Even a "small" nuclear conflict would be a worldwide ecological disaster

ShutterstockPresident Donald Trump’s vow to hit North Korea with “fire and fury like the world has never seen” is an unveiled threat to unleash America’s most potent weapons of mass destru.....»»

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Why you should never use hair conditioner after a nuclear disaster

If the absolute worst were to happen and a nuclear conflict erupted close to where you live, it's vital to know what to do. And what not to do. Simmering nuclear tensions in the past week have thrown apocalypse surviv.....»»

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Even a "minor" nuclear war would be an ecological disaster for the world

Most-studied scenario is nuclear war between India, Pakistan, involving 100 Hiroshima-sized warheads.....»»

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If a nuclear bomb explodes, these are the emergency supplies you should have prepared or grab on the run

Shutterstock A small nuclear bomb set off by a terrorist is one of 15 disaster scenarios the US government plans for.....»»

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If a nuclear bomb goes off, this is the most important thing you can do to survive

Shutterstock A small nuclear bomb set off by a terrorist is one of 15 disaster scenarios the US gove.....»»

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The U.S. and South Korea Step Up North Korea Tensions With Huge Air Force Drill

Pyongyang called the US-South Korea air exercise an 'all-out provocation' that could lead to nuclear conflict. The U.S. and South Korea began combined air force drills on.....»»

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Chernobyl Disaster Exclusion Zone Transforming From Nuclear Radiation Wasteland to Green Energy Hotbed

A new project to fill the 1,000-mile Exclusion Zone with solar panels is expected to be commissioned next month......»»

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Trump wants this tax cut. It was a disaster in Kansas

One of the key offerings of the Republican tax plan: reducing the tax rate for pass-through businesses. It's a move they say will boost small businesses and create jobs. One state tried it recently, and the result was an economic and political fiasco......»»

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Japan: Nuclear Reactor Behind Fukushima Disaster Considered for Another Power Plant, Against Safety Regulations

The Japanese government mandates a limit of 40 years for nuclear reactors; the Tokai No. 2 has been running since 1978. Today marked the fourth time Japan Atomic Power Co. filed an application with the Nuclear Regulation Authority for an extension......»»

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Lawmakers say $100 billion in disaster aid still not enough

The White House has sent Congress a $44 billion disaster aid request that's already under attack from lawmakers from hurricane-hit regions as way too small......»»

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People are moving back to Fukushima and hunting radioactive boars

Following the 2011 nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan, wild boars descended from the surrounding forests.....»»

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Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Site Residents Receive Drone Deliveries of Fried Chicken

A six-month trial of the service began Tuesday......»»

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How to Create Killer Customer Engagement -- the Google Way

Google may be a worldwide company but they have some simple actions every small business can borrow to create greater customer engagement......»»

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4 Top Lessons From a Google Insider on How to Create Happy Customers

Google may be a worldwide company but they have some simple actions every small business can borrow to create greater customer engagement......»»

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North Korea"s Cut From Small Businesses Goes To Its Nuclear Program

North Korea is known as one of the most closed down socialist economies in the world. But even still,.....»»

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Fukushima Court Rules TEPCO, Government Liable Over 2011 Disaster

Six years after a tsunami crashed into the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power plant,.....»»

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North Korea has been having small earthquakes ever since its massive nuclear test

KCNA via REUTERS SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — South Korea has detected a fourth small earthquake near North Korea's main nuclear test site after the country's sixth and most powerful nuclear test explosion last month.....»»

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SBA disaster loans top $1B in Texas

A few months ago, Linda McMahon, the head of the U.S. Small Business Administration, did a training exercise with her organization using a hypothetical scenario where three Hurricane Katrinas made landfall on the nation at the same time. The SBA in an.....»»

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No More Nuclear: Japan"s Biggest Utility Turns to Blockchain in Power Pivot

Inside Japan's largest energy firm, one man is looking to blockchain to decrease the country's reliance on nuclear – and prevent another disaster......»»

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Uphold Iran nuclear deal to avoid conflict: Nobel winning ICAN urges Trump

If Trump scraps the deal, it will open way for Congress to develop new measures to punish other aspects of Iran's behaviour.....»»

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Japan Earthquake Shakes Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Site

Earthquakes not only scare residents who fear another tsunami but also affect Fukushima clean-up efforts......»»

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