Helicopter Footage Shows Devastating Aftermath Of "California"s Deadliest Wildfire Disaster"

With at least 29 dead, and over 3500 houses destroyed, the devastating s.....»»

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Why wildfire season is getting longer and more destructive

Justin Sullivan/Getty The devastating wildfires in Northern California are just part of an already exceptionally destructive wildfire season. While wildfires do naturally happen in the west, research shows tha.....»»

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"It Looked Like A Battlefield" - Photos Show California Mudslides" Devastating Aftermath

California just can't catch a break. After wildfires - including the largest blaze in California.....»»

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Fire in California: Map Shows Thomas Fire on Track to Break Record as Largest Wildfire

A wildfire in California is on track to break a state record for the largest blaze in modern history, even as light snow sprinkles the region ahead of Christmas......»»

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Incredible satellite photos of Southern California"s wildfires show the disaster"s evolution from space

Deimos Imaging/UrtheCastWhile the most destructive wildfire.....»»

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California"s devastating wildfire season is part of a larger trend — here"s how much worse it has gotten

REUTERS/Gene Blevins California's wildfires are getting worse: 14 of the 20 largest wildfires in the state have happened since the .....»»

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The Wall Street Journal: Strong winds reenergize devastating California wildfires

Reinvigorated by strong winds, Southern California’s largest wildfire blazed into new terrain early Sunday morning, forcing new evacuations in two wealthy Santa Barbara County communities......»»

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Why California"s wildfire season has been so long and destructive

REUTERS/Gene Blevins The devastating w.....»»

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How Close Are the Fires to L.A.? California Wildfire Map Shows Impact Near Los Angeles

Thursday is anticipated to be the worst day of the wildfire......»»

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Why Utility Stock Edison International Is Plunging Today

Shares of electric utility Edison International EIX dived Tuesday as a devastating wildfire swept through Southern California ibd display video id 2997329 width 50 float left autostart true Officials haven t determined a cause yet but the stock action 160.....»»

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New Video Shows Sherri Papini Moments After California Mom Was Released From Alleged Kidnappers

It's the first footage released showing Papini after she was allegedly abducted while jogging in her California neighborhood......»»

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Strength in numbers could help California in massive rebuilding effort after wildfire disaster

Mass production for rebuilding homes lost in the California wildfire disaster could save costs and time, executives say......»»

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California wildfire damage tops $3.3 billion, costliest in U.S. history

Property damage claims from the devastating wildfires in Northern California earlier this month have surpassed $3.3 billion, California’s insurance commissioner said Tuesday, making the blazes the costliest in U.S. history......»»

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Disaster Relief Bill Passed Through Senate, Despite 16 Republicans Voting No

The bill would provide $36.5 billion to aid communities affected by the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and wildfires in Northern California......»»

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California"s Wildfire Latest Update: Death Toll, Photos Show State"s Deadliest Blaze as Only "Ash and Bones" Remain

Wildfires have ravaged northern California for a week, proving the deadliest blaze in state history with 40 people dead and over 100 injured......»»

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Calif. wildfire disaster could bring fiscal pain for years to come

The wildfire disaster in California could bring fiscal pain for years to come to local communities in the path of the devastation......»»

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PG&E Crushed Amid California Wildfire Investigation

PG&E Corporation (NYSE: PCG) shares are down 11 percent on Friday after reports have surfaced claiming downed power lines may be responsible for starting the devastating wild fires in Northern California. read more.....»»

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Aerial photos reveal the shocking damage of California"s deadliest wildfire on record

Getty Images A series of fires that have ravaged Northern California since Sunday has now bee.....»»

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U.S. House to vote on $36.5 billion disaster relief package

The U.S. House of Representatives is expected on Thursday to approve $36.5 billion in emergency relief for hurricane-hit areas such as Florida, Texas, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, as well as California, struck by devastating wildfires......»»

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This map shows the devastating impact of fires ravaging parts of California"s wine country

Jeff Chiu/AP A series of fires whipped by powerful winds burned through Northern California's wine country on Monday. T.....»»

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NASA footage shows a "potentially catastrophic" Hurricane Irma that could make landfall in Florida

A week after Hurricane Harvey made landfall, devastating Texas with torrential flooding, meteorologists are now intently focused on Hurricane Irma's d.....»»

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