Here"s what can happen if you have more sex than your body can handle

AMC Whether you’re in the honeymoon phase or you and your partner just can't seem to leave the bedroom, you might be wondering if there's such a thing as too much sex.  The good news is, as long as you are happy and comfortable phy.....»»

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5 scary things that could happen to your body on the keto diet

Melia Robin.....»»

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6 dangerous things that can happen to your body when you drink too much

Getty Images [NED TO LINK HERE - The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism defines "low risk" drinking as three drinks per day for women and four drinks per day for men.] Drinking too much can have multiple ne.....»»

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12 things you don"t think are forms of body shaming, but actually are

Shutterstock Body shaming is seemingly never-ending &m.....»»

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Bitcoin ETF Could Happen This Year, Say Sources

This article was originally published on»»

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You don"t need to spend hours at the gym to boost your body and brain — here"s how long your workout should take

Shutterstock Cardio could be the closest thing to a miracle drug that we have, but doing it shouldn't take a.....»»

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Here"s what happens if someone steals your Social Security benefits

It's a horrible situation to be in. Here's how to handle it......»»

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Leadership Lesson: 16 signs of how "Good Leader" mutates into "Bad Leader"

Constantly we read about good leaders who become great leaders. How often, though, do we hear about good leaders gone bad? Great leaders conquer stress. But bad leaders cave to stress. Why? Having gone through good times, they are unable to handle the st.....»»

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The longest total lunar eclipse in a century is about to happen — here"s how Earth will color the moon blood-red

Russ Opdahl A total lunar eclipse, or blood moon, will happen overnigh.....»»

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States Where Children Are Struggling With Obesity

The obesity epidemic in the United States is at an all time high, with nearly 40% of adults reporting body mass index scores of 30 or higher. Children are also affected by obesity. Approximately 30%........»»

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The $20 billion question for Guyana

This largely underdeveloped country on South America’s northern Atlantic coast is the unlikely setting for the world’s next big oil boom. But is it ready to handle the riches?.....»»

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Charlotte police chief weighs in on unique challenges of RNC

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney told City Council members in a closed session last month he is confident his department can handle the demands of the Republican National Convention, but also left no doubt it presents a larger challenge t.....»»

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10 surprising vegan foods that contain calcium

HBO Calcium helps build strong bones and teeth in the body. However, while many think calcium is solely obtained through dairy foods like milk and cheese, it’s impo.....»»

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When will this huge West Oakland BART project leave the station?

New projects on BART property don’t happen overnight. It took 20 years to break ground at the Walnut Creek Transit Village, while Bridge Housing’s 200-unit project at the San Leandro station started construction after a decade. It’s not clea.....»»

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A waitress in Georgia body-slammed a customer who groped her — and she has a message for women everywhere

VITALY PETRUKHIN/Youtube Emelia Holden, a 21-year-old waitress, was groped by a customer while at work in Savannah, Georgia. Holden grabbed.....»»

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Women with different body types try an $80 custom dress service

Much like .....»»

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What really happens to your body when you get a brain freeze

Drinking cold beverages is a great way t.....»»

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US Navy sailor says his shipmates hit and spit on Bin Laden"s body before burying him at sea

AP A US Navy sailor describes what happened aboard the US warship that buried Osama Bin Laden's body at sea.  He said some Navy SEALs spit on him, but also that "officially" the terrorist's bod.....»»

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Pompeo: "Trump Relentless In Protecting America From Russian Aggression"

President Trump "understands what Russia did in our elections in 2016 and he has empowered" his administration officials to ensure it doesn’t happen in this year’s midterm elections or in 2020, U.S. Se.....»»

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Gold Price Seasonality: What May Happen In July 2018?

Gold Price Seasonality: What May Happen In July 2018?.....»»

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What Is The Proper "European" Response To Immigration?

Authored by Andreas Andrianopoulos via The Strategic Culture Foundation, The way to handle the unstoppable flood of immigrants to the continent has become quite a controversial subject among European Union member states. The core count.....»»

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