How Amazon’s New 5% Rewards Card Compares With Costco’s Rewards Card

How Amazon and JPMorgan's new Prime Rewards Visa card stacks up against Costco's Anywhere Visa......»»

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Amazon Takes Aim At Costco With New Prime Visa Card

Amazon has a new credit card that promises big rewards and takes aim at Costco's loyal customer base. Amazon has a new credit card that promises big rewards and takes aim at Costco's loyal customer base......»»

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Latest Amazon Prime perk is 5% rewards credit card

Latest Amazon Prime perk is 5% rewards credit card.....»»

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Amazon and Chase introduce Prime credit card (AMZN, JPM)

BII This story was delivered to BI Intelligence "Payments Briefing" subscribers. To learn more and subscribe, please click here. Amazon and JPMorgan Chase have partnered to introduce a new Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card, which will be th.....»»

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Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card – Incredible Benefits

Okay, I saw this press release in my inbox this morning and I got super excited but figured there must be a hidden catch – well it turns out if you pay your bills on .....»»

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Latest Amazon Prime perk is 5% awards back credit card

Amazon Prime credit card upgraded to 5% rewards on purchases.         Amazon Prime credit card upgraded to 5% rewards on purchases.        .....»»

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Amazon just upgraded its no-fee credit card to offer 5% back on all Amazon purchases — but there"s a catch

AmazonAmazon just announced an attractive upgrade to its existing rewards credi.....»»

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The truth behind Costco"s credit card switch

Citi CostcoWhen a retailer makes a big change to a well-liked, heavily used program, problems are inevitable. That's what happened to Costco when it switched its rewards credit card from longtime provider American Express to Visa provided by&nbs.....»»

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UBS is going head-to-head with JPMorgan and American Express by dropping a new luxury travel rewards credit card

Thomson ReutersUBS has j.....»»

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5 creative ways your small business can use credit card rewards points

Getty Images As a small-business owner, you sometimes have to get creative with your funds. One way to do that is to be smart about how you redeem.....»»

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Sodexo ties up with Zeta to offer employee benefits via card, mobile app

Sodexo Benefits and Rewards India has tied up with Zeta, a fintech player to offer employee benefits in digital format, through a card and mobile app. The partnership will combine Sodexo's solutions and Zeta's technology to offer mu.....»»

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JPMorgan has unleashed another 100,000-point rewards offer to Sapphire credit card holders in its latest push to win over millennials

Jeff J Mitchell / Getty ImagesJPMorgan Chase hasn't been shy about throwing down major cash to land millennial customers. Just consider the debu.....»»

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How to Use a Credit Card Wisely

Credit cards can be dangerous if you don't use them responsibly. But if you're smart about credit card usage, you can enjoy a host of benefits and rewards and improve your credit score at the same time......»»

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3 Credit Cards for People Who Hate Fees

Want a good credit card without paying an annual fee? Here are three of the best cards for 0% introductory interest rates, travel rewards, and cash back......»»

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Spending on credit card rewards has exploded in banks" frenzied competition over customers

Credit card rewards have become increasingly lucrative, as credit card issuers battle for customers. From 100,000 point sign-on bonuses.....»»

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Read This Before Applying for a Cash-Back Credit Card

Here are the three most important things you should know before applying for a cash-back rewards credit card......»»

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3 Tips to Know Before Applying for a Travel Credit Card

After racking up more than $10,000 in travel rewards, here are three tips I wish I'd known before getting started with travel credit cards......»»

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3 Reasons American Express Is Unlikely to Join the Card-Rewards War

This Content is made possible by our Sponsor; the views and o.....»»

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THE CREDIT CARD REWARDS EXPLAINER: Examining issuers" battle to attract and retain customers with perks and loyalty programs

BIICredit card rewards have become so popular in the US that issuers capture h.....»»

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Credit card companies thrive on people not redeeming their rewards — and a surprising number of people never do

Michael Steele/Getty ImagesUsing cash or debit cards to pay when you could be earning rewards points with a credit card means.....»»

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Why Aren"t You Redeeming Your Credit Card Rewards?

Who doesn't love credit card rewards? Well, according to one new survey, 31 percent of us aren't redeeming them!.....»»

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