Floating whales, apple picking, and kitten rescue: how this VR therapist helps people conquer fear of heights

Oxford VR Oxford VR, a spin-out company of Oxford University, has developed an automated virt.....»»

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Outrage over neighbor calling police on grass-cutting kids helps 12-year-old's summer business

In the aftermath, Reggie Fields of Maple Heights, Ohio, learned that many people are good and generous, perhaps with the exception of the irate ne.....»»

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Here’s how Apple wants to conquer mobile payments, which could be a $3.4 trillion industry by 2022

Maxim Zmeyev/Reuters Mobile payments.....»»

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The psychology of why we swear — and how to do it properly in different languages

Anastassiya Bezhekeneva / Shutterstock Swearing helps us be more expressive, and can even help us with pain relief and with tasks like lifting weights. People actually swear in five .....»»

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Equality literally helps people sleep at night — here"s why

Couple who live in countries with more gender equality sleep better, according to a .....»»

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Apple may have secretly fixed the MacBook Pro keyboard that"s driving people crazy (AAPL)

Hollis Johnson/B.....»»

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Apple Surprises Fans With New MacBook Pro Models That Are Worth Buying

A lot of people hate the Touch Bar. And Apple’s new MacBook Pro m.....»»

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Apple made a really annoying change to the main way you send photos to people in iOS 12 (AAPL)

Skye Gould/Tech Insider Apple has changed the way people send photos through the Messages app in iOS 12. Whereas in iOS 11, where users only need to click the camera icon in Messages to summon their Camera Roll, .....»»

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A sex therapist"s best advice for making a marriage more passionate is decidedly unsexy

nd3000/Shutterstock Ashley Madison is a website for married people seeking affairs. Sex therapist Tammy Nelson is its resident relationship expert. Nelson said many people w.....»»

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Meet the heroes of the daring rescue mission that brought 13 Thai soccer players to safety

Linh Pham/Getty Images Thousands of people from around the world gathered in Thailand over the last several weeks to help re.....»»

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5,000 people had access to information on Apple"s Project Titan, Axios reports

See the rest of the story here. provides the latest financial news as it breaks. Known as a leader in market intelligence, The Fl.....»»

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SWIM WITH THE SHARKS: How to conquer the fear of success

Mackay’s Moral: Would you rather live in fear or bask in success?.....»»

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Doctors are calling out a new drug that helps people with addiction for costing more than $1,700 a week — while a generic costs just $1

Shutterstock Two months ago, a medication called Lucemyra became .....»»

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Trump slashes funding that helps people sign up for Obamacare

Trump slashes funding that helps people sign up for Obamacare.....»»

Category: topSource: cnnJul 10th, 2018

Alaska Plane Crashes Into Mount Jumbo, Coast Guard Trying to Rescue 11 People Onboard

A plane carrying 11 people—10 passengers and a pilot—crashed about 2,000 feet up on the side of Alaska's Mount Jumbo Tuesday morning, according to the U.S. Coast Guard. .....»»

Category: topSource: newsweekJul 10th, 2018

The relationship expert at one of the most popular affair websites says there are 2 distinct types of cheating among modern couples

Shutterstock Ashley Madison is a website for married people seeking affairs. Their resident relationship expert is sex therapist Tammy Nelso.....»»

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How to deal with making and breaking a workplace affair, according to Ashley Madison"s resident sex therapist

LumineImages / Shutterstock Cheating is a fact of life, and people are unfaithful to their partners for many different reasons. But if you find yourself .....»»

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MIT"s "Blind Cheetah" Robot Could Be Used To Rescue People In Disaster Zones

It’s a 90-pound robot that resembles the frame of a Rottweiler......»»

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Disability advocates fear closure of specialized plan

Members of a Medicaid managed long-term care plan that specializes in treating people with physical disabilities said they fear the plan will shut down before the end of the year unless the state... To view the full story, click the title link......»»

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Dozens Missing After Tourist Boat Capsizes in Thailand

Rescue teams are searching for 56 people still missing after a tourist boat capsized in rough seas in southern Thailand, police said......»»

Category: topSource: wsjJul 6th, 2018

Dozens Remain Missing After Tourist Boat Capsizes in Thailand

A search and rescue operation continued for 49 people who remained missing a day after a tourist boat capsized in rough seas in southern Thailand......»»

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