Funny, nourishing, simple and comfort food dish rich in friendship

By definition, comfort foods are rich and creamy, or evocative of childhood pleasures.....»»

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Five things you need to know today, and the best part of that local Amazon bid

Good morning, Cincinnati! Thanks to all of you kind folks who emailed me with stomach flu remedies. The winner, by the way, was chicken soup. Funny how that simple dish occupies such a mythical place in our diet. I'm almost ready to eat something!.....»»

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Keep It Simple And Stay Open: The Waffle House Storm Menu

The 24-7 comfort-food chain is notable for keeping the doors open when hurricanes and natural disasters strike, but two of its restaurants in Houston have had.....»»

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A Classic Chinese-American Dish Takes On A Mexican Flair

Jocko Fajardo grew up in Arizona eating Mexican food. But his go-to comfort dish is a Chinese-American classic with a little Mexican thrown in. He.....»»

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Chop Suey: A Classic Chinese-American Dish Takes On A Mexican Flair

Jocko Fajardo grew up in Arizona eating Mexican food. But his go-to comfort dish is a Chinese-American classic with a little Mexican thrown in. He.....»»

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Chop Suey: A Classic American Chinese Dish Takes On A Mexican Flair

Jocko Fajardo grew up in Arizona eating Mexican food. But his go-to comfort dish is an American Chinese classic with a little Mexican thrown in. He .....»»

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A doctor has a simple name for the type of food she says is driving the obesity epidemic

Alex B./YelpSushi, grilled cheese, and most breakfast cereals have one thing in common (aside from being delicious): they're all rich in refined carbohydrates, either in the form of white rice, white bread.....»»

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A man who spent 5 years studying rich people noticed they make a daily choice that everyone else avoids at all costs

Sandra Mu/GettyWhile the formula for getting rich is surprisingly simple, it's far from easy. The wealthiest, most successful people have remarkable work ethic and tend to put in more hours, continually step outside of their comfort zone, and are willing .....»»

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Meal mistakes: Who sends food back to the kitchen?

Young adults are the least likely to return a dish to the kitchen when dining out, according to a survey from YouGov Omnibus. If there’s an issue with the food they ordered, 52 percent of 18- to 34-year-olds feel uncomfortable sending the dish back.....»»

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Warren Buffett reads this simple poem for comfort when the market crashes — and it reveals a lot about his strategy

Mario Tama / Getty Images Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway has had some steep share-price drops over the years.  In his annual letter to shareholders, Buffett said the inability to.....»»

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The Best Doughnut Shop in Every State

The doughnut seems like a fairly simple food as it is just a fried ring of dough. However, there is a lot of room for tweaks and nearly endless variations of glazes and toppings. Doughnut shops and........»»

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A simple solution for New York"s child-hunger problem

When I was a kid my mother worked as a cafeteria supervisor. For many children, the food she served was their primary source of nutrition, while for some it was the only food they would eat that day.... To view the full story, click the title link......»»

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This Simple Tool Could Make Solo Desk Lunches a Thing of the Past

It even incorporates a wellness program and allows employers to allot food funds to workers......»»

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Flat rate vs multiple rates

In India, the situation of people is such that if we charge simple food and clothes at 18 per cent, there will be serious repercussions.....»»

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The One Simple Word That Gene Simmons Says Made Kiss a Billion Dollar Business

Kiss frontman Gene Simmons is worth $300 million. It's not the band that made them so rich......»»

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Not Just the Rich and Famous

I had no idea the worst offenders when it came to sexual harassment was the Food Service industry and Retail: “The actual data tell a different s.....»»

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The case for charging rich and poor shoppers different prices

Shoppers at a Giant Food supermarket in an affluent part of Washington, D.C. last week could find a 6.4-ounce tube of Crest Whitening toothpaste for $2.09, two loaves of Nature's Own Honey Wheat bread for $5, and a pound of gala apples for $1.79......»»

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Rich nations push for diverse issues at WTO to derail agri talks

Move may reduce India's space to seek a permanent solution to public stockholding of food.....»»

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India urges UN to push use of millets to combat hunger, climate change

India has asked the United Nations to declare 2018 as the 'International Year of Millets' and promote it as nutrition-rich smart food across the world. A letter in this regard has been written to UN Secretary General Antonio Gu.....»»

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How the Pizza Pie Went from Comfort Food Favorite to High-Tech Innovator

Using cutting edge technology, restaurant owners and tech companies are developing new ways to make and deliver pizza faster and hotter than ever......»»

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Not Even Thanksgiving Will Save Tons of Cranberries from Going to Waste This Year

Supply has exceeded demand A popular food for the upcoming holidays, the cranberry is an essential side dish to any T.....»»

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