Goldilocks Vs The Bears

Authored by Mike Shedlock via M.....»»

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Goldilocks And The Liquidity Bears

Goldilocks And The Liquidity Bears.....»»

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Goldilocks And The 3 Equity Bears

Goldilocks And The 3 Equity Bears.....»»

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Global stock markets: Goldilocks fights back but bears still swinging

Copper, one of the industrial metals seen as a sensitive gauge of global economic health, climbed over 1.3 per cent.....»»

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Goldilocks fights back but bears still swinging

LONDON (Reuters) - The fight between Goldilocks bets - on the not too hot, not too cold global economy - and market bears who have delivered some hefty blows in recent weeks, continued on Tuesday with little sign yet of a clear winner......»»

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Goldilocks Growth Bulls vs. Valuation Bears: Global Week Ahead

This is a 'Goldilo.....»»

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Central banks, trade and bubbles threaten the 2018 status quo

LONDON(Reuters) - After a year of relatively healthy global economic growth, economists are predicting pretty much the same for 2018 -- a neither too-hot nor too-cold Goldilocks scenario, but with little sight of the three bears......»»

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Goldilocks And The 3 Bears (Or Bulls)

Goldilocks And The 3 Bears (Or Bulls).....»»

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3 bears could take down the "Goldilocks" stock market

in pastel/FlickrThe stock market has been fairly placid lately, and many investors are attempting to anticipate its next strong move. Add in the guess from the equity strategy team at HSBC, which said in a note Thursday that the market won't stay quiet fo.....»»

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Goldilocks, R. I. P. (Part 2)

Goldilocks, R. I. P. (Part 2).....»»

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Goldilocks, R. I. P. (Part 3)

Goldilocks, R. I. P. (Part 3).....»»

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Goldilocks R.I.P. (Part 1)

Authored by David Stockman via Contra Corner blog, One of Wall Street's most misbegotten memes is the Goldilocks Economy notion. They invariably t.....»»

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Sugar bears come out to play as surplus swells on Asia harvests

Sugar Supplies are booming thanks to the outlook for record harvests in India and Thailand, the world's No. 2 exporter.....»»

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Sugar bears come out to play as India, Thailand post record harvests

The investors are holding the biggest net-short position, or bets on declining prices, in six weeks.....»»

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Market Extra: Stock bears hibernate as optimism jumps across the economy

Even with the sudden prospect of a trade war, it’s hard to find a bear on Wall Street......»»

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10 years after the financial crisis, have we learned anything?

Despite a buoyant economy, America still bears the scars of the financial crisis that struck in 2008. Here's a refresher on what got us there, and a look into the risks that may be lurking on the horizon......»»

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EUR/USD - Something Old, Something New and... Something Blue

Since the beginning of the month all battles between bulls and bears run in a fairly narrow area, which unfortunately doesnt create good investment opportunities. In today's .....»»

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Are We Going to $1,120 or $1,510? No Matter What, Own Some Gold!

Who will win: bulls or bears? The LBMA published its annual forecast survey for precious metals prices in 2018. Gold prices range from $1,120 to $1,510. Where is the price of the yellow metal headed?.....»»

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Goldilocks, R.I.P. (Part 1)

Goldilocks, R.I.P. (Part 1).....»»

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Rio Tinto Limited (RIO:AX) Bears in Favor

Rio Tinto Limited (RIO:AX) Bears in Favor Overall, the bias in prices is: Downwards. Short term: Prices are moving. Intermediate term: Prices are ranging. Note: this chart shows extraordinary price.....»»

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Goldilocks Gone: Yields, Stocks, Dollar Down... Russia, China Tensions Up

Worst streak of declining reta.....»»

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