion, above the 110.08 level, confirming that wave a triangle in wave B is over and that wave C is in play......»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesFeb 11th, 2019

Elliott wave Analysis: S&P500 Unfolding Final Stages of a Bullish Price Move

Hi traders,S&P500 is currently recovering, ideally unfolding wave 5 as part of a bigger, bullish cycle......»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesFeb 14th, 2019

Elliott wave Analysis: NZDUSD Trading In A Temporary Correction

Hi traders,Current bearish reversal on NZDUSD can part of a corrective wave ii, as part of a higher degree bullish cycle that started in March......»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesMar 14th, 2019

NZDUSD Unfolding A Temporary Correction - Elliott wave Analysis

Elliott wave analysis on NZDUSD......»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesMar 13th, 2019

Elliott wave Analysis: EURAUD Can Face More Weakness After A Correction

Hi traders,EURAUD turned nicely bearish with five waves away from projected resistance, so seems like it's bearish confimed now......»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesMar 12th, 2019

​ BAC Elliott Wave Analysis: Calling The Reaction From Inflection Area

BAC Elliott Wave Analysis: Calling The Reaction From Inflection Area.....»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesMar 11th, 2019

Elliott Wave Analysis: USDNOK Update

USDNOK made a nice recovery this week, ideally wave C as part of a bigger wave B) pullback, that is part of a potential flat......»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesMar 9th, 2019

EURUSD Elliott Wave View: Bounces Are Expected To Fail

EURUSD short-term Elliott wave view suggests that the decline from 5/14 peak is unfolding as Elliott wave ending diagonal structure.....»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesMay 29th, 2018