How Markets Work

Smead Capital Management's 4th-quarter newsletter, outlook for —…–7.....»»

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Friday links: time to think

Excerpt: Do more by working less from Great at Work: How Top Performers Do Less, Work Better, and Achieve More by Morten... MarketsJosh Brown, "Markets are people. The future actions of people cannot be determined in advan.....»»

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4 more arrested in connection with fish market child labor

Four women charged in connection with a religious organization that police say forced children to work in North Carolina fish markets for little or no money have turned themselves in......»»

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Mapping The Best Company To Work For In Your Country

With stock markets around the world hitting record highs almost .....»»

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Bankers to burn midnight oil ahead of "MiFID" dawn

LONDON (Reuters) - Bankers will work through the night to iron out last minute hitches before Wednesday's launch of a major reform of European Union financial markets that aims to apply lessons from the financial crisis nearly a decade ago......»»

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SAIL to export 10% of total output to new markets in Africa, Asia

Steel giant to target higher volumes, deeper reach in retail sales; will also work to improve logistics.....»»

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Over 50% of work is driven through mobile platforms: Survey

Around 50% developers in emerging markets like India tend to have more new businesses compared to their peers.....»»

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Insider Trading Inc: Beat The Market, Work For The SEC

It’s often said in financial markets that correlation does not mean causation. On some occasions, however, denying the causation seems so outlandish to be, frankly, preposterous. As a case in point,.....»»

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Oil Prices Caught Between Shale and OPEC Agendas

There are two forces at work in the oil markets today creating a tug of war. On.....»»

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Ray Dalio: AI “Could Lead To Our Demise”

As Ray Dalio, 68, looks at today’s systematically driven markets to develop rules for algorithm building, perhaps the most important point of his success is found in recognizing where algorithms don’t work. This is .....»»

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What happens if Uber loses London for good?

As if Uber's new CEO didn't already have his work cut out for him, now he has to deal with losing one of the company's biggest markets......»»

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​Former port authority senior executive joins this local bank

A former official with the Greater Cincinnati Redevelopment Authority is joining Fifth Third Bank as its vice president of commercial real estate for national tax credit lending. Susan Thomas will work on areas she has expertise in – new markets t.....»»

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Office Properties in Prime Suburban Districts are Getting a Second Look

Suburban office markets with emerging 'urban-style' live-work environments and good transportation access are gaining increasing cachet among investors and cost-conscious office users, according to .....»»

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One Trader"s Reality Check "If You Think Last Week Was A Disaster, You May Be In The Wrong Line Of Work"

While the moves in equity (VIX) and credit (CDX, ITRX) protection costs last week shocked many out of their recent coma of complacency, former fund manager Richard Breslow warns it was the lack of reaction across markets broadly that investors should be .....»»

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Where Do Prices Come From?

Very few of us have the opportunity to experience the heart of what makes our civilization work. Crypto-asset markets are one of the few places where you can participate in a real asset exchange without spending a decade getting training .....»»

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Snap tried to turn big Investors into zombies — it didn’t work

Thomson ReutersSnap Inc., the parent of Snapchat, was dealt another blow today. FTSE Russell, which owns numerous indices for stock markets around the world, including the US Russell 3000, 2000, and 1000 indices, said today that it would exclu.....»»

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Joel Greenblatt – Value Investing Doesn’t Always Work, Which Is Precisely Why It Works

One of the best reads for any investor is the book, Hedge Fund Market Wizards: How Winning Traders Win, by Jack Schwager. The book provides successful trading philosophies and strategies from fifteen traders who’ve consistently beaten the markets, o.....»»

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A "big fall" in markets is coming as traders put record cash to work


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Create a Profitable Subscription Model: How Loot Crate and Sport Crate Enter New Markets

Subscription-based business models are increasingly popular, but making them work is another matter entirely. So how did Loot Crate launch the brand extension, Sport Crate?.....»»

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A top Wall Street analyst explains why you should put just as much work into a LinkedIn message as an interview

RBC Capital Markets Matthew Eckler has an unusua.....»»

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Markets Await Fed Moves to Trim Balance Sheet

With the Fed on track to announce a strategy for shrinking its big bondholdings, attention is shifting from how it will work to how it will affect financial markets: Will it be a snooze or a storm?.....»»

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