Federal agents can search your phone at the US border — and the ACLU is now suing over it

Flickr/CBP PhotographyWASHINGTON (AP) — A federal lawsuit filed Wednesday claims the U.S. government's growing practice of searching laptops and cellphones at the border is unconstitutional because electroni.....»»

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Federal agents can search your phone at the US border — here"s how to protect your personal information

David McNew/Getty ImagesWhen you're entering the United States, whether at an airport or a border c.....»»

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ACLU, EFF Sue to Stop Phone, Laptop Searches at the Border

Are searches of laptops and cell phones unreasonable? A federal lawsuit filed Wednesday clai.....»»

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US Border Patrol Conducted Record 30,000 Phone Searches In 2017

While civil-libertarian minded lawmakers and the ACLU push to tighten restrictions on phone searches of .....»»

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10-Year-Old Immigrant Rosa Maria Hernandez Freed From Federal Custody

ACLU announced the release of 10-year-old Rosa Maria Hernandez who was detained by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol......»»

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Federal Immigration Officials Are Illegally Detaining 10-Year-Old Texas Girl, ACLU Says

“This case is truly unprecedented,” says Michael Tan, staff attorney at the ACLU and Hernandez’s lead counsel. “I have never seen Border Patrol and the ORR behave in this way.”.....»»

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White Collar Watch: Mishandle a Fraud Search, and All That Fine Evidence Could Be for Nothing

A federal judge’s recent ruling sends a clear message to agents and prosecutors to tread carefully when using a search warrant to gather evidence......»»

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The case for building a wall to keep Canadians out

AARON HEITKE, who heads the border patrol in Grand Forks, North Dakota, would like the federal government to send more money his way. Just over 2,000 agents patrol America’s northern border, compared with 17,000 down south. Mr Heitke .....»»

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Agents: Customs officers committed sexually abusive hazing

Federal investigators are reviewing allegations that U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers in New Jersey have been subjected to sexually abusive hazing......»»

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Trump Border Plan Calls for More Phone Searches, Includes Close Allies

New policy would include travelers from allies like France and the UK. In the latest example of the Trump Administration’s plan to introduce so-called “extreme vetting” of visitors, border agents may soon demand f.....»»

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Can customs and border officials search your phone? Know your rights

The Fourth Amendment protects citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures.....»»

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Federal Search Of Caterpillar Facilities May Relate To Tax Evasion Allegations

Three of Caterpillar's facilities in Illinois, including its headquarters, were searched by federal agents. The company said it believes the searches are .....»»

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Federal Agents Execute Search Warrant At Caterpillar Facilities In Illinois

Agents with the Internal Revenue Service and the Commerce Department were part of a multiagency search. A .....»»

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Feds conduct search of Caterpillar facilities

Federal agents executed a search warrant Thursday morning at several Caterpillar Inc. buildings in the Peoria, Illinois area. The Peoria Journal Star reported that three company facilities — in Peoria, East Peoria and Morton — were searched b.....»»

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Federal Agents Search Caterpillar Locations


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Trudeau Gives More Power to U.S. Agents in Canada

As part of a 2015 deal between Canada and the United States, Trudeau's government has introduced draft legislation allowing U.S. border agents based in Canada more leeway to question and search people wishing to enter the United States......»»

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Social Media at the Border: Can Agents Ask for Your Facebook Feed?

There's not a lot you can do. As part of their mission to protect the country, border agents enjoy broad power to question and search anyone entering the U.S. But as more travelers show up with smartphones and social media accounts in hand, some are.....»»

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Report: White House may ask foreign visitors for social media info, cell phone contacts

Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty ImagesThe White House may compel US customs officials and border patrol agents to ask foreign visitor.....»»

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Lawmakers seek to delay new rule allowing mass hacking by federal agents

The rule change allows federal agents armed with one search warrant to hack millions.         The rule change allows federal agents armed with one search warrant to hack millions.      .....»»

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The Wall Street Journal: FBI to search 650,000 emails on Weiner’s laptop in Clinton probe

Federal agents are preparing to scour roughly 650,000 emails contained on the laptop of former Rep. Anthony Weiner to see how many relate to a prior probe of Hillary Clinton’s email use, as metadata on the device suggests there may be thousands sent to .....»»

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Closing Private Detention Centers for Migrants Could Raise More Problems

ICE agents say it could lead to overcrowding and impaired border security. Federal immigration agents have raised concerns about the U.S. government possibly ending its use of private detention centers used to detain undocumented migrants, a potential.....»»

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