Entrepreneurs, Don"t Make This Mistake When Raising Capital

There are two different types of capital and financing for small business that can trip up entrepreneurs, Millennials, and small business owners.....»»

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The 3 Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make While Fundraising When a startup decides it's time to start raising capital, there's a lot of potential business impacts to consider. If things go well, funding can launch startups into another gear, earning them more customers, traction and publicity .....»»

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Mission Capital names new CEO to bolster Austin-area nonprofits, socially minded entrepreneurs

Madge Vasquez has been named CEO of Mission Capital, a one-stop-shop to help nurture the growth of nonprofits, startups and individuals who want to make a lasting impact on the world. She replaces Matt Kouri, who stepped down in August to launch his.....»»

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Too many aspiring entrepreneurs make a mistake that costs them precious time and money — but there"s a simple fix

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images Dorie Clark is a marketing strategist and the author of "Entrepreneurial You." She says entrepre.....»»

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What You Need to Remember About Raising Money for Your Business

Resources and information for entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to raise capital for their small business.....»»

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VCs decry Trump delay of immigrant entrepreneur rule

Leading venture capital investors on Monday blasted President Donald Trump's decision to delay a rule that would make it easier for foreign investors and entrepreneurs to enter and do business in the U.S. The International Entrepreneur Rule was su.....»»

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Binary Capital Co-Founder Teo Johnson Forgot the #1 Rule of Emailing

Even experienced venture capitalist apparent make this embarrassing mistake......»»

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Successful Entrepreneurs Never Make This Mistake

Maintaining your vision is important. However, listening to what your consumers need is equally essential......»»

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The Biggest Mistake Entrepreneurs Make When Hiring Designers

A manifesto for every founder contemplating whether to design now--or later......»»

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Arianna Huffington breaks down the biggest mistake you can make as an entrepreneur

Slaven Vlasic / Stringer / Getty Images There's plenty of great advice out there about what hopeful entrepreneurs need to d.....»»

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These Founders Just Shared 1 Way to Buck the First-Time Venture Capital Funding Crunch

First time funding is down 62%. Founders raising successfully say make this move now......»»

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A woman who left her $500,000-a-year job to work for herself says too many entrepreneurs make a huge mistake before they even start

Courtesy of Susie MooreIf you ask Susie Moore, everyone should have a side hustle. In a Facebook Live interview, the author of "What If It Does Work Out?" told Business Insider that a side hustle — a business you build and pursue outsid.....»»

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Why Being a Good Storyteller Can Make You a Great Businessperson

Successful sales of your products and raising growth capital for your company requires that you learn how to tell meaningful and relevant stories......»»

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In the money March 6: Two Austin startups just raised $5.5M in funding

Even though new funding sources for entrepreneurs are popping up left and right in Austin, last week was a clear example of the natural ups and downs of venture capital. Two companies reported raising a combined $5.5 million — a relatively slow w.....»»

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The Surprising Reason Your Company Will Be Undervalued (It"s a Mistake Even the Best Entrepreneurs Make)

All indicators point to premium value, but your business is difficult to sell--here are 5 ways you could be killing the value of your business......»»

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4 Developments That Make Raising Startup And Scaleup Capital About Merit, At Last

We are shifting from a buyer's market.....»»

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Trump could easily make the same early mistake Obama made, and that puts a big promise at risk

REUTERS/Kevin LamarqueHindsight is 20/20. And using that view, many analysts have said that President Obama used too much political capital passing Obamacare, sacrificing the rest of his legislative agenda. A President Trump cou.....»»

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4 Common Mistakes Young Entrepreneurs Make (And How To Fix Them)

Mistake No. 1: Waiting too long to launch. Of all the companies founded each year, only a fraction survive. Even a smaller percentage of those make it five years. Clearly, building a company is no easy task. As young entrepreneurs, perhaps the biggest.....»»

Category: europeSource: fortuneNov 18th, 2016

Why Brands Must Never Lose Sight Of Quality

Cutting corners to save money at the expense of quality. This a major mistake brands of all sizes continue to make. Two very knowledgeable and experienced entrepreneurs explain why they will never forsake quality for price Cutting corners to save mo.....»»

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3 CEOs Reveal the Biggest Mistake People Make When Raising Money

Watch out for some faulty thinking when it comes to raising funds for your company......»»

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Digital Health Entrepreneurs Raising More Capital Than Ever (Probably)

2016 looks to be the best year yet for venture investments in digital health. 2016 looks to be the best year yet for venture investments in digital health......»»

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