How 1 Thing Causes Trouble with Co-workers and Your Love Life Say Researchers

The action may seem simple but it's a form of emotional abuse......»»

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Flick picks: ‘The Big Sick’ is an awkward, funny American love story

Based on the real-life courtship of Kumail Nanjiani (TV’s “Silicon Valley”) and his now-wife Emily V. Gordon, “The Big Sick” is the most romantic comedy so far this year. The script, co-written by the couple themselves, starts as one thing.....»»

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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Turning Your Hobby into a Business

It's the dream life, right? You take that hobby, that passion, that thing you love to do, and you make a business out of it......»»

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Northwestern MutualVoice: If We Love Pensions So Much, Why Do We Hate Annuities?

Mark Perrault, a Northwestern Mutual wealth management advisor, hears the same thing time and time again, people who have pensions sleep better at night. But for private sector workers, pensions are largel.....»»

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Using the word "should" is destroying your dating life — here"s what you should replace it with

Dating expert Andrea Syrtash, author of "He's Just Not Your Type (And That's a Good Thing): How to Find Love Where You Least Expect It.....»»

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A former Stanford dean explains the simplest thing parents can do to ensure their kids" success

Flickr/Donnie Ray JonesIf your kids aren't doing their chores today, don't be surprised if they have trouble collaborating with colleagues later in life. That's the message from Julie Lythcott-Haims, former dean of freshmen at Stanford University and.....»»

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A startup that provides coaching for tech workers reveals the best thing managers can do to keep millennials from quitting

Shutterstock Millennials change jobs more frequently than previous generations. They might quit because they feel their work doesn't have meaning. A manager can keep millennial workers from leaving by se.....»»

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Silicon Valley VC Says Debates About Work-Life Balance Are "Concerns of a Society That Is Becoming Unhinged"

Mike Moritz, a top partner at Sequoia Capital, chastises American tech workers who advocate for environments and conditions that promote work-life balance......»»

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2 Hard Truths Everyone Needs to Confront at the Beginning of Their Career

Get this right and you're well on your way to a career you will love and a life you can be proud of......»»

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Silicon Valley Investor Says Debates About Work-Life Balance Are “Concerns of a Society That is Becoming Unhinged"

Mike Moritz, a top partner at Sequoia Capital, chastises American tech workers who advocate for environments and conditions that promote work-life balance......»»

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Who is Olé Koretsky? Dolores O’Riordan"s Boyfriend "Heartbroken" Over Singer"s Death

"My friend, partner, and the love of my life is gone.".....»»

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Water repellent coating that mimics lotus surface developed

Researchers are trying to mimic biological principles to develop new engineering solutions for medicine, industry and the environment. The approach combines life sciences with engineering and th........»»

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Surprising Harvard Research Says Giving Negative Feedback to Peers Won"t Work (Unless You Do 1 Simple Thing)

Harvard researchers say we've got it all wrong on giving negative feedback to peers. It's useless if you don't do this too......»»

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More workers likely to change jobs in 2018. Here"s why that’s a good thing.

Employers might want to brace themselves for an uptick in resignation letters as they settle into the new year. And while those departures might cause some short-term hiring headaches, economists say an increase in the number of people quitting the.....»»

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The "Now Trap"

There is a great attraction in all aspects of the modern age to immediacy. Likewise, most of the trouble in trading occurs through this love affair with the "now," with impatience, and with trying to hurry up the trading game......»»

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Outside the Box: How employers can solve the retirement savings crisis, once and for all

5 ways companies can help workers save for life......»»

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"This is the last thing Puerto Rico needed": Sam"s Club closures leave hundreds of workers without jobs on the hurricane-ravaged island

AP Walmart is abruptly closing 63 Sam's Club locations acros.....»»

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Want to Unlock Your Full Potential and Live a More Fulfilling Life? Do 1 Thing First

The process starts not with what you do but what you say -- to yourself......»»

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Millennials: The cautious generation

Millennials love cash and are nervous about the future. That’s a good thing......»»

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Scientists Discover New Explanation For Origins Of Early Life On Earth

A team of researchers at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have come out with a new theory for how early life on earth may have started. Early Life On Earth Although we have a good idea on how life continues […] The post Scientists Discover .....»»

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Pictures of Same-Sex Weddings in Australia That Show Love Is Love

"It's another way to show your love and appreciation of your partner in front of the people in your life," Craig Burns, who married his partner Luke Sullivan at midnight, told the Associated Press......»»

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