Here’s What Social Security Will Look Like by the Time Millennials Retire

Millennials should be aware of these Social Security issues......»»

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37% Of Millennials Say They Won’t NEED Social Security When They Retire, But 43% Have Less Than $5K Saved

What does retirement look like to you?.....»»

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Retire Better: Millennials have the Social Security blues — and more retirement news

Some government programs could help more people save......»»

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How to max your Social Security income when you retire

The time to start thinking about Social Security is long before you’ll need it......»»

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Outside the Box: I tested 2 free Social Security retirement calculators, and here’s what I found

When is the best time to claim Social Security benefits? And how to adjust your expected payments if you intend to retire before 62?.....»»

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Is the Right Time to File for Social Security as Soon as You Stop Working?

Many seniors plan to apply for benefits upon leaving their jobs, but that could be a mistake for several reasons......»»

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Retire Better: How much you need to retire, a fatter 401(k), and why Social Security is more important than ever

News affecting your retirement you may have missed......»»

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More Than One-Third of Millennials Think They Won't Need Social Security. Are They Right? - Motley Fool

Motley FoolMore Than One-Third of Millennials Think They Won't Need Social Security. Are They Right?Motley FoolSocial S.....»»

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Who Should Claim Social Security at Age 62? - Motley Fool

Motley FoolWho Should Claim Social Security at Age 62?Motley FoolSocial Security is a significant source of retirement income, so many people don't retire until they decide to claim it. There are plenty.....»»

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Will Social Security Run Out Before You Retire? Here"s What the Experts Think

Will Social Secu.....»»

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Retire Better: Higher Social Security checks, living your dreams and other retirement news

Stories affecting your retirement that you might have missed.....»»

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U.S. named world’s most competitive economy for the first time in 10 years

But the World Economic Forum warned that the U.S. economy is threatened by a “weakening social fabric,” corruption and security and IT issues......»»

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Retire Better: Never mind the Social Security increase, seniors are in trouble — here’s why

It’s getting harder for retirees to avoid poverty......»»

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Retire Better: Forget the Social Security increase, this is why seniors are in trouble

It’s getting harder for retirees to avoid poverty......»»

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Obese Millennials Are "Threatening National Security," New Study Finds

Once again, millennials are making a mess of things, and this time it could "threaten national security," according to a.....»»

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Should I Count on Social Security Being Around When I Retire?

This article was originally published on»»

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Facebook Says Fewer Affected by Hack Than First Thought

Facebook said fewer users than it initially thought were impacted by hackers in the largest-ever security breach at the social-media giant two weeks ago—and the company detailed for the first time the depth of personal information that was accessed......»»

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Medicare fix: Here's why more Social Security recipients will see a real raise in 2019

Social Security checks could go up for the first time in a while for many retirees who got hit by a Medicare cost adjustment rul.....»»

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Why More Social Security Recipients Will See a Real Raise in 2019

Checks could go up for the first time in a while for many retirees......»»

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The Last Time Congress Overhauled Social Security, 150 Million Americans Weren"t Even Born

Nearly half the population of the U.S. wasn't around the last time lawmakers "fixed" Social Security......»»

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"Retirement Crisis": The Typical Working American Has Nothing Saved For Retirement

A startling new report issued by the non-profit National Institute on Retirement Security found that despite the "recovery" of the last decade leading to all time highs in the stock market, the savings levels of Americans who seek to retire are "deeply.....»»

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