Getting Financial Second Opinions Is Common At Successful Single-Family Offices

“One of the roles of the single-family office is to deal with an array of advisors including verifying their expertise and honesty,” says Angelo Robles, founder an.....»»

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Why Family Office Consortiums Are Such Successful Investors

By coordinating their efforts, single-family offices gain a significant advantages. One result is superior investment performance. Consequently, the establishment of family office consortiums i.....»»

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When (financial) opposites attract

Life will be challenging if you marry your money opposite, but if you have common goals and work to find a middle ground, you can have a successful marriage......»»

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Successful wealth planning begins with holding the right kind of family meeting

One of the best ways to manage wealth that spans many generations is to hold a family meeting. This advisor-led exercise provides your family with a forum to discuss future financial plans. The meetings can involve a variety of topics, including wealth.....»»

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Millennials are driving a shift in how the ultra-wealthy manage their money

Flickr / Kevin Harber Family offices, which manage the money of the super rich, are focusing more on philanthropy and impact investing, according to a report out by UBS, the Switzerland-based financial services firm.  Over 40% of family offices are.....»»

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I"m a financial planner — here"s the single best piece of advice I can give you about money

Flickr/Paul LonginidisFor most of us, financial mistakes are a rite of passage.  Even the most successful people have a money-rel.....»»

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19 homes have sold for $2M or more in the Seattle area this year, including a historic mansion (Photos)

It's increasingly common for homebuyers to pay $2 million or more for a single-family home in King County. There were 19 homes that sold in King County in January and February for at least $2 million. That was 15 percent of the 127 homes that sold f.....»»

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Can an HOA palm off responsibility for maintaining common-area greenery?

Question: We own a detached single-family hom.....»»

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Many Smaller Hedge Funds Are Raising Assets From Wealthy Investors And Single-Family Offices


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What Is A Family Office Consortium?

Family offices are evolving. New operational forms are emerging to address and benefit from a changing financial and social environment. Examples of this include the hub-and-spoke business model and the near virtual.....»»

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A CPA explains the top 5 money mistakes even successful people make, and how you can avoid them

Poor financial decisions are the great equalizer; even the most successful people make them. In fact, losing fortunes about as fast as they can earn them is a common affliction of the ultrawealthy. Why? Think back to your grade school education: Were you .....»»

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Why Single Stocks Are So Risky

NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 22: A trading monitor shows the market above 19,000 on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images) Many family offices started with a big, concentrated investment in a single company. Entr.....»»

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Reven Housing acquires portfolio of 97 single-family homes in Houston

See the rest of the story here. provides the latest financial news as it breaks. Known as a leader in market intelligence, The Fly's real-time, streaming news feed keeps individual investors, professional money managers, active trader.....»»

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Why Some Single-Family Office Executives Become Wealthy

The boom in single-family offices across the world is creating new opportunities for talented and driven professionals seeking to work in single-family offices. At the same time, in order to potentially obtain the most focused effort from senior managemen.....»»

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The most important financial decision you can make to have a successful marriage

Timothy Marsee/FlickrThere's no magic formula for a successful marriage, but there are steps any couple can take to increase their chances of a long and happy life together. And that starts with getting their finances in order. But before even a single nu.....»»

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A financial planner reveals the most common money mistake 30-somethings make

Visit St. Pete/Clearwater/flickrYour 30s are typically a decade chock-full of major life changes, from getting married to starting a family. But with these transformative events comes added responsibility, marking one of the biggest diversions from the ca.....»»

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What Are The Key Differences Between The 3 Most Common Retirement Funds?

Securing enough for retirement is a huge concern, particularly as financial rhetoric intensifies as the days to November 8 dwindle into the single digits. While the candidates' jargon has broadly steered clear of retirement and the political atmosphere ha.....»»

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Family Offices Scoop Up Talent Escaping Embattled Hedge Funds

Margaret Collins A decade or two ago, working at a hedge fund was the hottest career in finance. Then came the financial crisis, low-interest rates, passive investing, smart-beta ETFs, and computer-generated portfolios. Everything g.....»»

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HOA boards should think twice before taking a hard line on rules

Question:  I own a single-family home in a common-interest development. One of the reasons we purchased this house was because we knew it had covenants, conditions and restrictions, and felt that we won’t have to worry about policing our neighbors. T.....»»

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KB Home acquires land in Cary for single-family home community

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How High-Functioning Single-Family Offices Usually Negotiate With Providers Such As Hedge Funds

All single-family offices are outsourcing some – a few of them all – services to providers (i.e., external experts). This is done for cost-effectiveness and aims to ensure the very best talent is addressing the issues. High-functioning single-family o.....»»

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